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Al Anbar begins military modernization program!

07-02-2004, 01:02
Al Anbar has begun a project to modernize the Iraqi Armed Forces in almost all aspects.

Tank Force

The tank force of Al Anbar had already been modernized during the previous plan. However, Al Anbar still posses large numbers of T-55's, T-62's, and several ungraded T-72M1 tanks. In order to keep a steady supply of money for the continued modernization of the tank force, the remaining T-55's and T-62's will be sold to friendly countries.

The T-72M1 tanks will be upgraded to the T-72IQ standard. At the same time, production on the T-98IQ "Saddam Hussein" Main Battle Tanks will be increased approximately two fold. Once the number of T-98IQ tanks that are in service reach five thousand, selling of the T-72IQ will commence. This will keep the tank forces with the most modern equipment, rather than just upgraded old equipment that will not be able to perform well against a modern enemy.

Missile Force

The development of a 'Al-Saddam' missile will begin as soon as possible. The missile will have a range of approximately one hundred kilometers, and will be used in battle. The missile is thought to be based on the FROG-7 missile, although it will be much upgraded and much more powerful than the older FROG-7.

At the same time, the Al-Abid 2 and the Al-Hussein 2 strategic missiles will enter production, with over 125 Al-Abid 2 launchers to be built and over 200 Al-Hussien 2 launchers built, while also increasing the supply of missiles by nine fold.

Older SCUD-B missiles will be modified to carry a heavier payload and its range is to be increased. Mobile launch platforms will be established for all the mentioned missiles.

Anti-Tank force

The development of two new anti-tank weaponry will commence immediatelly.

The first anti-tank missile will be called the 'Palestine' missile, and will be a short range anti-tank missile that while being developed for anti-tank missions, it can also be used against bunkers and other structures. It is similiar to the 'Eryx' missile of Europe. Its minimum range is 45m, while its maximum range is 605m.

The second anti-tank missile is the 'Al Arafat' missile, and is a medium to long-range anti-tank missile. It is similiar to the Milan 3 missile of Europe. It will be able to hit up to 2,250 meters with a minimum range of 325meters, and has a 1.92kg warhead.

Infantry Arms

Soldiers of the Republican Guard and Special Republican Guard are being armed with the AK-103 Assault Rifle. This 'modernization' of the arms for the Republican Guard and Special Republican Guard is expected to be completed within a month. The AK-103 Assault Rifle is being locally produced at the al-Taji Arms Factory, north of Baghdad.

The regular Iraqi Army and the Iraqi Popular Army will receive the AK-74 Assault Rifle, while the Fedayeen Saddam will be armed with an array of weaponry, including AK-101's and AK-103's.

Monetary Concerns

While the Ministry of Defense has not released any information to the amount that this modernization of the Iraqi army will cost, it is known that it will be in the billions of USD.
07-02-2004, 03:16
07-02-2004, 03:16