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Al Anbar announces new missiles! Can hit up to 4,250km!

06-02-2004, 04:52
Iraqi News Agency

BAGHDAD, AL ANBAR (INA) - Today is a glorius day for the people of Al Anbar!

The Iraqi Armed Forces have tested both two new missiles named "al-Abid 2" and the "al-Hussein 2".

The scientists of the people have developed these two new missiles that have the great capabilities. The "al-Abid 2" missile is able to reach distances up to 4,250kms and can launch satellites into orbit. The fuel for the rocket is based on a liquid solution. The "al-Hussein 2" reaches ranges up to 3,750km. Both missiles can use a variety of warheads, including high explosives, chemicals, and nuclear.

The al-Hussein 2, named after our great President Saddam Hussien, can carry up to forty five thousand kilogram (45,000 kg) payload. The al-Abid 2 can carry up to one metric ton worth of payload.

This is a glorius day for Iraq, Al Anbar, and the people of our glorius nation!
Al Hussein 2
06-02-2004, 05:43
06-02-2004, 06:03
Interesting missiles, we shall do better than this when we form the Shyran Rocket Corps.
06-02-2004, 06:28
For anyone monitoring Al Anbar with satellites:

The first flights of the missiles occured today. Five Al Hussein 2 missiles and four Al Abid 2 missiles, packed the the fullest with high explosives were launched into the stronghold of the Ansar al-Islam group in Northern Iraq. Iraqi and Kurdish peshmerga forces have been engaged in battle with them for days now. The missiles totally devastated their positions and seemed to be very accurate, as they hit Ansar al-Islam positions accurately, positions that had held out against Iraqi attacks.

After that, Iraqi forces advanced with practically no resistance from the Ansar al-Islam group.
06-02-2004, 06:50
OFI station, Vahalla

"Sir! Some kind of new missle just launched in Iraq, it seems to have hit up to 4,250k, sir!"

The Officer on Watch looked up from his novel Steve Kings, The Stand

"Meh keep an eye on it"

"Sir" said the tech

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06-02-2004, 07:05

"Sir, we have missile launches. Looks like a test from Al Anbar." The Lieutenant reported.

"Roger that." The Captain stated. "The Al Hussein?"

"Yes, sir. And the "Al Abid", we believe."

"Very well. Catalogue it... but change the name. I hated that Hussein prick."

"Yes, sir."
06-02-2004, 08:31
Them is some big steel penises.


06-02-2004, 08:52
Them is some big steel penises.



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Al Khals
06-02-2004, 09:11
We can't all rack-up a couple of big 'ol comfy gravships, I suppose. Went the quiet lament of one Al Khali.

His own nation was having rather less success in its rocketry-based pursuits and in generally finding time or need to mock anybody else in a very direct fashion.

(It's not just me finding this day/night exceptionally dull then, eh?)
06-02-2004, 09:14
(It's not just me finding this day/night exceptionally dull then, eh?)

yeah, tonight kinda sucks huh?