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Zepplin Manufacturers
06-02-2004, 21:23
Music I was playing while creating this and trying to get through some more university work -
The Gladiator Movie Album
Black Hawk Down Movie Album
Westwood studios Hell March (RA1)
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Apollo Four Forty Album: Electric Glide In Blue
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My Nationstates Roleplay V.1

The Incorporated States of Zepplin Manufacturers

The incorporated states of Zepplin Manufacturers created as a purpose built city state by the German High command during WW1 for the sole purpose of the construction of large war Zepplin's. The city state served well apart from a minor RAF bombardment on its main train stations until the end of the war where it was granted independence, the Prussian Duke who had been in charge of this now vast metropolis was thrown out of office and the state was in the inter war period set up as a parliamentary democracy. The city its self known to the locals as Zepplonia suffered badly in the great depression, its concentration on heavy industrial goods and high end electronics leading it to have starving bands roam the streets, in the end forcing the government into semi collapse before the advent of WW2. During WW2 the state changed hands many times but in the end it became no more than another ripple behind the Iron Curtain. During this time the states heavy uranium deposits were used to set up the beginnings of a nuclear industry. The state did not emerge as an independent entity again until the collapse of the soviet block, then it would become as soon as possible a member of the European Union until the unions Collapse and amalgamation into the U.N.

By 2239 the U.N's power was waning human space was ripe with colonial wars. As other states sought to propel themselves to the stars the people of Zepplonia wanted only peace but in the violent state of interstellar politics earth became a hotbed of political activity. Zepplonia's then ruling council saw that the state could never re build the power of the U.N. From the anarchy that was engulfing known space. Instead they set out a plan for the cities survival. Earth the hub of nearly every major empire was for all intents and purposes impossible to attack from space without the nearly unanimous consent of the majority of other space faring nations. However dark deeds still had to be done on the planets surface and if the state who controlled the forces used in those deeds would gain slowly power and influence. By the slow manipulation of events the Zepplonian supreme council decided to instigate the slow revival of the U.N. As humanities only real political entity and ruling body. The job would be bloody and long but the only other option was the interstellar anarchy and war presently ripping through human space. To better this end and to insure the plan was carried through to the end the ruling council ordered the creation of a being that would live long enough and have the will to carry through there wishes after they had passed on. That being would be known simply as the “Doctor” and no matter the outward appearance of the nation states government it is he who would be in reality controlling the flow of events, and he in the end who would hold absolute executive power.

The Incorporated States of Zepplin Manufacturers would rely on its strongest economic factors in creating the forces it would use to influence history, heavy fissionables had led on to a striving interest in conventional and exotic weaponry. The information technology industry had led to the primary base of The Incorporated States of Zepplin Manufacturers being used for the manufacture of high end combat drones, which serve as the majority of Zepplin Manufacturers forces. The large publishing industry has led to the state having a well educated populace, low crime rates (not least due to the fact that the doctors “specials” remove any problems with social order) and a high rate of Research and Development. While the states economic power compared to that of the vast interstellar powers is limited ( Zepplin Manufacturers could never support a conventional star navy) its position as a small city state makes these powers a non issue for it.

Zepplin manufacturers main off world assets are as follows:
All assets are in sol system:
3 major multi purpose LEO battle stations, One purpose build orbital battle station in geosynchronous orbit above the state itself. One large lunar base in Tycho crater, A small trade concession on Phobos, and 14 heavy self contained mining platforms and 3 major orbital ship yards.

The Incorporated States of Zepplin Manufacturers: Tech manual.

Access to the following Zepplin Manufacturers technologies is granted to foreign powers and investors. NO state which does not have territory on Earth itself will be dealt with as a public policy, however deals can be made.

Advanced optic and molecular circuitry- Energy matrix based processing/storage nodes.

Advanced AI software.

Advanced Counter Nanite Systems.

Internal Civilian and military grade neural implants and upgrades.

Multi-Purpose combat drones: These drones come in literally hundreds of configurations, relying on hardwired optics they are ,once programmed, next to impossible to stop without physically destroying them. Drones act in concerted swarms, using there various weapons and systems to overwhelm there targets. They are powered from sealed energy containment cells, and need to return to a command structure or transport. The system presently employed by the Z.M.A.F. (Zepplin Manufacturers Armed Forces) is that of using conventional military basses to support short range attacks, however when Zepplonian brigades operating under foreign flags (mercenary brigades being common in this war torn universe) the strategy is to use large naval or land based platforms for fire support/CnC/ and resupply and recharge. The next generation of Drone support platforms is already in service with the Z.M.A.F. And consists of a large interplanetary (NOT interstellar) calpable flying wing platforms. These platforms have yet to be tested in combat and are rumored to have problems with there stealth systems. Z.M.A.F. Is presently looking at possible options for purchasing a usable stealth system.

Heavy energy weapons- While others can build ships large enough to hold a 1500mm bore plasma cannon Zepplin Manufacturers long history of handling energy based systems gives the state the ability to produce high end conventional energy weapons.

Combat Auto tanks (Autonomous Main Battle Tanks) Presently 3 marks are in service available in various configurations. A system is also available to convert your old or un-mannable (due to personnel losses through war/famine/plague/economic downturn) MBTs to the system. (Warning the minimum tech accepted for conversion must posses at least the ability to build and repair there own rail cannons).

Mark 45: Mk45 is an extremely fast scout tank armed with a light pulsed gauss shield, stealth systems. Power plant : Micro Fission Pebble Bed thermal,
Motive power, Conventional Tracks or 6 large wheels. Armament: Twin 13mm Gamma laser canon, One Neutron Lance, 5 Light point defence lasers. As it has been just introduced to the field its price can vary and is still quite high. (note the new pulse gauss shield has been known to fail under high atmospheric pressures and gravities over 2g).

Mark 130: The primary tank in use with Zepplin Manufacturers forces today. A brute force weapons platform.
Power Planet: Particle Fusion reactor (maximum emergency output classified until purchase)
Motive power: Tracks, heavy plasma thrusters.
Armament: Directed plasma from the thrusters acts as the tanks main point defence and makes it almost unapproachable by infantry. The Mark 130 literally burns its way across the battlefield. One Hellbore 90mm energy cannon. Quad gamma “sweeper” guns.

Mark 90: (classified until purchase) known to use massive barrages cold cell launched missiles and massive focused microwave blasts, no force has ever captured a Mark 90 intact enough to even recognize its hull configuration. By the blast patterns left on the field the Mark 90s power plant can only be guessed at but it is most not for the era conventional.

(Under development) Ultra long range autonomous interstellar interceptor missile platforms.

(Under development) Interstellar capable Jump fighters which will directly jump from one planetary atmosphere to another tens of lightyear's away.(note the jump feature has a limited number of uses before IT MUST be serviced.)

(Under development)Infantry weapon field based smart blade system. These mono molecular edged blades will “fly” via direct force fields, the more blades in the air the faster they can interact and “push” of each other. One man armed with such a weapon can quite literally cut a swathe through the enemy.

Primary Military Project One
This is a Classified project on Tycho base no further knowledge is known.

Zepplin manufacturers does not posses the ability to build its own interstellar space craft.

Zepplin manufacturers field technology is primarily classified but they do specialize in “conventional” gauss fields.

Zepplin Manufactures sells reasonable quantities of heavy elements and advanced synthetics.

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Okay for a first go how was that?
Zepplin Manufacturers
06-02-2004, 21:26
YES I KNOW!!! I was three weeks in before I noticed.
Zepplin Manufacturers
07-02-2004, 16:42
I was hoping for a breif evaluation of my nations concept?
Hell even a screw U n00b would do.(well not really but at least ide know someone had looked long enough to post).
Zepplin Manufacturers
08-02-2004, 04:47

Im just workin on a concept here...


Im a history student not an artist.

However.. im a history student with a tank now.
08-02-2004, 04:50
The tags don't use < and >. The tags use [ and ].
Zepplin Manufacturers
08-02-2004, 04:54
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Ehem.. sorry about that.