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Would anyone want to participate in a World War VI RP?

California and Alaska
06-02-2004, 19:54
I have been wanting to hone my roleplaying skills and have been thinking about possibly RP'ing in a large scale war and have been wanting to know if anyone would possibly like to be involved with something of this magnitude.

If so please contact me via AIM (SN: Ryuko Kotani)

Potentate General, Sandra M. Devnostræva.
Federated States of Sovereign California.
06-02-2004, 20:15
WWVI? That'd be confusing at first, considering that WWVI started and then fell apart.

Then again, it would clear up the 'WWVI already happened vs the WWVI wasn't a World War' argument.

I would, but I am future tech. YOu have to set ground rules for what is and isn't accepted in the war, to a point. It wouldn't be fair to have me with warships in orbit launching ortillery(which is not cheap RP, it's just equivilent to mass murder in most cases), when they only have ICBMs. Although that could mess with my fleet a lot.
California and Alaska
06-02-2004, 20:33
yeah true... As California has the power to build its own space fleet we really haven't seen the need to build a series of ships with retractable railguns the sizes 1990's-2000's era Aircraft Carriers and start blowing cities away...

As such California has phased nuclear weapons out of its arsenal... we would appreciate it if nukes weren't used its a mess to clean up the radiation :(
06-02-2004, 20:34
sounds interesting. I'll join if its modern tech.
California and Alaska
06-02-2004, 20:38
The technology of California is 2050's era (we have been a bit lazy to update some things) The Theatres of Operations will be the Pacific Rim, Indian Ocean, and the Atlantic.
06-02-2004, 20:41
Its workable, just a little confusing at first. The Macabees had WWIX going a few months ago, and is now having WWX on a separate forum. They were pretty much what your trying to do, just people claim RL nations in the world and play as them. Pretty fun, though it can get bogged down with some people not being active.

If you get this going, I'm interested.
06-02-2004, 20:45
i agree with isolationist people. that sounds like it would work well.
06-02-2004, 20:45
I'd like to join as long as the ubervar doesn't drag too much of my limited time away. Could I be Australia with 2040 tech?
California and Alaska
06-02-2004, 20:50
Sound good... I will be online later on (hopefully) and I will see how much this progresses... I gotta go for now.
06-02-2004, 21:09
Minister of California and Alaska

Sir or Madam,
The Forces of the Republic would be interested in a Wargames exercise with other countries in order to maintain our combat readiness.

Thank you,

Secretary of State, Mr. Colin Pike,
The Republic of SilveryMinnow.
California and Alaska
24-02-2004, 10:29
I have nothing against a wargame...