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Everyone Has a Demon, To Some, It's a God(Graphic)

ADK Mars
07-02-2004, 07:17
It was a dark room in a dark city in a dark part of Mars. It was the city of Alequondale, and this room an apartment. The apartment was clean, but not neat. A magazine here and there, a few peices of scrap paper on the floor, fairly normal.

The fake wooden door swung open with a creak as a man walked into the room and smelled the acrid smell of a rotting ham sandwich. He picked the sandwich up and walked over to the window as the mud from his boots clung to the floor. He opened the window and stared out into the overcast city. How quaint... he thought.

He threw the sandwich out the window at some hapless bystander on the street and closed the window. He walked over to his couch and sat down, admiring a replicia of a Van Gogh on his wall. He whistled a tune as he took his boots off and threw them aside into some random corner of the living room. Once this task was accomplished he walked over to a door in the right sidewall of the room and opened it.

Inside was a shrine, partially covered in Khristian blood. An effigy of Sirithil nos Feanor sat on a throne on the far side of the room. the man bent down on his knees. He took a knife out of his sheath from where it was hidden strapped to his lower leg. He began to chant the cerimonial incantation.

"Oh mighty Sirithil
Goddess of beauty and bliss
Who gives the mortal life
And who gives him death
Have pity on me
Oh mighty Mistress
That I poor mortal
May better serve you
I give myself as a sacrifice
That I might do your will."

With that, the man took the knife and slit his palms along a line almost directly in the middle. He dropped the knife and raised up his hands.

"Oh great Sirithil!
Bless me with your powers,
With your knowledge,
And wih your wisdom!"

He let the blood flow down his arms and the wiped some on the effigy. After he had done this, he wiped the rest on the wall and bound his hands. He exited the room and went to bed as the sun set.


He awoke, 6:35 KST. He ruffled his blonde hair as he got out of the bed and headed to his bathroom. He stared at the blue eyes in the mirror, at the haggard face and the sullen eyes. He took his shower in silence, the pain from his ceremony wounds had nsubsided from last night.

He dressed himself around 7:15 KST and put a .45 pistol in a holster at his left side, and a dagger at his right. He brushed his hair and teeth and headed out the door.

An almost purely human boy, about the age of six stood on the streetcorner, awaiting his mother to return from shopping inside. The man walked up towards the boy. He drew his pistol as he crossed the street, but few people were outside, and those who were didn't notice nor did they care.

The pistol leveled at the boy's chest as the boy's head was turned. The man fired. Once, twice, three times, a prime number. The boy's heart exploded, blood spewed all over the payment as his body twsited and turned. If it weren't for the resounding sound of the gunshot you could have heard the ribs cracking.

The man rushed up towards the boy, dagger drawn. He drove the dagger into the boy's stomach crying: "In the name of Sirithil nos Feanor I slay thee!" The dagger plunged in. He twisted it and dragged it up along towards the boy's sternum. After completing this he cut the boy's torso horizontially. He dug his hand into the still warm corpse and searched for the intestines. He found them and pulled them out, his right hand covered in almost pure human blood. The man wrapped the intestines around him like a scarf.

He never heard the click of a cocking gun behind him. He never heard the pull of a trigger. He never saw nor felt the .48 hollow-tip slam into the back of his head, cutting it in half. An enormus swarm of blood spewed everywehre. An eyeball landed at the cop's feet. He stepped on it, squishing it with a sick sound.

OOC: Warning added at the bidding of Lavenrunz. Sorry ya'll ;)
ADK Mars
07-02-2004, 16:07
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OOC: these Siri worshipping practices are beginning to get really freaky =/