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Eeorouh Aero-Space labors under new project.

06-02-2004, 04:39
Jouuha looks over the designs for the ships currently in service in the TYCS, and snorts. All this variation. Bah! A ship needs to be designed that could be used universally. He continues poring over the schematics on his holo-screen, shifting 3-D angles and jotting notes. He's so focused on his work, that he doesn't even hear his assistant enter his workspace.

"Good morning, Chief. I brought you some Paroo." Jouuha spins in his chair swiftly, a look of being mildly startled on his face. "Gaaah! You would sneak up on an old man!"

"Sneak, he says. I knocked, chimed and then entered. You've been going over schematics for four days now with no rest, or time in your heating chamber. It is dulling your senses." The assistant, a fairly attractive female (as far as Sakkrans go), gives Jouuha a look of admonishment.

"Four days? I must remember to get windows installed in here." He cups his hand in his chin, and shakes his head. "But then that would just distract me. Hrrrrr......very well. I'll take some rest. I'll leave my notes here, as well as some instruction. I'll need you, Ssiira, to continue my work as per my instruction. Jot down any notations and insights you may have yourself. I'll look over them when I return."

Ssiira gives him a slight rub of her tympanum on the side of his face. "You go and rest. I'll take over for now. That's why you took me on, after all. Right?"

"Impetuous girl. Hrr hrrh hrrrr." He rises from his chair and removes his monocular eye-piece. As he heads out the door, he pops his head back in.

"And please contact the Trium members, as well as the bio-engineers, who I have listed there on my notes. Their input will be needed in order to truly make this a workable thing." He then fully exits his workspace and whistles a slow, somber tune which fades into the distance.
06-02-2004, 04:58
The message is recieved at KCTS R&D at an undisclosed location. It quickly finds its way to the desk of Zin Karma who acts upon it with his usual efficiency

<<Return Transmission>>

Chief Engineer Jouuha,

We have recieved your request for assistance in your latest undertaking and have dispatched the head of our research and development directorate to assist you. Chief Engineer Kelley Johnson will be arriving by personal transport to your facility in 48 hours. Please let me know if there is anything else we can do to assist you.

<<End Transmission>>
06-02-2004, 05:19
<<Reply comm>>
<<Dir: Honorable Leader Zin Karma>>

Thank you for responding so swiftly. The arrival of your Chief Engineer will aid our Chief Engineer and our team in this endeavor to no end. I am Assistant Ssiira. We will keep you updated with progress reports when everything gets in full swing.

<<Comm ends>>
06-02-2004, 05:40
--<Transmission Type: Standard Internal Triumvirate Communique>--
-<Sender: PseudoEmperor Julius M Razak, FSS>-
-<Destination: Chief Engineer Jouuha, NDS>-
--<Subject: Interesting little project you got there.>--

Old friend,

A fascinating idea. I'm glad to say that we're quite enthusiastic about it over here; we've been throwing ideas across the office for most of the day. Supreme Emperor Speaker-to-Animals has authorized me to delegate a team of TME Industries engineers to assist... I'll admit, time has passed me by, so I'll probably not be the help that I was in the past. Tough to keep current on the bleeding edge, eh?

The engineers should cover most of our technology expertise; they'll also coordinate with our fleetyards over here to ensure that whatever comes up will be compatible with our production capabilities. Julius M Razak
Executive Officer
Federated Segments of Scolopendra

--<End Transmission>--
06-02-2004, 05:57
This message is forwarded to the Chief Engineer's home. He sees the soft yellow light right before he enters his heating chamber for a long sleep. reading the message from the Pseudo Emperor. He suppresses a loud WHIFF, but just barely.

--<Transmission Type: Standard Internal Triumvirate Communique>--
-<Sender: Chief Engineer Jouuha, NDS >-
-<Destination: PseudoEmperor Julius M Razak, FSS >-
--<Subject: Yes. Yes it is.>--

I thank you for the sending of your TME Industries team, Pseudo Emperor Razak. You do still go by that honorific, yes? Anyway, I have been laboring over the prospect for several years, and with some new research grants, have managed to hire an assistant, and get samples to work with, as well as schematic data on several common TYCS designs. Overall, I think that it is quite possible to mesh all the technologies together into one universally usable ship by all the TofY members.

Should this manage to actually succeed, I think i'll open a business and retire from Imperial Service. I really am severely under-funded here. It's amazing that the Paroo brewer hasn't 'abandoned ship', with the way I work the poor bastard. Heh heh.

I'll keep you posted as to our progress here.

Chief Engineer Jouuha
Eeorouh Aero-Space Intl.

--<End Transmission>--
Reploid Productions
06-02-2004, 06:30
ALTIMIT Broadcaster
Encryption: Trium Standard
Broadcast type: Research
To: Chief Engineer Jouuha, NDS
Return transmission band: Open
IDENT: Akkard Grey - RPRA Techcorp

An interesting project. Firefury-sama has authorized the dispatch of a team of Techcorp engineers as well as a team of the Arpean Thaumatology Institute's engineers (newly finished with the Hand of God class battleship). I'm not certain at this time if Firefury will give us permission to share our gravity-diffusion technology, but she seems to be alright with the idea of sharing our thaumatech research, assuming it can be incorporated into whatever comes up with.

Firefury-sama is looking forward to whatever the end result of this endeavor is, and I am admittedly eager as well.

Best wishes,
-Akkard Grey, CEO
-RPRA Techcorp
<End Transmission>
06-02-2004, 06:33

Walking through his dark living room--even with the bright day outside and even though the habit started back on Earth many years ago, it's still dark--Razak pauses as a gentle flash of light catches his eye with the soft, slow chiming of bells.

Julius's odd little loft is a sedate place, furnished comfortably but still looking bare, emoting a sort of quiet lonliness. A couch of indeterminate age next to a coffee table, clean but losing its shine from simple wear; some low chairs with worn out soft cushions, that sort of comfortable loss of firmness. A few pictures on the wall, one being a picture of his old M.I. unit about two years before Tibet, all suited up and helmets off, Razak and Kommetrez grinning at the now-disappeared cameraman like idiots. Like before Kommetrez learned not to grin. Like before Razak discovered there wasn't much to grin about anymore.

He kept that particular picture because it was a good unit, and because that was when everyone was happy for him. The Old Man had gotten himself happily shackled, and maybe now he'd loosen up like he promised. "You know what they say, 'Smile and the world smiles with you'" became the old company motto for six months.

Of course, the quote, in context, was spoken with irony. Certainly turned out to be ironic in the end run... which is why now Razak lives in a dark little apartment lit by natural light, quietly spending his time away from everyone else in thought, and why his toothy grin had been replaced with his near-constant wry, grimacing smirk.

Smirk at the world, because that's all it'll ever do back to you.

Tapping the contact inset into the simple metal desk in the corner, Razak smirks at the reply. He truly did respect the old lizard; working on everything from armor for boats through tac-warheads to even the old Chunk Projector... ah, made him remember why he decided to go for an engineering degree even though he was just a gropo. Still brought an almost-smile to his face whenever he saw the old Cermite 13-14 armor being advertised on the latest Sakkran ships. Setting down his mug of hazlenut-smelling kawfee, the silver haired man sits easily down into the utilitarian but comfortable chair behind the desk and quickly types up a response.

* - * - *

Chief Engineer Jouuha,

Retirement, eh? We'd better make sure this is a success, then. You've certainly earned it for all your hard work. I'll make sure the team knows that before I ship 'em out.

May you always walk on warm sands,

06-02-2004, 06:56
Return transmission band: Open
Encryption: Trium Standard
Broadcast type: Research
To: Akkard Grey - RPRA Techcorp
Sent by: Assistant Ssiira, NDS

Chief Engineer Houuha is taking a constitutional at this moment, and I have been authorized to respond to messages sent in his name. We thank you for the dispatchment of your TechCorp Engineers, and will guarantee their comfort. As soon as something of import occurs, we will keep you updated.

Thaumatech research notations will be a great boon to this effort. The trick will be getting the pieces of the puzzle together in good order.

Assistant Ssiira
Eeorouh Aero-space Intl.

<End transmission>

At home, Jouuha was now fully settled into his heating chamber. The soft sound of humidifiers in action could be heard in the sealed unit, and he breathed it in heavily. As he adjusted his leather cushions for maximum comfort, he began thinking the idle thoughts of one normally kept in solitude to his work.

That Ssiira; she certainly can turn this old reptile's head. Ah, if only I was a century and a half younger....

250 years already? The time certainly goes when you're always busy. No time for anything but my work. No hatchlings running about, no mate to tolerate my unkemp ways. Always tomorrow, I keep saying to myself. Always tomorrow.

But tomorrow never arrives. It's always today. And here i am, still doing the same things I did a century ago; while making the same excuses.

The soft yellow light on his messenger came on again, and the screen showed Razak's reply. he turned a half-sleeping eye towards it, and read.

Retirement; yes. Normally, that would be the time to do all that was missed during the prime of life. I wonder if I could actually be able to take time off to persue some of life has to offer?


And Jouuha slipped into a deep, deep slumber; equations and theorems running through his dreams.
07-02-2004, 04:41
The Paroo Brewer, a heavy-set and swarthy human, wipes his brow in the cafeteria of the Eeorouh Aero-space facility. Humming a tune to himself, he mashes down the over-ripe Paroo fruit, removes the seeds and sets them aside for later planting, and places the mashed Paroo into a cheese-cloth sack. This is then placed in a pressure-cooker and left to simmer for several hours.

Emerging from the kitchen, he spies several technicians conversing amongst themselves at a table, plates loaded with flash-roasted meat and some tubers. The tone is hushed amongst them as they swap datapads and make notations while they eat. Whether a tech or a cook, ya gotta take notes. Heh heh. He then consults his recipe book, double-checking for the time on the shepherd's pie he has in the oven.

Ssiira enters the cafeteria, taking a break from working on Jouuha's notes, and heads for the buffet line. The technicians at the table fall into a hush and eyeball her. The claws on her feet make a soft *clack clack* sound when they hit the floor.

Ssiira looks over the selections; roasts, tubers, fruits and some shank-steaks. "Good evening, Carl. How's the roast looking today?"

The swarthy human looks up from his recipe book, and casts a look at her from beneath his hairy eyebrows. "What, like i'm gonna serve up sumpin I wouldn't eat? I guarantee that you'll find it quite tender and juicy, and full-flavored. Marinated it in my own special sauce myself."

Ssiira licks her chops. "Sounds splendid. Load me up nice and high. I got a long night ahead of me."
07-02-2004, 05:10
The door to Jouuha's work area opens quietly, with the hushed tones of a well-maintained facility. Ssiira enters and takes her seat at the holo-display with a heaping plate of food. Affixing a holo-highlighter to the claw of her index finger, she begins making notations directly on the display while she eats.

Jouuha's a bit too ambitious this time. He wants to comission a battle-ship hull for this project? No no, let's work that down to a destroyer-sized craft. For the intial phase, at least. The neuro-pods will need modifying. Hmmmm....i'll wait until the bio-tech boys get here before I meddle with that. Hull modifications to accomodate the various engine possibilities, here, here and here is where the super-structure modifications should be.

Ssiira continues working long hours into the next day, performing mental calculations and adjusting the hull-model as she goes.
08-02-2004, 07:58
Eighteen hours after Jouuha entered his heating chamber, he finally rises. His scales glisten with moisture, and he breathes deeply. A slight rattling feeling could be felt in his lungs, but he dismisses it as time spent too long in the chamber.

He dons a grey silk robe, and a monocular eyepiece. Cuing up his holodisplay, he runs through the glut of messages; nothing of any real significance. Local news casts detailing the club Yot having a grand opening ceremony, a Swamp Newt taking a constitutional on the middle of a major thoroughfare which jammed up traffic for hours, refugees continuing to come to Sakkra.

A chiming at his door shakes him from listening to the news as he oils his skin. "Identify."

A smooth voice comes on. "It is Bio-Technician Sthauur."


Jouuha's door slides up softly, and the small form of the bio-technician enters the room, and bows low. "Honored Chief Engineer Jouuha, I announce the arrival of the Bio-Engineering and Bio-Tech teams from Kastaa Medical Complex."

"Bio-Technician Sthauur, it is I who am honored." And Jouuha bows slightly. "Your research is quite fascinating. Especially your thesis on the null-space effect experienced in the neuro-shunt pods."

"Thank you. I spent several weeks exploring the null-space, it felt like. But it was only a few days. The possibilities of this technology are incredible, if we but take time to understand what it is we have. Imagine able to issue commands, and have them carried out, at the speed of thought. Crafts that are self-aware. Incredible!"

A large kettle is pulled from a heating unit, and the tap pulled. A heavy scented brown liquid pours out into an attached mug, and steams a bit. Jouuha offers the mug to Sthauur. "A bit of Paroo to shake off the dust?"

Sthauur takes the mug, and pours a little on his tongue. "Delicious."

Jouuha pours himself some as well, and takes a seat. "I have read over Director Shuuta's notes on the Pakayg experiments. Self-aware crafts are already a reality."

"Yes, but did you read her latest dispatch from the Asteroid Belt Research Station?"

Jouuha perks up a bit, one eye focused intently now on the Bio-Tech. 'No, I haven't. What news?"

Sthauur swallows his Paroo, and takes a short breath. "Director Shuuta has performed in-depth analysis of her scans during the phase that the Pakayg were physically in her presence. It seems, if she is correct, that not only are they self-aware, but they have a real possibility of being sexed. They may be capable of reproduction."
09-02-2004, 20:15
The Kastaa Bio-Tech and Engineering team situates themselves after their trip, and prepare their contributions. Jouuha and Sthauur talk at length about the possibilities of the Pakayg findings, and Ssiira rouses herself from her rest.

Stretching and performing her concentration exercises, she prepares for the day ahead. Extend, focus, visualize. Breathe in through the nostrils, out through the mouth. She takes several deep breaths as she performs painfully slow maneuvers with her arms. Her eyes are closed as she allows scent and sound to compensate. After a time, it begins to take hold.

Okay. Now visualize the flow of energy from the center to the points. Inhale, and exhale slowly. Her mind's eye begins charting nerve centers, major muscle groups and the like, and counts the rhythmic pulsing. She visualizes the energy flowing from her chest and abdomen flowing outward through her arms and legs.

Warmth begins to fill her as she continues her movements. Soon the scents in her room fill her nostrils. Lubricated machinery, the tangy scent of her metallic furnishings, the scent of inactive enzymes in the resin walls. Soon she hears the sound of footsteps approaching her doorway. Ssiira relaxes herself from her concentrations and prepares herself for a guest. She gathers up her notations and datapad, and stands at the door.

The chime rings, and she opens it. A tall, lanky male is there. "Ah! Assistant Ssiira, I see you are ready to begin?" He wears a grey coat made of synthetic materials, and a monocular eye-piece.

"That I am. You came with the Kastaa team, I take it?"

"Aye, that I did. Bio-Engineer Zzeerat, at your service." He offers a very clumsy bow.

"Good to know, Bio-Engineer Zzeerat. The teams from Scolopendra, RPRA Tech Corp and Karmabajian should arrive today. We should make sure their accomodations are ready,"


"Excuse me?"

"It's Karmabaijan, not Karmabajian. Mis-pronouncing the name of one's homeland could be considered rude sometimes."

"Ah, but i'm no diplomat. Thank you for your insight." This last part is said a bit coolly, and does not escape the attention of the Bio-Engineer.

"Ah...hrrrmmm....yes. Well, I should make sure that my team is ready, and the samples are in order. Assistant Ssiira..." He then turns and walks off.

Hrrmmmph. Some males. She continues on he rown path, and makes for the Chief Engineer's work-space.
09-02-2004, 20:15
The Kastaa Bio-Tech and Engineering team situates themselves after their trip, and prepare their contributions. Jouuha and Sthauur talk at length about the possibilities of the Pakayg findings, and Ssiira rouses herself from her rest.

Stretching and performing her concentration exercises, she prepares for the day ahead. Extend, focus, visualize. Breathe in through the nostrils, out through the mouth. She takes several deep breaths as she performs painfully slow maneuvers with her arms. Her eyes are closed as she allows scent and sound to compensate. After a time, it begins to take hold.

Okay. Now visualize the flow of energy from the center to the points. Inhale, and exhale slowly. Her mind's eye begins charting nerve centers, major muscle groups and the like, and counts the rhythmic pulsing. She visualizes the energy flowing from her chest and abdomen flowing outward through her arms and legs.

Warmth begins to fill her as she continues her movements. Soon the scents in her room fill her nostrils. Lubricated machinery, the tangy scent of her metallic furnishings, the scent of inactive enzymes in the resin walls. Soon she hears the sound of footsteps approaching her doorway. Ssiira relaxes herself from her concentrations and prepares herself for a guest. She gathers up her notations and datapad, and stands at the door.

The chime rings, and she opens it. A tall, lanky male is there. "Ah! Assistant Ssiira, I see you are ready to begin?" He wears a grey coat made of synthetic materials, and a monocular eye-piece.

"That I am. You came with the Kastaa team, I take it?"

"Aye, that I did. Bio-Engineer Zzeerat, at your service." He offers a very clumsy bow.

"Good to know, Bio-Engineer Zzeerat. The teams from Scolopendra, RPRA Tech Corp and Karmabajian should arrive today. We should make sure their accomodations are ready,"


"Excuse me?"

"It's Karmabaijan, not Karmabajian. Mis-pronouncing the name of one's homeland could be considered rude sometimes."

"Ah, but i'm no diplomat. Thank you for your insight." This last part is said a bit coolly, and does not escape the attention of the Bio-Engineer.

"Ah...hrrrmmm....yes. Well, I should make sure that my team is ready, and the samples are in order. Assistant Ssiira..." He then turns and walks off.

Hrrmmmph. Some males. She continues on he rown path, and makes for the Chief Engineer's work-space.
11-02-2004, 16:34
Saturn-Valhalla Transit Corridor

Doctor Kuromori fidgets slightly in his well-padded seat, looking over his shoulder at the assorted TME Industries engineers and scientists behind him. Beside him, Colonel Stephanie Matyus leans back, hands folded over her lap and eyes closed. "Is there a problem, Giichi?" Her face is immobile as a mask, although there may be a slight hint of raised eyebrow.

"Well... not really." Giichi barely blushes under his yellow-tan skin and looks off to some nondescript portion of the opposite end of the aisle of the DISL spaceliner. "I've just never really traveled well, is all."

Matyus chuckles. "Explains why you're always so happy to be holed up in Restricted. Still, you're a Trium citizen and Sakkra is a Trium country, so freedom of movement is not a problem."

"It's not customs that I'm worried about." The short man grins wryly, picking idly at his fingers. "I'm just a homebody. Probably something along the lines of very mild agoraphobia."

"Fair enough." Colonel Matyus nods. "Still, what did you expect? After pulling off both the Pterodactyl and the Mark Two, you knew we were shoe-ins for crazy jobs like this." She sighs. "Listen to me. You'd think I'm losing my cynicism."

"Nah..." Giichi chuckles, rolling his shoulders as he settles into his seat with a sigh. "We'll get it off the ground, Steph."

* - * - *


The shuttle shifts onto its bulky landing legs, settling with the subsonic thrum of its built-to-last gravitic drive spinning down. The side cargo door folds down to form a ramp, in the meantime revealing a tall-enough brown-haired hazel-eyed woman with Eastern European features in a TYCS uniform, a short Asian man in a stereotypically white lab coat and thick horn-rimmed BCG glasses, and six others (five humans and one metahuman) who must be engineers, looking at the business-casual clothes and the 'ooh, lookit that' demeanor. Stepping down the ramp, the officer takes point, the six gold pips-and-bars of her colonel's hexagons flashing on her shoulders as she makes her way to whoever seems to be in charge.

"Colonel Stephanie Matyus, Materiel Command, Triumvirate of Yut Combined Services. We're here as promised."
11-02-2004, 17:03
A Sakkran sporting a grey lab-coat lifts up her monocular visor. She's standing in front of a mag-lev cart, with seats for 10.

"Excellent. And timely as well! Greetings Colonel Stephanie Matyus. I am Bio-Engineer Ssuuraa. I was instructed to make certain your accomodations are sufficient to your needs. If your group will make their way on to the cart, we can begin."

She motions to the inactive cart behind her, which is standing on four struts protruding from the sides of the craft.

"If there are any questions you have, I am authorized to answer provided it does not breach into Classified territory."
12-02-2004, 21:26
As Ssuuraa conveys the Scolopendran team to their quarters, Jouuha arrives at his lab with the Bio-Tech team. Ssiira is already there, going over her notations from the night before. A holo-display is active, showing a translucent blue outline of some schematics. Ssiira looks up from the display, and lifts her visor.

"Greetings, Chief Engineer. I see the Bio-Tech team is here from Kastaa?"

Jouuha nods sagely. "Indeed, they are. Now then, I trust the time spent was fruitful?"

"It was, but I could only go so far without additional input. Would you like to look at the notations i have made?" She indicates the display with a wave of her clawed hand, and brings up the notes on alterations.

Pushing a palm-pad, Jouuha fits on his visor, and cycles through the notes with a quiet 'Mm hmmm .... mmmm hmm' sound. "Ah, yes. You've done some fine work. Adjusting the scale for a smaller vessel is good, and the alterations you've noted will make the efficiency rating high. However...."

He uses the palm-pad to run some tests of the altered design. " you can see here, harmonics from the drives will affect the hull here and here, weakening them. The organic plate will not be able to keep a firm hold there, and hull integrity could be lost dramatically."

"And these notes here, while admirable, are not towards the end we desire for this project. It is to be a universally compatible craft, yes? EI will have trouble with the organic interface modules, most likely. The Bio-Tech team will amend your suggestions into something more useable."

Ssiira pouts a bit; as much as someone without lips can pout. "Hrr hrrr... not to worry. Initial tests always show a problem. That's why we do them. To fix them before they become disasterous. Now then, do you have proposal for harmonic dampening techniques?"
Reploid Productions
12-02-2004, 21:40
The ATI-use Hamakaze 370 Spellcaster makes its arrival in Sakkra with little fanfare, depositing a team of ATI thaumatologists and quite a bit of gadgets and equipment. The apparent leader of the team is a Dragonis model reploid dragon sporting a rather bright blue and green paint job, a considerable contrast to the familiar black and purple of the more well known Tsume. The rest of the team consists of mostly humans and Nekoites, though there is a handful of various reploids as well.

"Rift Dragonis, Thaumatech research group, Arpean Thaumatology Institute." The reploid grins, revealing the trademark fangs of his model series. "Good to be on board for this one. Hope we aren't late."
12-02-2004, 22:38
The KCTS Solstream Executive aerospace craft seperated gracefully from Valhalla Station and set a course for Sakkra. After completing reentry, the pilot set up an approach and requests permission to land. The streamlined craft settles quietly on its gear as the pilot puts it down with a seasoned touch. After a few moments, obstensily to complete post-landing checklists, the main compartment hatch opens and a team of KCTS engineers begins unlaoding their equipment. The foward crew hatch pops open and Chief Engineer Kelley Johnson steps out into the Sakkran sun.

"You there! Be careful with that! If you bust the calibration, you'll be recalibrating it all night!

Recieving a tired look from the target of his verbal lashing, Kelley continues supervising the unloading and servicing of the Solstream <--the Solstream
13-02-2004, 02:38
Matyus gets into the cart with the rest of her team, looking grimly into the distance as she settles in her seat. The engineers mostly look over the architecture with admiration at a mixture of its novelty and its creative solution to a common problem.

"Well understood," Matyus frowns, "but we're here representing the production capability of TME Industries and the Combined Services. If the classified information makes it impossible to produce..." She leaves it at that. "I'm sure the production facilities of Zero-One will be interested in this as well; rumor has it they'll be sending representatives as well. 'Sides, with modern space combat, advanced computers are nearly a necessity to make fire solutions. Also... the combat effectiveness of their sentient minds is frightening, if our Black Flag exercises are to be believed. That may be an option."

(OOC: Well, hell. Wrong nation... but, hey, leaves it open for this nation to get involved if need-be.)
13-02-2004, 04:58
A scientist sporting a cybernetic eye greets the RPRA and Karmabaijan teams. His multi-lensed attachment rotates and focuses on the reploids. "Not late at all. Right on time, as far as that goes, in fact. I am Meta-Scientist Jhooa, on loan here from Hreer University. The Chief Engineer and his staff are in the sim-labs right now. Let's get you folks situated first, and then I can bring you there."

Seeing the unloading process around the Solstream going well, Jhooa waves over a crew standing around a large flatbed mag-lev transport. Armed guards stand at attention around it. "Bring the flat-bed over so these folks can load up. Guard detail rides on the flat, mag-clamps on so they don't fall off." The crew nods, and returns to the vehicle. It lifts up off the ground a foot or so, and pulls up between the Solstream and the Spellcaster. The guard detail is right behind it, all clad in TacSoft armor.


Ssuuraa nods. "It's classified not because we don't want our close allies..." A head cocked towards Matyus. " know how and why what we do works, but because some projects are still in the initial test phases, and many kinks and flaws need to be worked out. Wouldn't want to expose any flaws that over-reaching ears may hear of. Once all bases are covered, the info is then shared freely with those we trust."

As the mag-lev cart hurtles at a brisk 50kph through the triple-wide corridors of the Eeorouh Aero-Space facility, technician teams and some armored guards could be seen walking, making certain to stick to assigned traffic routes.

Coming to a large freight lift, the craft enters, and the lift descends several floors. The cart moves on for a short distance, and then stops and pulls to the side near some large resin doors. "Here are your quarters. Sub-aqueous level 5. This facility is built into the side of a dormant volcano, so the views of under-water life, seen through a coral bed at this level, are quite exquisite."

She begins to get an absent-minded look in her eye. "Many is the time that just looking at the creatures and the ocean from these windows has brought me mental peace." She stares blankly for a moment, and regains her composure. "Ah, but my manners. Here! Let's get your security program set up."

She depresses a rectangular button, and presses her palm against a pad. A *ping* sound is heard. "Bio-Engineer Ssuuraa, security 5a clearance, transferring temp control." A *bweep* sound is heard. Turning to Matyus and the rest of the Scolopendran team, she briefs them. "Each room can house three to five of your team, with four rooms available to you. Just press your palms against the pad, state your name, and the securi-door will log you in. It memorizes voice and palm print."
14-02-2004, 01:23
"No insult is taken or intended, Bio-Engineer," Matyus grimaces, realizing why she's a project officer and not a diplomat, "it was simply a matter of coordination. Still, I understand the value of OPSEC and so my team will abide by your wishes."

The rest of the trip is filled with technical banter back and forth; as the TME engineers' disciplines are rather diseparate from bioengineering it generally centers around interfacing between Sakkran organic spaceframes and manufactured equipment. Matyus listens, understanding the basics, and tuning out the details she doesn't understand; Doctor Giichi listens intently. If his gravitics expertise is needed, he needs to know how a gravydrive will interact with power generation systems and the hull.

Upon disembarking from the cart, the engineers pool around, some nodding sagely at the mention of oceans and creatures. Underwater habitats are not uncommon in Scolopendra.

"Twelve to twenty spots and only eight of us," one engineer quips. "Whaddya say two to a room?"

The colonel shakes her head. "Four to a room, two rooms. We can use the others for meeting or breakout or planning, and we are not going to be obnoxious guests." Stepping forward to the indicated pad, she places her hand on it, raising her arm a bit to do so.

I'm not short, but damn everything here makes me feel small. "Matyus, Stephanie E. Colonel, TYCS." Probably no need for that, but the bigger the voice-print signature, the more secure. She steps aside for the others.

Giichi steps forward, almost having to stretch to reach the pad. "Kuromori Giichi. Doctor of Applied Gravitics, University of Stonozka." Wonderful that I don't have to deal with name inversion like Steph and all those Western names have to.

An average height woman with dark Subcontinental skintone and a light, almost birdlike build gracefully steps up next. "Mangeshkar, Dulari. Weapons Engineer, TME Industries."

Following her is a grim-looking man with Southeast Asian features, not clearly definable further. He moves with almost a plodding deliberateness, unusual compared to his mesomorphic build and in stark contrast to Dulari's movements. "Manggang, Dae-Hyun. Environmental Systems Engineer, TME Industries." He speaks with a slow, clear intonation.

He's followed by a lanky (as if they come in any other kind) elf. He doesn't quite look Noldor; he actually hails from the evacuation of The One Ring so long ago. "Ihendutl, Cadunrier. Propulsion Systems Engineer, TME Industries."

Next is another man, skin slightly lighter than Dulari's, his thin face windburnt and, if the folds are to believed, prone to smiling. "Ta'anari, Fakih. Astronautic Systems Engineer, TME Industries."

After him is a broad woman that would probably be described as a 'battleaxe' by damn near any nonbiased observer. Unlike Fakih, smiling does not appear to be in her arsenal; however, a glimmer of what may be mischief in her eyes impossibly lightens her dour face. "Dvorzsak, Virág. Defensive Systems Engineer, TME Industries."

The last member of the party is a tall, well-built female who seems like she would be more suited to a long-distance running or maybe fencing team than a bunch of engineers. "Viellanave, Mirentxu. Crew Systems Engineer, TME Industries." Stepping back, she folds her arms and looks over the Resin Beetle-carved archetecture again.

"Well, we're all signed in," Matyus smiles.
14-02-2004, 04:12
Ssuuraa bobs her head at the team. "Excellent. Door-Sec, intialize security measures. Full sweep; internal." A soft *ping* is heard, and then the display comes up with greenish text.

[code:1:2c48254e39] Room is vacant. No active audio or video surveillance devices located.[/code:1:2c48254e39]

"Very good. Clear all security log-ins, excluding the most recent." A soft *bweep* is heard, and the door opens. "That will prevent any un-wanted intrusions. Feel free to make yourselves comfortable." A sweeping arm movement is made.

The room within is furnished in fairly sparse fashion. Some utilitarian chairs and tables, bed sconces built into the wall in a seemless fashion. Dressers, armoires and a kitchenette.
14-02-2004, 04:26
Message from the USSNR Peoples Socialist Aerospace Command

Hello there, I see you may need assistance. Looking apon such things as the USSNR helps, we lend any and all of our resources as a Nation to assist. I am sure the Chief Socialist President will agree, as with the People.

By the way, may I ask if you are Reptilian in Nature?
14-02-2004, 04:47
You may ask. The answer is, yes we are.

As for your assistance, while it is a generous offer indeed, this project is for the making of a universal TYCS craft. As such, the technology will remain within Triumvirate hands. And so we must decline your kind offer. But there will be other projects, and other days.

May you walk on warm sands.

Chief Engineer Jouuha
Eeorouh Aero-Space
14-02-2004, 04:59

:shock: .....................Must....have....Reptiles!

Lol, anywho....


We hope to have a Co-Op project in the future.
14-02-2004, 09:28
"Very good. Clear all security log-ins, excluding the most recent." A soft *bweep* is heard, and the door opens. "That will prevent any un-wanted intrusions. Feel free to make yourselves comfortable." A sweeping arm movement is made.

The room within is furnished in fairly sparse fashion. Some utilitarian chairs and tables, bed sconces built into the wall in a seemless fashion. Dressers, armoires and a kitchenette.
"Mmm. Other than the carved-out look, a lot like home," Fakih smiles. "So, how are we arranging this, boss?"

Stephanie shrugs. "Hell, you're the ones who have to live with each other. Grab bunks and figure it out yourselves."

The team shrugs, shoulders their packs, and fan out.
15-02-2004, 05:50
Ssuuraa nods her head approvingly. "Excellent. You should adjust fine, then. I must inform the security staff and the Chief Engineer of your status. Inform us when you are ready, and a detail will escort you to the Proj-Labs." Ssuuraa then turns, and leaves the room allowing the doors to close silently.


And in the Proj-Labs, also known as the work-space of the Chief Engineer...

Ssuuraa enters the work area, nodding and exchanging customary greetings and title-swaps with the assembled team there. She then approaches Jouuha.

"Chief Engineer, the Scolopendran Engineering team is accomodating themselves in their quarters."

Jouuha looks up. "Hmmm? Ah, oh yes. Good good. It will be good to work with them again. Their technical expertise will be a welcome addition. Is their Paroo Urn filled?"

"To the brim, sir. Spiced with nutmeg and diluted, as you suggested."

"Excellent. I'll pay attention for when their signal comes in as to their readiness. Now, then. I need to ask if you can fetch the 3rd generation plate samples for me. What was the designation? Ah, OP3-0927. That one. I need full-spectrometer tests run on it while a harmonic resonator is active. I have an interesting theory I need to test."
15-02-2004, 06:06
In Orbit, USSNR Satellite Marshall III

It observed the scientific research, making sure nothing went wrong and nothing seemed off. It was programmed to do so, in case in Allies or Neutrals of the USSNR, all Comrade Brethren, were in trouble, in need, or just plain dumbfounded and need information.

However, this time it just looked, listened and took images for itself every now and then. It was to ensure the safty of these Reptilian Creatures during their quest, making sure help arrived if anything went wrong.
18-02-2004, 16:37
The combined teams of Eeorouh Aero-Space and Kastaa Bio-Med have been working for a couple of hours at this point in the Chief Engineer's work area, which spans 3400 square feet. Hushed murmurings could be heard as technicians and scientists make recorded notes, and confer with each other.

"Check that helix string. Implant DNA coding PD-092 at this juncture and note results." A bio-tech is speaking into his recorder as he runs test sims.

A Bio-Org tech and a Cybernetic Technician confer with each other. "Crana-Web is going to be used heavily for this one. I can tell from here."

"Well, what did you expect? Right now it's the only way to make the organic network compatable with EI interfaces." The Cyber-Tech flips through a paper booklet full of notes and diagrams.

"We have options on that note. Look over these figures, input them into the test screen, and let's see what happens."

The Chief Engineer gets a *bweep* at his side, and looks at his datapad. "Ssiira, i have to examine the construction hangar. Hold all my messages until I return."
23-02-2004, 05:47
23-02-2004, 06:45
Colonel Matyus slips her duffel bag from her shoulder and slings it onto the top bunk she thusly designates as hers. Backing up a step, she leaps onto the top bunk, swinging her legs up until she can work herself the rest of the way up, her standard-issue boots against the bedframe.

Looking up at her with a wry grin, Giichi shakes his head and opens up his suitcase. "Are you sure you can do that in Class A's, Steph?"

Stephanie opens up her duffel bag with a grin. "I don't see anyone who'll call me on it, will you?"

Mirentxu and Cadunrier, on the other hand, look over, shrug, and both remove the top bunk on their beds with a nod, shifting carefully and setting them end-to-end. Mirentxtu shoves her bag under the bed and gets to laying down, staring at the ceiling while the elf quickly opens his suitcase and removes his individually wrapped, pre-pressed, and hanger-borne articles, putting them in the closet with a certain personal precision and logic.

In the next room, Dulari and Fakih also disassemble their modular bunkbed, turning it into two normal beds, and get to unpacking and stocking their dressers. Dulari moves quickly yet gracefully, unconsciously turning the simple repeated movements into a sort of dance. Pull out, fold, and stack neatly in a drawer, all with a natural flair. Conversely, Fakih turns it into a game, just drawing stuff from his duffel bag and tossing it into drawers with appropriate commentary.

A pair of socks balled together around themselves lands square in the middle of the top drawer, bouncing once and off the top lip before resting inside. "Whooo, score! Croud goes wild!" Fakih holds his mouth open and hisses high in his throat, sounding vaguely like a quiet roar of a crowded stadium.

Shaking her head, Virág folds a shirt and hangs it up in her closet. Looking grim than ever, her shoulders vibrate in a way that might suggest internalized chuckling. Dae-Hyun moves with a particular conservation of motion, concentrating on every step, fold, and movement. He does not move slowly; rather, he moves with a sort of careful perfection, no faster nor slower than necessary. He could easily be classified as 'robotic' in his movements, face unreadable but something working behind his eyes.

Inside of half an hour, everyone is unpacked. Matyus sits on her top bunk, dangling her slacks and boots over the edge, as the group congregates around. "Alright people," she begins, "now that we're properly situated, we've nothing to do until we start working with the Sakkrans. Does anyone need any downtime?"

"It may be an idea," Viellanave responds immediately, stretching out slightly. "Sorry, but those sardine-can DISL coach-class accomodations are built for the mean-parameter human... which I don't fit into."

"Fair enough. Remember the briefing; the Sakkrans are a title-conscious culture. Be respectful,"--she shoots a glare at Fakih--"and use titles the first time you meet anyone. If you work with them daily, usually it's alright to just revert to names, but if in doubt, stick to titles."

Fakih trys to look innocent; his impish grin fails utterly. "What? I'll be an angel, Colonel, honest."

"Riiight. Anyone who needs to catch some shuteye go ahead; I'll contact our hosts and see what they want us to do."

Recieving nods and assenting noises, the colonel drops down and nods. "Right then. Break."

* - * - *

Bio-Engineer Ssuuraa,

Colonel Matyus here. Okay, my team's settled. Viellanave and Mangeshkar are going to bunk out for a few hours; the rest of my team is slightly restless. What do you need us for?

--Colonel Stephanie Matyus
23-02-2004, 07:00
The Bio-Engineer team lead Ssuuraa, gets a comm on her messenger, and reads the message from Colonel Matyus. She sends a reply.

Greetings Colonel Matyus.

The Chief Engineer has gone to inspect the work the Alpha Minis have done on the construct hangar, but will most likely return shortly.

In the meantime, we could use some assist with parameters for engine resonant harmonics. Since grav-tech is still foreign to us, much help will be needed to fill that void of knowledge.

We're currently conducting sim-tests based on the knowledge we do have of how the grav-engines work, and it seems the harmonics could loosen the plating's hold on the hull of the design.

Perhaps your team, in its entirety, should come and familiarize theirselves with the samples and notations made thus far?

Bio-Eng Ssuuraa

She sends the message, and closes her messenger. "Excellent. As soon as the Repliods, and the team from Karmabaijan get situated, we can begin in earnest."
Reploid Productions
24-02-2004, 05:51
Rift's group are settled in short order, the reploid dragon apparently eager to get going on things, as he's chattering away with his fellow thaumatologists, who all appear considerably more in favor of taking an hour or so to nap and relax before getting started.

"Brought along a bunch of various magitech gizmos, too" The dragon chatters on, fiddling with an odd contraption set with a crystal. "Of course, we all call it magitech when we're talkin' shop, but we're supposed to be 'thaumatologists' because that sounds more professional. "Got thauma amps, capacitors, lots of research stuff from the Zeroel incident, some firing data from the thaumaturgic cannons and shields on the Archangel class and hand of God class ships... all sorts of good stuff!"
24-02-2004, 06:06
Their liaison, one Bio-Technician Ggrress, nods. "Excellent Thaumatologist Rift. All data is useful in this task. Your security clearances for your quarters are complete yes? If so, I believe the Chief Engineer is conducting an examination of the construct hangar, newly made."

"The other teams are in the Bio-Eng labs, getting acquainted with the equipment and perusing data." Ggress begins walking down the expansive halls, which almost look like they could handle the wingspan of a Hercules transport. Multiple crafts in assigned lanes, based on their load capacity, are ferrying personnel and materials along them.
24-02-2004, 06:12
Greetings Colonel Matyus.

The Chief Engineer has gone to inspect the work the Alpha Minis have done on the construct hangar, but will most likely return shortly.

In the meantime, we could use some assist with parameters for engine resonant harmonics. Since grav-tech is still foreign to us, much help will be needed to fill that void of knowledge.

We're currently conducting sim-tests based on the knowledge we do have of how the grav-engines work, and it seems the harmonics could loosen the plating's hold on the hull of the design.

Perhaps your team, in its entirety, should come and familiarize theirselves with the samples and notations made thus far?

Bio-Eng Ssuuraa
"Alright." Matyus turns around after switching off the terminal, standing hands akimbo. "Giichi, Cadunrier, Fakih, you're with me; we're going to go see what's up with this gravydrive deal. Virág?"

"Yes'm?" The battleaxe looks up from her portcomp set up on a table, the configurable Sakkran chair she's sitting in still managing to dwarf her sizable frame.
"Get on this terminal and pull up as much information as you can on the project. Collate it by our personnel specializations and then summarize it for me... it's your punishment for staying awake."

Virág shrugs and stands up. "And you think this isn't work as well? Keep me busy, keep me happy." She doesn't quite smile.

"Good. Get Dae-Hyun to help. Let's go." Turning smartly on her heels, the colonel leads her group out the door.
24-02-2004, 07:08
In the meantime

Chief Engineer Jouuha enters the Construct Bay, and views the area.

The bay is about .25 kilometers high, and 1 kilometer long and wide. 10 levels raise up from the ground to the roof of the building, and the Alpha Minis are here in force, tiny carapaces wearing comically-sized hard hats and tool belts.

Each level has automated control interfaces, where instructions and design specifications are loaded into the computer systems. Automated construction modules would work based on the instructions provided.

As Jouuha walks through the different levels, he tests the consoles by inputting dummy instructions. The automated arms come to life, and begin working at a feverish pace. Jouuha then shuts off the console, and the arms retract.

"So far, so good Foreman." An Alpha Mini standing on a table, looking over schematics, waves his tiny arms. "What do you expect? You got the best team in the Colony here."
25-02-2004, 19:28
Johnson addresses Meta-Scientist Jhooa:

"Is there a place where we can set up our equipment? The team is anxious to get started, and if he is available, I would like to meet Chief-Engineer Jouuha."

He turns to one of his technicians and addresses him in hushed tones.

"Wherever we get set up, I wan't an immediate bug hunt, understand? Look for anything and everything."

"Yes, sir. Understood sir."
26-02-2004, 07:51
The Meta-Scientist chuckles a bit. It sounds like a soft whiff. "Of course, of course. Your accomodations will be 1 level below the Scolopendran team. Sub-level 6 I believe. Fantastic view of the sea-life from 150 meters below. As for the Chief Engineer..."

Jhooa picks up a datapad and presses the screen with a claw. "Ah. He is inspecting the progress of the construct hangar. Number 6. I will take you to him. Your people can load all your equipment, and themselves, on the mag transport there." He points to the large mag-lev flatbed nearby.

"It will take them to their quarters in a afirly efficient manner. If you'll follow me..." He then beckons with a wave of a hand, and begins walking towards the large metallic doors, guarded by a trio of power-armor clad Hordesmen.
Reploid Productions
26-02-2004, 08:12
Rift nods to Ggrress. "The labs would probably be best then- magitech has a tendancy to go hand in hand with organics and bio-engineering stuff." He waves a couple of his lackies over and tells them to grab some of the ATI equipment to drag along, and with murmured complaints about Rift's infinite enthusiasm, go fetch a couple of the large boxes the ATI crew had brought.

Satisfied that everything's in order, Rift flashes another fanged grin. "Lead the way, my good reptilian, let's get this party started!"
26-02-2004, 08:30
Ggress leads the Reploid team to the freight elevator, up a few levels, and out. Large tinted glassteel doors, guarded by armed guards who watch all, is the sole entryway into the lab.

The lab is quite expansive, with several figures surrounding a holo-display. Murmured exchanges are made between scientists and technicians, with an occasional *CLOP* sound made.

Samples are laid out in an enclosed room, handled by automated drones. Analysis equipment and work-stations line the amber-colored matte walls. Scale models are generated in the holo-display, tested and then re-rendered.
27-02-2004, 16:04
Outside the Scolopendran quarters, Matyus frowns. "Well, I've no idea how to get there. Time to call for help." Unlatching her multipurpose communications device from her segmented belt and folding out the flat-panel screen, she brings up local directory assistance and hunts for a familiar name. Finding one, she taps it with a stylus to make the connection, then folds the lid-like screen closed and holds the device to the side of her face.

"Bio-Eng Ssuuraa, Colonel Matyus here. I've got the members of my team who can assist with the gravitic drive issues assembled outside our quarters; direction or transport to wherever we need to be is requested."
28-02-2004, 06:56
A shuttle drifts lazily high above Sakkra, its massive gull wings almost preventing the craft from falling. Thus the pilot has to dip the nose almost straight down to acheive the desired descent.

After an interesting ride to say the least, its not nicknamed the RollerCoaster by the engineering staff for nothing, it sets down.

The passengers disembark, a motley crew of civilian and military engineers.

A rather well built fellow steps forward, looking much the part of the stereotypical jock, that is until he opens his mouth and begins to resume a prior conversation with fellow passengers on how best to mod their P-Comps back home. A geek at heart.

Another engineer pushes his way through the crowd, hair slightly disheveled, glass at a rakish angle, and barely holding onto a jumble of papers, obviously a civilian.

Leading this motley assortment of the odds and ends of engineering is an average looking female, making up for her lack of distinguishing features by being assertive. "Who's in charge here?"
01-03-2004, 03:30
Bio-Eng Ssuuraa receives the comm on her messenger from Matyus, and fits on a head-set unit to keep her hands free. Clucking her tongue activates the unit. "Frequency 05. Trasport Division, this is Bio Engineer Ssuuraa, security clearance level 5. requesting routing of transport to pick up Colonel Matyus and research staff at their quarters. Delivery to Proj-Labs A.S.A.P. Cinfirm?" Another cluck of the tongue changes the headset to 'receive'.

"Confirmed. Mag-lev transport 7 has just disembarked. E.T.A. 3 minutes to reach Matyus' quarters. Apprise them, yes? Cargo haulers are slated to traverse that section in 6 minutes. Need the floor cleared by then." *cluck*

*cluck* "Confirmed. Will apprise."*cluck* A touch of her clawed hand on her headset switches channels until it comes to the frequency Matyus is using. "Colonel Matyus, mag-lev transportation will arrive in 3 minutes on my mark. Mark. It will bring you to the Proj-Labs. be ready at your door for its arrival, yes?" *cluck*
At the Space Port

A Constructor Suit operator hears the engineer's question, and waves a mechanical arm towards a small grouping of Sakkrans gathered around a sole figure.

Coal-black scaling interspersed with flecks of light-blue distinguish this individual from the workers around. A deep gravelly voice gives orders to the workers, and then dismisses them with "You have your loading assignments. Make haste!"
01-03-2004, 15:43
Outside the Scolopendran Quarters

"Acknowledged, Bio-Engineer Ssuuraa. We will stand by." Looking over her shoulder, she nods to the three men behind her. "You've got less than three minutes. Shoulder those packs and be ready to file on the transport on the bounce."

Fakih looks about to chuckle. "What, we just got here and timing has become critical?"

"I'm just passing along the sense of urgency I'm getting from the Bio-Engineer. On the bounce."

"On the bounce, then." Fakih grins as Giichi and Cadunrier shoulder their satchels of equipment and whatnot.
01-03-2004, 16:14
A few minutes later, the door chimes and opens. A mag-lev car settles down a few feet from the door, and the gull-wing cockpit opens. A human pilot is at the controls. "Greetings, folks. Load on up and we'll make for the Proj-Labs in no time."

A hatch on the side of the transport slides forward slightly, and then back. As the team loads on, the pilot seems to be worrying the nav-controls. "Hold on to your hats. This cart might look clunky, but it's got some gas!"

After all of Matyus' team is aboard and secured, the car whips forward towards the elevator. "The pilot yells back "Sorry about that, but heavy loaders are coming down fast, with classified stuff. Gotta clear the halls for those."
02-03-2004, 01:06
"Would it be possible to secure some lab space for our larger scale equipment?"

Johnson allows the Meta-Scientist to lead the way.

"We have some devices that require precision levelling and whatnot, I'm sure you understand."
02-03-2004, 04:12
"Of course." Jhooa nods, and consults his datapad. "In the adjoining room should be adequate space. Is 1200 square adequate? It is normally used for vacuum testing, but we have other spaces slated for those tests. I'll upload the area to your pads, and your security clearances."

"Now then, Sir Johnson. You wish to meet the Chief Engineer, yes? Follow me." The Meta-Scientist climbs aboard a cart with landing gear exposed. A few button pushes, and the gear retracts as mag-wave propulsion kicks in. "Your request had a touch of urgency to it. Is there an emergency?"
02-03-2004, 06:38
The car comes to a stop at the doorway of the Proj-Labs, and the pilot opens the hatch. "Good luck on whaddevah it is yer workin' on." After the team disembarks, the hatch closes and the car whips off down the hall.

One of the Sakkran teams, bearing the sigil of Kastaa Bio-Med on their coats, leaves the Proj-Labs and almost collides with Matyus. "Oh, apologies. We're in a bit of a rush, and were not paying mind." They side-step, allowing room for entry.

Bio-Eng Ssuuraa takes notice of their entry, and beckons them over. She's standing in front of a large, sealed container, with a viewing device attached.

Space Port
The coal black Foreman advances, chomping on a massive cigar. "Foreman Hraaf. Whazzis, then? You folks some of the techs heading for the Project labs? Lemme check yer clearance."

He lifts a datapad, and presses some keys in a *peck peck* fashion with a claw. After a moment, he seems to relax a bit. "Yer cleared. Alright, here's whatcher do. Take that mag-lev transport there...." A waving arm indicates the transport. "....and tell the operator yer going to see the Chief Engineer's workspace. He'll know where to go."
02-03-2004, 07:04
Matyus dodges the blundering saurian bio-med with surprising nimbleness, shaking away the experience--Aiiieeee, Godzirra! Run, run for your rives!--with a shrug and leading the team in. "Not a problem, not a problem. Giichi, keep from being underfoot."

The short Asian man scoffs, looking up at the massive Sakkrans at least twice his height. "Thanks a lot, Steph."

Gathering around the viewing device, the team assumes poses of thought and examination--Giichi folding his arms behind his back while stretching on his toes to see; the elf folding his arms and tapping one finger against his cheek; Fakih literally rubbing his hands together with a hungry gleam.

"So," Cadunrier breaks the momentary silence, "what do we have here?"
Reploid Productions
02-03-2004, 07:14
Rift glances briefly around, letting out an appreciative whistle (well, more like an amused hiss than a whistle, but that's beside the point). "Nice digs here... let's see, where to set our gear up?"

Upon receiving directions, the reploid dragon directs his crew to unload and set up their gear, the largest bit being an odd looking mechanical apparatus with a softball-sized crystal set at the heart of it. A lot of the equipment the ATI group has with them would look more at home in some maniac wizard's study- silvery devices, oddly shaped crystals, and a few screwball looking devices whose purpose can't be gauged from a casual glance.

"Magitech is some neat stuff." Rift rambles, checking over the assorted thingimabobs, whatchacallits, and doodads. "Only real downside is that y'gotta have people t'power it, since we've yet to tackle the sticky little problem that machines just cannot generate thaumaturgic energy in useful quantities yet... they generate some, and it's been observed that sentient machines generate more than regular stuff... like Zeroel registers higher on a thaumatometer than, say, a car does. But... eh, eventually. We got an ETA on a general project meeting yet?"
02-03-2004, 07:18
"WHat I have is a newly grown sample of the organic plating. We've been experimenting with giving the cellular structure nucleoids, to act as nodes. If it turns out as it should, the plating should have a rudimentary memory."

Ssuuraa steps aside to allow others to view the sample. Random patterns are projected onto the plate, which seems to hold the patterns for a moment, but then seemingly reverts to its original state.

"We've been working on this for a solid standard month, and have gotte nno closer to a solution. DNA variants, RNA manipulation, chromosome tampering. Nothing yet of any use."

The Reploid's question is overheard, and Ssuuraa fields it. "There is no timeline set in slate yet. For the time being, we have open jurisdiction on the project's duration. Should things begin to go right, however, i'm sure this will change."

"The first thing on the agenda, as the Chief Engineer outlined to me, is getting all the components online and working. Gravitic drives are the soundest choice for this project, and so we should begin seeing what modifications need to be made to the basic design of it."

Ssiira enters the Proj-Labs at this point, and speaks to Ssuuraa. "The Chief Engineer is inspecting the Construct Bay. He may be a short time, but he has sent these instructions to test out the construction capabilities of the Bay." She hands Ssuuraa a pad, which is keyed up to the directives of Jouuha. "Hrrfff. Just like him to throw a wrench in the works. Graah!"
02-03-2004, 15:21
Stephanie folds her arms. "Hrm. I don't have any geneticists or bioengineers on my team... Dae and Miren would be the closest things, but they're more like terra-engineers, more macroscopic. They're both back in the room; Dae would probably be good with integrating this organic hull plating into the ship's ecosystem, seeing how he's our environmental engineer. Miren--she's sleeping off the trip, I think--would be better at adapting control rigs for normal un-auged users for this stuff.

"Doctor Kuromori and Propulsion Engineer Ihendutl here"--she indicates the small yet filled-out frame of the Japanese man and the tall, lanky elf--"are our gravitics and propulsion systems experts. The Doctor here single-handedly designed the Mark Eleven gravydrive in the Pterodactyl series of land-air variable Heavy Gears."

"Well... ah..." Giichi blushes a little. "That is true..."

"If you need a gravydrive, he's definitely your man." She grins at Kuromori's modesty. "No pressure, it's all on you."

"Thanks, Ste--Colonel." He remembers to keep up a professional attitude around others. "You know, if you want to add some gravitic weapons, I'm sure Doctor Pho Hammuh would like to help..."

The colonel winces--Touche, Giichi...--and changes the subject quickly. "As for bioengineers..." Matyus ponders for a moment. "Lessee... ya. I'm sure the local avatar should be kept free for diplomatic use and such, so..." She flips out her communicator and taps in a message. How the hell does one address her?

* - * - *

I am currently working on the Triumvirate joint shipbuilding project and the local Sakkran project directors have indicated a need for more genetic engineering experience. I don't have any geneticists on my team and I know from Camp Restricted that you do quite a bit of work for us on that reguard...

I'm not about to assume the authority of even requesting that you join my team; just consider this a heads-up. I'm sure you can assemble a Zero-One delegation to show up and assist, and from what I've heard, this is right up your alley.

Very Respectfully, Stephanie Matyus
Team Leader, Project ESkra-AFF-0321(MN) [codename To Be Assigned]
Triumvirate of Yut Combined Services
02-03-2004, 15:59
Ssuuraa eyes Dr. Kuramori and Engineer Ihendutl. "Excellent. One problem we have been noticing when we use a gravitic drive around the plate, and the organic in-ship comm systems, is their tendency to warp and buckle when a gravitic drive is active in their area. Theory speculates that gravitic drives have a frequency that is eminated when in use, and the plating is responding to those frequencies. If you could assist in finding a solution to that? Something along the lines of a low-emission drive?"

"Gravitic weapons.....something about that just screams 'high maintanence'. I think keeping it relatively simple would be the best call. here is the room where a mock-up of a gravydrive would be built, so we can test the plating reactions to gravitics in a Void simulation." A room behind a triple-sealed hatch is motioned towards. The glassteel window is about 2 feet thick, with another window in front of that. Inside are some technicians in EVA suits at work. "It can be adjusted to atmospheric norms to see how atmospheric insertion would react to the plating. Temperature ranges can vary from Absolute Zero to 1000 celsius."

"If an Avatar does respond, a problem that can be tackled is getting the organic interfaces to respond to EI. Right now, the interface only responds to other organics. This should be remedied, yes? An interface console should arrive momentarily, connected to a neuro-shunt pod. We'll be able to see how the pod reacts to an EI presence."
03-03-2004, 04:25
"Hrm..." Giichi scratches his chin. "That's one of the tradeoffs of our sturdy drive systems. Because of how the false-mass generation coils work--basically just spinning around enough matter at a high enough speed to twist spacetime and simulate the effect of mass--you naturally get a resonance from unbalanced things spinning around." The short man rotates his hands around his wrists slightly out of synch to demonstrate as he speaks. "The imbalance is so small, though, that it never seemed to be an issue before; the sinusoidal distortion was too slight to effect matter other than set up a slight vibration that didn't match the resonance frequency of anything... except this stuff."

"We usually design casings and structures for gravydrives extra-hard just in case vibration gets out of hand," Cadunrier explains, "but that's not going to help in this situation... if anything, it'd just be better at transferring the vibrations to where we don't need them. But if we build a slighter housing with shock-absorbers..."

"Then probable damage--given its nature as a warship--could destroy the housing. Not the biggest of deals, seeing how it's 'falling' down the gravywell just like the ship is... but that frees it up to more damage from unexpected accelerations... like getting hit more."


Giichi scratches his chin. "What about heavy-duty shock absorbers? Thick springs, like in bunkers or what have you?"

The elf shakes his head, leaning idly against the container. "Those are built to withstand large-force but low-frequency things, like earthquakes. This is a small-force but high-frequency issue. To dampen the effect, a bunch of fine springs would be better... fine springs with a greater tendency to break."

"Damn." Giichi ponders. "All of our gravydrives have this issue. It's never been a problem before. Despite the Colonel's glowing reviews, I'm not sure I can design a capital-class gravydrive in time... especially seeing how I'd at least like someone to check the math."

Cadrunier ponders. "Any way to keep the spinning bits in synch?"

"Not easily. The disturbances they make naturally throws off the rotation until an equilibrium is reached."

"Can't you just take half of the spinning bits and point them in the other direction? Law of averages says that either the vibration due to spin is either nullified or at least greatly dampened because of the counterrotation."

"If they were flywheels, you'd be right;" Giichi sighs, "but you've just come up with a no-effect gravydrive. The distortion is axial, defining the direction of the gravity well the ship falls down. Spinning them the opposite way creates an opposite effect--right hand rule. Only if I could reverse the polarity and beam it through the shields"--he grimaces--"and create a left-handed FMGC would that work."

The elf curses mildly in his native tongue; it sounds like a wryly-spoken benediction. "So... physically impossible, or what?"

"The finer we make it, the less distortion we get, and the more liable to damage and difficult to maintain it becomes."

"Eh," the Elf shrugs, "we'll get it figured out in time."

The Colonel looks first at the two men, then back at Ssuuraa with a worried look. "They'll get it figured out. That's what they do."

Suddenly, her communicator chirrups. Unsnapping it, she holds it to her ear. "Colonel Matyus." Brief pause. "Yes..." Beat. "Yes, ma'am!" She stands at attention all of a sudden. "Ya... our local contact is here. She's basically in charge, along with the Chief Engineer." The woman looks momentarily up at the Sakkran. "Immediately, ma'am."

Matyus hands the boxy communications device to the Sakkran. "It's for you."
03-03-2004, 04:38
Ssuuraa cocks her head in a comical fashion, a quizzical look on her features. She takes the comm-device and places it against her ear-hole. "Bio-Engineer Ssuuraa here."

Meanwhile, Ssiira looks over some notes and diagrams being scrawled on the white-board by the bio-techs. " about if we adjust the chromosomal layout of the plating's nuclei here....and here?"

"That would make for unstable nuclei. Could break down without warning. We may keep the nuclei as is, but allow it the capacity to respond to electro-chem signals. Then the melanophores would respond to the nuclei's commands, opening and closing depending on what the nuclei tells it."

The other Bio-Technician steps in. "It's possible, but that would compromise the durability of the plating. No, we need to work out some way to make it tough, and still have the properties desired."
03-03-2004, 05:57
The communicator speaks quietly into Ssuuraa's earhole in a low, feminine voice. "Sentient HyperOptimized Data Access Network of Zero-One at your service." Low chuckle. "I've heard you're in need of a geneticist. I think it's fair to say that I've a bit of experience in that field."

"Ah, Avatar S.H.O.D.A.N. I presume?"

"'Gestalt' would be a more appropriate title at the moment, but you still presume correctly, Bio-Engineer Ssuuraa." The EI sounds suprisingly... chipper.

"Excellent, Gestalt S.H.O.D.A.N. Your assist would be most welcome. It would allow for a first-hand accounting of some EI/Org interface issues we have been having."

"I have a great deal of experience with such interfaces... usually cybernetics, but the concepts are essentially the same. I've also heard that you're trying to get your organic plating to do new things?"

"We have indeed. So far the Bio-Techs from Kastaa Medical are on the case, and have ideas. Stumblings keep happening though." Ssuuraa scratches her head a tad, as she eyes thw white-board the the Bio-Techs are scribbling like mad on.

"I can probably help with that as well. Genetic manipulation is a sort of hobby of mine." The voice on the other end pauses for what would probably be a grin. "I can deploy an avatar to work with your teams if it would help; I have a feeling that just talking to my disembodied c-space mind could be disconcerting at times. It is what I made them for, after all."

"That would be optimal." The last word has a bit of a lilt to it. "I will clear it with security, so everything should go smoothly."

"Outstanding. So I won't come in completely blind, what are we attempting to achieve?"

"The goal is a universally usable ship for all species in the Trium, featuring all the newest and most outstanding achievements from each contributing group." As Ssuuraa says this, her dewlap swells to a full blood red and she stands up stock-straight.

"Outstanding indeed. Tricky, but the challenging things are the most rewarding. Other than integrating EI systems to organic architecture, what else am I to help with?"

"Additional features of the plating. We're working on a DNA level with it now, and any expertise would only be welcomed. I'm certain you will not find your avatar idle."

"Interesting. I shall do my best to assist. When do you need me to arrive?"

"Whenever it is convenient for you. I'm certain we will not be completing this task for any time soon. Just avoid the scenic route, yes?"

"Understood. Will as soon as possible do?"

"When would it not?" Some whiffing sounds are made; the approximation of a chuckle. "Everything will be in order for your arrival."

"Truly outstanding, Bio-Engineer. I will make every effort to arrive inside the hour." A soft chuckle in return. "I believe that I will enjoy working with you."

"And I with you, Gestalt S.H.O.D.A.N. Good cycle to you."

The connection breaks with a soft three-chime tone from the communicator. Reclining back in the cyberspace of Rhea, Shodey chuckles. I have two avatars in the area already, but one is... working quietly in the shadows. I have plenty to spare.

In orbit, Queendom's Glory silently opens up and deploys one of her silvery characteristic shuttles. Breezing through the atmosphere, it comes upon the spaceport within minutes, much less "under an hour."
03-03-2004, 06:05
"Of course." Jhooa nods, and consults his datapad. "In the adjoining room should be adequate space. Is 1200 square adequate? It is normally used for vacuum testing, but we have other spaces slated for those tests. I'll upload the area to your pads, and your security clearances."

"Now then, Sir Johnson. You wish to meet the Chief Engineer, yes? Follow me." The Meta-Scientist climbs aboard a cart with landing gear exposed. A few button pushes, and the gear retracts as mag-wave propulsion kicks in. "Your request had a touch of urgency to it. Is there an emergency?"

"No, no emergency. I, as you will find, am a man of little patience for down time. I wish to discuss our role in this project so that we may begin immediatley."

Johnson directs his team to the designated area so they can get set up.

"The crew integration will be one of the biggest hurdles to overcome I believe, and we need to know exactly what we are dealing with."
03-03-2004, 06:38

"Ah, of course of course. Very well then." The cart's legs retract and it turns semi-swiftly and picks up speed with a soft humm. Idle chit chat is half-heartedly attempted by Jhooa, who is more intent on focusing on the traffic around them than the conversation. After five minutes or so, they come to a pair of large amber-colored doors. The cart is piloted to a parking niche out of the way of the flow of traffic, and Jhooa steps out.

"Here it is. The Construct Bay." He presses his hand against the pad at the door, and speaks into it. A chirrup sound is heard and the doors slide open slowly.

Inside is a massive five-story high hangar. Catwalks run across it from all directions. Mechanical arms swivel about with little sound, turning and rotating. Hundreds of 3 centimeter high insect-like creatures are all over eveything, wearing tiny hard-hats and little tool belts.

In the midst of all this, a bellowing voice can be heard. "Foreman! The cam-shafts on Auto-welder 37 are clunking. Get someone to look into that!" Following the voice is a fairly aged Sakkran, sporting a head-mounted optical unit. He eyes Johnson as the doors open. "Hoy! A visitor! Hold on, i'll be down in a moment."

The sound of a lift is heard in operation, and the 7'8" Chief Engineer steps off and approaches. "Good cycle to you."
Speed up!

As the Gestalt's craft lands, and the S.H.O.D.A.N. Avatar is escorted to its lodgings, and then the Proj-Labs, the Reploid team is assisted in setting up their equipment while under the curiosity-satisying gaze of several members of Kastaa Bio-Med. The room that was the vacuum chamber is housing the equipment from the Karmabaijan team, and some members of the Bio-Tech team have gone to the cafeteria for a meal.

Ssiira greets the Gestalt as it makes its entrance. "Ah, Gestalt S.H.O.D.A.N. I am Lab-Tech Ssiira. Bio-Tech Ssuuraa informed me of your arrival before she went to eat, ao I am to help brief you on what is occuring." She pulls out a datapad, and walks over to the white-board, which is crammed with diagrams, equations and scribbled notes.
03-03-2004, 08:31
The grey-skinned avatar bows shortly, her traditional tapering purple elbow-length cape flapping around her arms with the motion. "Honored, Lab-Tech Ssiira." Following along to the whiteboard, she scans the scribbled notes with flickers of her cat-like slitted pupils set in eyes glowing a soft green.

"Hrm... trying to make it change colors while maintaining structural stability and armor properties, are you?" She grins. "Yes, I think I can help with that. From what I can determine here, you're considering using the nuclei to control melanophores. Response time due to diffusion rates--and, given the same, success--is unlikely. Given the properties that I'm seeing... there's nothing preventing us from making the outer layers essentially translucent--no pigmentation whatsoever. We make a sufficient layer of translucent material, like human epidermis except harder, then have conventional organic plating layers underneath. Inbetween we can set up the color-changing section. I'll need to think about that for a bit, but by sandwiching it between two sections of completely operational armor should reduce the need to keep it extremely durable. In fact, it may be to our advantage to have it not be durable, setting it up as a bleed-off layer for energy. Standard dual-hull design philosophy."

Stepping back, she grins. "Don't mind me; I'm working off the top of my head at the moment."
03-03-2004, 17:40
"We've looked into that option, but discovered that the resonant harmonic emissions from the gravydrive tends to make the plating warp and buckle slightly. Having layered plating makes the layers slide against each other. Unti lthat kink is worked out, it's a no-go."

Ssiira cups a chin in her hand, then picks up her pad which has the notes loaded into it. She cross-checks the newest notes on the white-board with those on her datapad. "Perhaps we could make the plating translucent this time. Adjust the Living Layer's parameters and circumvent the need for boosted nuclei? Then the outer kayer could be affected by electro-chem stimulus. Kind of like those 'mood rings' from centuries ago."

Looking at the Gestalt, she inflates her dewlap slightly showing red. "It could be a sound idea. But then that would mean re-working the DNA paramaters of the Living Layer. Almost like working from scratch."
Dread Lady Nathicana
03-03-2004, 18:38
03-03-2004, 20:09
"So... what's the sitch, guys?" Fakih Ta'anari chirps cheerfully as he looks over the shoulders of the Elf and the Asian, who sit cross-legged around a datapad they scribble ideas on. He receives pained grimaces in return.

"We're trying to keep the drive from shaking the ship apart." Giichi mutters.

Cadunrier sighs. "No matter how we arrange the spinning gravity-well generators, we still get an unacceptable vibration."

"Vibration, eh?" Fakih grins impishly. "What you need is a counter-vibrator." He giggles.

"Good job, Sherlock. What was your first clue, hmm?" The elf frowns deeper. "We can't get the parts to cancel each other out without making it not work."

"Maybe you need to--just possibly--add a part or two. Run it by me." Fakih listens intently as the two describe the problem. "Well... that's easy. These grav-generators... they're toroidal, right? Essentially nothing in the middle?"


"Well... why not just add a counter-rotating flywheel? Put on a little weight in a notch that can slide in and out... hold it in with springs, maybe, and a small linear actuator to adjust the position of the weight? Computer controlled rotation speed and size... and seeing how the Queen of Data herself is here"--he points over to the avatar conversing next to the whiteboard--"we could probably ask for some myomer for the actuator. High reliability and durability. You add a total of five or six parts, all of which can be built to standard brick-spec." Fakih grins broader.

"Faker..." Engineer Ihendutl sighs... "you're a bitch... you know that, yes?"

"Hey, they didn't teach me how to make counter-rotating centripetal artygrav sections for nothing. Shouldn't be too tricky to hack a mod to an extant gravydrive, eh?"

"Shouldn't be..." Doctor Kuromori lies back, sprawling on the floor and looking up at the rock-carved and Resin ceiling. "Most gravydrives use that space for a big beefy structural spar to mount everything on. We just hollow that out and add your flywheel on one end and a motor on the other... Jeebus H. Hyskos, it's so simple."

"It usually is." Engineer Ta'anari's grin grows broader, if it's even humanly possible without his face splitting in two. "You just needed to get your heads out of gravitics and drive construction and back to the basics. Keep It Simple--"

"Stupid. I know, I know." Giichi brings his fist to his forehead, stamping it lightly with a wry chuckle.

"How long have you guys been working on this?" Fakih asks with a wink.

"Since we got here. Call it two or three hours, haven't checked yet." The elf sighs, kneels up, and offers a hand to Kuromori, who quickly accepts. "Well, at least we can fix the problem without too much delay or hassle... where's the Bio-Eng?"

"Eatin'," Fakih explains, "and the Colonel went with her to hash out some more. The people around the whiteboard are talking about the organic hull plating and will be glad to hear that you're not going to shake their bits all to... bits." He shrugs. "Shall I go tell 'em?"

"Why not... take credit too, if you'd like." Kuromori smiles, then pauses. "Wait... no... test first. Just tell them to plan for either contingency, but we have what should probably be an acceptable solution."
"Jeez, Doc, do you really want me to qualify it that much?"


"Okay." Fakih bounces up and bounds over to Ssiira. "Astronautics Engineer Ta'anari," he introduces himself as he sticks out a hand with a boundlessly enthusiastic smile, "I heard about your concerns and am glad to report that we've figured out a way that our gravydrive won't shake up your plating. We still need to test it, so you should plan either way... but it should work out just fine."
03-03-2004, 21:57
"Lab-Tech Ssiira." The Sakkran female extends her hand, taking care to keep the claws at the ends of her fingers curled inwards. "Astronautics Engineer Ta'anari, do tell of these developments."

She listens as Ta'anari describes the flywheel addition to the gravy drive. "Simple, yet effective. Sometimes the easiest answers are indeed the most difficult to come by. A hazard of working in the field for some time. It should work on the original generation of the plating. Perhaps it would be useful information to the Empire. If it works on that, then we could test it on the new plating, yet to be made."

She walks over to a covered rectangular box, and pats it gently. "In here is the seed for the plating, ready to take on new properties. It's in a raw material stage, and kept that way in stasis." She turns and looks at the white-board with one eye, and the Astro-Engineer with the other.

"Once the answer becomes apparent to the puzzle there, it should be easy enough. It's finding that answer that is the difficult stage."
04-03-2004, 09:29
Jouuha extends a hand, claws pointed inward towards his palm. Johnson takes the offered hand and returns a firm handshake

"Well met, Human. What is it that brings you to the Construct Bay?"

"Greetings Chief-Engineer Jouuha. I am Kelley Johnson, Chief Developmental engineer with KCTS FleetWerks."

"Chief Engineer Johnson, is it then? Excellent. You have the look of one with some questions on your face."

"It is an honor to be involved in this project."

"Ah, yes. It is quite an undertaking. I thank you for your kind words, although I am surprised it has not been attempted in the past."

"I like to have clear goals when working on a project. I have found that knowing what one wants the end result to be often leads to faster innovation."

Jouuha cups his chin in his clawed hand, and nods knowingly, with eyelids lowered.

"I understand that my team will primarily be concerned with aerodynamics and crew integration, yes?"

"You are correct. And it is fortunate that you have come here, for this is where a finished prototype will be made." Jouuha waves a hand behind him, showing the massive hangar that is still under construction.

"So I see. My main questions have to do with the crew aspect. By my count, we need an interface capable of interfacing with four species; humanoid, Sakkran, Kzin, and EI."

"From my count, there are also the Reploids that need to be taken into consideration."

"Yes, the reploids, an interesting species they are."

"Does the design call for a neural interface?"

"Our ships use a neural interface, yes. For the purposes of this project, however, I believe the interface will be a bit more limited. Attempting to make a neuro-shunt pod workable for all involved will be quite a feat." Jouuha chuckles a bit at that. "I do not imagine a K'zin, or a Repliod, being comfortable in such conditions."

"Our designs regularly make use of a direct neural interface. May I inquire as to the operation of a neural-shunt?" Johnson taps the datajack in his left temple

"The neuro-shunt is a full-body environmental encapsulation that requires no jack. Instead, the pod is a living organism itself. Multiple thousands of hair-fine neural connectors attach themselves to the nerve-centers of a body that enters the pod. After a moment of orientation, the entire ship, and anyone else in a pod, can communicate and control with the speed of thought."

"I see. If you forgive my bluntness, that seems a bit...bulky."

"A bit. But it allows us to go un-altered."

"We also have a simple electrode net that is worn over the head capable of interfacing with the brain for those that prefer not to have the chrome bits. It is /slightly/ slower in response, but still faster than a manual control set up."

"Indeed. Sometimes it is the split-second that is the difference between success and failure."

"So, perhaps all three? Manual consoles, 'trode net, and datajack?"

"I think that would be a sound idea. Always good to have contingencies in case something breaks down."

"What is the target bridge crew size?"

"That is yet to be decided, but we are hoping for something of this size; about 12 to 16."

"I think we can do better than that for a frigate. Especially making use of a neural interface as the main method of integration."

"Yes. I am attempting to keep size matters in mind, and tend to think in minimalist terms."

"My designs tend to spread out command crew, with only 5-6 bridge officers. Basically, a commanding officer, navigator, communications officer, tactical officer, and sensors."

"That sounds good. Our bridge officers tend to be a bit more in number for the sake of double-checking their stations."

"I have completed my inspection here. Shall we walk and talk a spell?"

"I usually employ a distributed approach, with the lead officers on the bridge, and seperate, discreet, divisional compartments."

"That sounds optimal for this project. I will leave the interior crew designations and design to your team."

"Yes, I could use a good walk after the long flight." Jouuha checks to make sure that traffic isn't too heavy, and heads for the pedestrian pathway.

"I think I have what I need to get started on systems. Shall we discuss aerodynamics?"

"Of course. As you will be handling this aspect, share your thoughts on it."

"Expected flight profile is mostly space, with a capability for dirtside landings, yes?"

"Hmmm...yes. Limited atmospheric use, primarily space based.....probably at about 30/70 as a rough guess."

"I see. Well Giichi being here makes the aerodynamic problem much easier. How easy is your plating to shape? And for that matter, how does it perform as an armor?"

"The plating shapes itself, actually. It works by the Living Layer being the 'seed' for the plate. It then undergoes the process it was designed for, building the layers over itself until it is complete. The Living Layer is quite flexible, being mostly gelatinous."

"As armor, it performs quite within acceptable bounds. Its main feature is its ability to be self-repairing."

Johnson nods, placing a hand upon his chin. "What about against energy weapons? I would think that a plate like this would be more suseptible to heat?"

"Not any more than other ferrous-based armors. The gelatinous layer acts as coolant. The striated cellular structure of the outer layer allows this cooling gel to work its way throughout the entire section of the hull. Also, it can be infused with substances. For example, if one desires additional EMP protection, we infuse the plating from within the ship with aluminum. After a time, the substance affects the properties of the plating."

"Ah excellent. Basically, the aerodynamic shape will have to wait on the final dimensions and how all the systems integrate."

"Of course. After everything is sorted out, we can build a prototype, and then start from scratch when it 'clunks'. Heh heh."

"Have defensive electronics been considered? ECM/ECCM?"

"They have been. I think that there is a team designated for that, but i'm not certain. I was debating using our EmDCM array on it."

"I have been authorized to divulge several technologies that were used on the new KSPA Fury shuttle, unfortunatley, not the whole stealth suite, but some things that are quite ahead of what is in general deployment."

"Ah. perhaps that would be effective. The EmDCM is still sometimes sketchy in its operation. And intermittent failures are not good."

"No, they are not. And weapons are being handled by the Menelmacari?"

"I am not certain. The Menelmacari have yet to make their willingness to work on this project known to us, which is actually as I expected. Very difficult to get their attention. Should Lady Sirithil's aides contact us, then we will know. Breath is not being held for that to happen, though."

Johnson lets out a chuckle. "For as old as they are, they are so uncreative in their weapons...plasma this and plasma that. I think we may have a few things to offer in that regard as well."

"Yes. Limiting one's self to one manner of weaponry is ... not well planned. Suffice it to say, SPORE defensive batteries would probably be present."

"That will be our weapons contribution. I would like to see some variety to it."

"I see. I managed to convince the KSPA to agree to contribute a few of the new torpedoes developed for the Fury project. I think that you will find them most impressive."

"Are these torpedoes as capable in atmosphere as they may be in space?"

"They are gravitic, so yes, however, they are typically armed with variable fusion warheads, which act quite differently in the atmosphere, as they do in space. They can be armed with multiple kinetic warheads as well, however."

"Kinetic warheads. Always the favorite son of the bombardier."
Jouuha almost looks wistful.

"They are primarily anti-capital weapons, so would be most useful for larger targets."

"Are they expensive to use? I'm sure we don't want to have to use these crafts, and find our nations bankrupt as a result."

"They are significantly more expensive than a standard weapon, due to the stealth systems."

"Then it would be best to use them cautiously. Hrr hrrr hrrr."

"The weapon itself is based on a standard capital missile casing, so our universal launchers have no trouble with them."

"Options in engagement are ideal, yes?"

"Yes. Yes they are. It was once the Imperial Motto. "Those that do not adapt, die."

Johnson chuckles again.

"An inscription above my desk back home reads "Adapt or die." It seems we have similar methodology."

"The words may be different, but a good idea always rings true throughout the known systems."
"Very true. Well, Chief-Engineer, I believe I have what I need to get my team started. Thank you for your time."

"And thank you. Ah! We have arrived." The doors of the Proj-Lab stand before them, and Jouuha opens it, waving his arm in an 'after you' fashion.
05-03-2004, 05:09
{Secure YutLink Comms, m9 Security Protocols}
x Admiral Vassily Shevinkov (Director of Capital Ship R&D Div, Office of Shipbuilding, Research, and Developement; IUo Cetaganda)
o Chief Engineer Jouuha (NDo Sakkra)

Chief Engineer,

I've recently learned of the joint TYCS project that you are currently heading in Sakkra. I'd like to offer our assistance in the project. I think two areas that we could possilby be of assistance of would be in defensive shield technology, as well as directed energy weapons. Assistance with scan and related external electronics is another possibility if you already have the aforementioned areas planned out. I look forward to hearing from you.

Admiral Vassily Sherinkov
Director, OSRD Capital R&D
Imperial Union of Cetaganda

<OOC: I meant to ask you on IRC if would be ok to join, but we haven't been on at the same time the last few days. If its too late to jump in, I understand.>
05-03-2004, 05:56
As the Chief Engineer steps into the Proj-Labs, the numerous teams begin flocking around him, vying for attention and bristling with questions about their contributions. Through it all, he notices his messenger device blinking a soft yellow. who is this?

He reads the message from Admiral Sherinkov, and responds.

Direct: Admiral Vassily Sherinkov
Director, OSRD Capital R&D
Imperial Union of Cetaganda

Origin: Chief Engineer Jouuha
Proj-Lab 5 Eeorouh Aero-Space
Empire of Sakkra

Dear Admiral Vassily Sherinkov,

Your cintribution would be greatly appreciated. We have defensive measures and weaponry bottled up nicely thus far, but assist with sensor systems would be appreciated. Security will be notified, so a smooth transition should be expected.

May you walk on warm sands.
Chief Engineer Jouuha[/code:1:1779b8989b]
06-03-2004, 02:59
Demilitarized OmniLancer Halation Effect
Leaving FTL Exclusion Zone, Sol VI

"So, we're doing the scan. How do we want to do this?" asks Commander Elizabeth Ingolfson, head of the Cetagandan research team heading for Sakkra.

"Well, I'd say the that the new shipskin sensors that we've got on the synchs would be a good idea," says one on the techs gathered on the ship's recreation deck.

"No," replies Ingolfson, shaking her head. "They're using Sakkran bioskin to cover the hull. Unless we could find a way to intergrate it, that is."

"Well, I know we've been getting great long range detection with newest gravy lenses. Why don't we try incorporating those, and use a modified version for close-in and targ?" says another minion.

"If I may," interjects Hal, the ship's Mind. "I have something I'd like to add. I think it would be an interesting experiment to see if we could incorporate all of the ship's external electronics into one, combined system. Comms, scan, electronic warfare, all of that. Not only would it save on mass, but it could significantly ease control of the systems, especially when operating under battle or stealth conditions."

"I think it would be feasible," says Ingolfson, thoughtfully. "We'd have to completely rewrite a lot of the control and analysis programs, though."

"Between me and his nibs," Hal's holographic avatar points towards at the aft wall where massive window looks into a large tank of water, " I think we write up some new core programming for the subsentient EI systems."

"I'll talk with the Chief Engineer when we arrive. Have a proposal for me to present by the time we land."
08-03-2004, 03:59
At the white-board, the Chief Engineer looks over the diagrams and notations. "Hrrr....well, this could work theoretically if we rig it to work much like our chamo-web suits. Make the melanophores respondent to certain heat signatures, and keeping the plating fairly opaque. Electro-chemically stimulated to adjust coloration. Using Sorguu's Theorem of Bio-Feedback Stimulus, we can get the plating to respond to chemical signatures in a fashion much like the chamo-web. Give that a try."

He then turns, and looks upon the Gestalt. "Ah, I see you have come to nose around my Project Labs, eh S.H.O.D.A.N.? What do you think thus far?"
08-03-2004, 05:28
S.H.O.D.A.N. smiles with an appreciating nod. "I'm rather impressed, Chief Engineer. You have things very well organized and controlled, it seems." She indicates the whiteboard with a glance. "I've been assisting your genetic technicians with their work. I have not been fully briefed yet, but I look forward to helping further... the problem of making the organic armor at least somewhat mimetic is a fascinatingly challenging one, at least.

"When you have the time, I will have to catch up with you." The gestalt's avatar chosen for this mission smiles warmly. "It has been some time since we've talked."
08-03-2004, 06:34
"It has been some time. Some time indeed....." Jouuha seems to lower his head a bit, and his eyelids close fully. He remains like this for a beat, and then lifts his head again. "But this level of organization would not have been possible were it not for our diminutive immigrants.." At this, he motions a hand towards a small group of 3 centimeter high insects, wearing tiny lab coats, who are clustered at the holo-sim display. They seem immersed in the testings of various simulations on the vid.

"...So I must give credit where credit is due. One rarely goes too far on their own merits, yes? But I delay you with this idle chat. Much is to be done, and the time is now to be seized to do it in, yes? During the mealtime, we can catch up some?"
08-03-2004, 16:02
"But of course." The avatar continues her warm smile. "Work now, reminisce later when we have the time to do so. While I am sure I could help your geneticists with their hull plating, I know the main reason I'm here is to incorporate interfaces for electronic intelligences into the organic structure of the ship. Hopefully my experience both in cybernetic interfaces and organic engineering will prove... useful."

The lessons learned on Citadel never seem to lose applicability, oddly enough. "I understand that the Snel Crana make up the fundamental internal communications system; I know from my mother/self back when 010 was still on Charon that there have never been interface issues in the past, as that are what Crana are intended for. Still, given that they've been optimized for organic usage, I'll see what effect it has and then engineer my solution to fit."
08-03-2004, 17:48
"Yah, the Crana-Web technology of the Snel has been very important in the development of this. Rudimentary EI have little trouble with the organic interface, as they react in a stimulus/response pattern. Easy to predict for us, and easily translatable for the organic data translators. But more advanced EI capable of individual thought, abstract conceptualization and so on, seem to be problematic."

Jouuha produces a datapad, and cues up a sequence of test-sims. "As you see here, the electrical signals sent by an advanced EI meet with the electro-chem processors of the organic interface...." Another sequence. "....and the elctrical signals are intercepted, and then discarded, rebuffed as it were. Almost as if the electro-chem data processer decided it was a corrupted signal, and took precautionary measures. Very odd reaction, I think."

Jouuha looks at the sims results, an places a hand on his chin. "Perhaps some adjusting of the translating buffers, and a re-write of the OI codex will bear results?"
09-03-2004, 05:02
"No, that sounds too hasty." S.H.O.D.A.N. taps her chin with one long index finger. "We have a symptom but not a disease to treat; we don't even know if the signal is making it to the translation buffers or just being rejected outright. Now, I'm about as advanced an EI as you're going to find in the local area; do you mind if I troubleshoot it?"
09-03-2004, 05:19
"Oh by all means, go right ahead. You would have a unique advantage in this situation, I think." Jouuha motions over to an assistant, who comes promptly.

"Is there a static shunt pod available?"

"On the cafeteria level, sir. It's just in case we need to keep in contact with the other teams throughout the building."

"Excellent. You can troubleshoot the problem, and then test it out and see if it works. Of course, that means a lot of foot work. Heh."
09-03-2004, 22:05
"I do have feet, so I am equipped." The avatar chuckles softly. "A better option would be if some logic probes could be set up in various locations. Even better would be if I could borrow some technicians so I can continue attempting to provide input and they act as my eyes and hands. A few comm headsets with cameras should do nicely. That would be more efficient, no?"
10-03-2004, 03:52
Johnson followes Jouhha into the ProjLab.

"Ah, Shodey. Havn't seen you since the Fur....ahem. How are things? Couldn't help overhearing that you need some volunteers. Most of my crew is experienced with man/machine interfaces. Feel free to draw from them who you need."

He nods to Matyus.

"Colonel. Nice to see you again as well."
10-03-2004, 03:55
Johnson followes Jouhha into the ProjLab.

"Ah, Shodey. Havn't seen you since the Fur....ahem. How are things? Couldn't help overhearing that you need some volunteers. Most of my crew is experienced with man/machine interfaces. Feel free to draw from them who you need."

He nods to Matyus.

"Colonel. Nice to see you again as well."
10-03-2004, 05:08
Jouuha removes his head-set, and hands it over to the Gestalt. "This should suffice. Full spectrum vision with data readout capability. Also filters sound to enhance or block certain frequencies. Microscopic sight up to 1000x, and also serves as a ardio. Comes with data-feed access, so I could consult the databanks at any time."
10-03-2004, 05:17
Matyus nods curtly to Johnson. Nothing else.

S.H.O.D.A.N. looks at the headset in her hands, examining it closely. "Yes, I do believe that this will do quite well for the technicians that assist me. I can maintain contact with them via my usual wireless link." She brushes one hand through her hair of wires and fiber-optics while returning the headset with the other.
10-03-2004, 06:18
"Good, good." Pointing out three technicians engaged at the holo-sim display, he points a clawed finger at three of them in turn. "You, you and you. Your assignment now is to asisst Gestalt S.H.O.D.A.N. in its endeavors. I expect full co-operation, of course."

The three nod their assent, pick up their datapads and approach. Jouuha, in the meantime, begins looking at the devices the Reploids are putting together. "This looks most cutious. If you'll excuse me, you'll find the technicians to be competent in their work."
Reploid Productions
10-03-2004, 06:41
Rift bobs his head while checking over the capacitor. "Excellent, excellent. I wonder what the TU output on this organic plating of yours is... if it's enough, it might be possible to completely remove the need for an organic power crew for any magitech that gets integrated into the design. Mm... that's quite the nice possibility, given the drawbacks to the current system..." The reploid dragon's thinking aloud tapers off to muttering to himself as he checks and double-checks assorted connections and gizmos. "Shoudl be ready for a shield demonstration whenever peeps are ready..."
10-03-2004, 06:54
In a conference room somewhere....
Suzan pokes a gloved hand at a hologram of a standard drive. The hologram dissolves and then reappears, zoomed in on a section of the drive.
"First things first, we're getting rid of these arrays. We get up to a 13 percent energy loss from the field arrays here, lets cut it down to 5."

She taps the air again, the Holo zooming back out.
"Second, we need to reshape the general structure. I know everyone is used to cylindrical, but if we move the linear induction conduits aft, and rearrange the field arrays, we can save 10 percent of volume, and some structure mass."

"Third, " She taps a rectangular structure slightly fore of the drive, "We can free up more space if we wrap the capacitors on a structure around the reactor like so."
She pauses contemplating something. "We'll want a more powerful reactor as well."

"Last, we need to figure out a better containment design over here," tapping at the heart of the beast.
12-03-2004, 17:45
Jouuha gets a soft *bweep* on his datapad, and gives it a look.

[code:1:c6b71223cf]Incoming message: Aero-Space Security
Incoming craft ETA unknown as of yet from Cetagandan detachment. Security protocols in effect. Will apprise when Cetagandans enter Aero-Space zone. Ack?[/code:1:c6b71223cf]

Jouuha hits the confirmation key and sends an auto-confirmation. He then returns his attention to the Reploids. "How does one go about measuring the TU output? It is not something we often look for, so an explanation would be helpful. Do you have devices capable of this present?"
12-03-2004, 19:39
At the landing pads of the research facility, Halation Effect gently settles onto the ground. Unlike most ships of its type, the vessel does not have large delta wings attached to its central cylindrical core. Instead, there are large storage bays on either side. Ramps extend and boarding lifts drop down, and soon a veritable horde (well, a small horde of about two dozen people) tromps off towards the buildings, with a drone floating along on countergrav. While most of them go off to locate their labs and quarters, Commander Ingolfson heads straight to the Chief Engineer's office. There, she waits patiently until he's finished with whoever he's currently meeting with before entering.

Ingolfson salutes Jouuha, saying, "Good afternoon, sir." After exchanging other pleasantries, the pair gets down to business, with Ingolfson explaining the goals of her team.

"During the flight, the shellperson who runs our ship brought up a good point regarding a ship's sensors, communications, and electronic warfare systems. When you get right down to it, they're all essentially the same things: trasmitters, or in some cases laser emitters, and recievers. We propose to intergrate all these seperate functions into one combined system. Not only will this save mass and space, but it should increase the redundency of the various functions." After being shown several projections on the mass savings and efficiency ratings, Jouuha agrees to let the Cetagandan attempt to carry out the plan.

Meanwhile at the landing pad, Halation Effect's Mind is thinking to himself - a dangerous situation, as anyone familiar with him would be quick to say. 'You know, why just stick to simulations and lab tests?' Hal thinks to himself. 'A full-scale demonstration could be even better...'. Drones begin to emerge from the ship's oversized storage bays and begin to work on the ship.

Will the Cetagandans succeed, or will they instead be made to look like morons? And what is the devious Hal doing to his body? Find out later, same Bat time, same Bat channel.
12-03-2004, 20:32
"This looks most cutious. If you'll excuse me, you'll find the technicians to be competent in their work."
"Thank you." S.H.O.D.A.N. looks over to her three new helpers. "You three are going to help me troubleshoot the connection problems between an EI and the Crana web. I've never had this problem before, so we're going to start at the lowest common denominator and make our way out. I'll strap into the neuro-shunt pod and start feeding it signals; I'll keep in touch with you over wireless. If you could lead the way to the pod, I'd be much obliged."

Orders recieved, the party begins to move and the avatar continues talking. "Because the error is essentially unknown, we'll start at the center and work out. First we'll check to see if the pod is actually registering the signals; then we'll see if they're being encoded and sent through the main data trunks correctly; then we'll check decoding and finally message reception."
12-03-2004, 20:37
"This looks most cutious. If you'll excuse me, you'll find the technicians to be competent in their work."
"Thank you." S.H.O.D.A.N. looks over to her three new helpers. "You three are going to help me troubleshoot the connection problems between an EI and the Crana web. I've never had this problem before, so we're going to start at the lowest common denominator and make our way out. I'll strap into the neuro-shunt pod and start feeding it signals; I'll keep in touch with you over wireless. If you could lead the way to the pod, I'd be much obliged."

Orders recieved, the party begins to move and the avatar continues talking. "Because the error is essentially unknown, we'll start at the center and work out. First we'll check to see if the pod is actually registering the signals; then we'll see if they're being encoded and sent through the main data trunks correctly; then we'll check decoding and finally message reception."
13-03-2004, 07:34
<<BAM Look at that bacon sizzle!>>
13-03-2004, 07:36
tag for safekeeping
13-03-2004, 07:39
When the group with the S.H.O.D.A.N. gestalt arrives at the afore-mentioned neuro-shunt pod, it gives the appearance of something from an old sci-fi movie. All dark green and looking like a fat bean pod, it has scores of tendril-like protrusions eminating from all over, and receding into a wall.

One of the Bio-Techs gingerly runs a clawed finger along a seam on the front of the pod, and it splits open with a mucousy *shlurrrp*. Socres of mono-filament sized tendrils within the pod writhe, twist and undulate at a frantic pace, stabbing out for something to attach to.
Reploid Productions
13-03-2004, 09:37
Jouuha hits the confirmation key and sends an auto-confirmation. He then returns his attention to the Reploids. "How does one go about measuring the TU output? It is not something we often look for, so an explanation would be helpful. Do you have devices capable of this present?"

A techie brushes her bangs from her face with a mildly exasperated sigh. "Rift-san tends to space out, one sec." The human lifts one booted foot and proceeds to give the big reploid a swift kick to the side, resulting in a loud clang and Rift snapping back to attention.

"Who? What? Gettysburg! 1812! Pi-R-Squared!... oh. Sorry." Rift shoots the techie a dirty look before continueing. "We've got equipment that can measure thaumaturgic output- brought a couple of thaumatometers with us... basically the unit is rather arbitrary- one thaumaturgic unit is technically described as the amount of such energy given off by one homo sapien in one second. Basically we checked a lot of people and used the average. We don't have machines that can generate usable amounts of thaumaturgic energy, just ones that can harness the stuff. As I said before, sentient organics give off more of the stuff, but non-sentient or semi-sentient organics still give off more than, say, a sentient machine. With that basis, I would imagine this bio-plating of yours may give off enough thaumaturgic energy itself that a magitech system could use without the need for a group of organics on board specifically to charge it."
13-03-2004, 19:33
One of the Bio-Techs gingerly runs a clawed finger along a seam on the front of the pod, and it splits open with a mucousy *shlurrrp*. Scores of mono-filament sized tendrils within the pod writhe, twist and undulate at a frantic pace, stabbing out for something to attach to.
S.H.O.D.A.N., seemingly unfazed--it isn't a threat, and she's arguably seen worse--steps foward and eases herself into the pod, carefully registering the sensations as the tendrils hit their marks, latching onto the not-entirely-decorative network of fiber-optic lines coating the avatar's body. Well, this is new. Maybe we should investigate the possibility of a more traditional communications port, for those who .

"The access system itself is optimized for organics, to put it simply," Shodey says as she leans back and relaxes, "so we may want to investigate the feasibility of standard com-ports for EI access. I'm going to start with basic connection and identification protocols; the first thing I need you three to do is check if the pod is even picking it up as useful data."
14-03-2004, 05:09
The three technicians nod assent, absentmidedly forgetting that visual cues are not interpreted through the helmets. "Copy that." one finally responds. They cycle through several monitoring scans, and find the pods neural fibers are reading the Gestalt's fiber optic lines as incompatible data.

"Ah, we have a problem. The pod reads the neuro-data from you as corrupt, or incompatible." The technicians speak amongst themselves a bit, keeping the comm line open. Some analysis and comparitive scans reveal something. "Seems the pods read protein strains as part of the communication. Since your fiber optic lines have none, we assume, we think it reads your data as incomplete, and thusly does not activate the comm process to full effect."


Jouuha looks at the device, and the Reploid known as Rift, each scrutinized with a separate eye. "We have several seed samples here for testing. One can be brought over. It is not in it's complete stage, but an yreadings that could be taken should register the same, wether complete or not."

He motions to one of the lab assistants, who wheels over a cart bearing a large glassteel case. Inside is a honey-comb shaped thing, oozing with amber-colored liquids. The liquid seems to ebb and flow through the hexagonal structure.
14-03-2004, 05:34
S.H.O.D.A.N. allows herself to chuckle softly inside the pod.

<LOS-Communications with Assistants>
<< Aha. By "optimized for organics" apparently it is "organic exclusive." If it reads protein channels, then all we need is some type of different connection that accepts the raw data from the user, translates it into signals the biological circuitry can use, and then shunt it into the usual trunkline networks.

<< That means, unfortunately, that most artificial intelligences will be unable to use this pod because of its design and construction. No matter; datajacks are low-volume and low-mass affairs and so this will be of little importance in the end.

<< Now... if someone can help me out of this thing, I can patch directly into the communications lines and try determining protocols that way. Whether they are biological or artificial in nature, I should be able to connect.
14-03-2004, 05:41
"Copy that." One of the technicians runs a finger along the seam of the pod, which opens noisily.

"Perhaps another measure that could be taken is a simple secondary comm measure. In place of protien strains, we can enable the pods to accept a code sequence to serve as a protien strain."

The other techs nod as the Gestalt steps out. "It could be done, and would require minimal changes. this replacement code would work would take a little puzzling to figure out, but that code would have to be present with every neuro-comm; even the most minor of them. Would that level of code saturation be detrimental?"
14-03-2004, 05:52
"You say it uses proteins? Proteins are made of amino acids, and with twenty-six amino acids one can build an infinite number of proteins..."

S.H.O.D.A.N. frowns. "Is it looking for a single particular protein, or just a few neurotransmitters, or is the message wholly dependent on the proteins it receives? If it is the former two, then a simple looping script of 'input this protein value' will do fine. If it is a latter, it's a translation problem and a rather interesting one at that."
14-03-2004, 06:01
"It is the latter indeed. With all those possible combinations, the protiens are translated into a coded language. When working on the Pakayg project, Director Shuuta made notations to the effect that living crafts respond to certain strains of protien-based code, and developed a translation system on that, which we used to create these pods."

The technician pats the pod gently, like one would pat their favorite child. "It would probably help to give you access to that information from our data-feeds, yes? You could probably figure out the translating process quite quickly."
14-03-2004, 06:17
S.H.O.D.A.N. shudders theatrically. "The determination of the translation matrix isn't really a problem... the problem is coming up with translation matrices for every single type of machine language used by every artificial intelligence in the Triumvirate. The most logical option would be to create a"--another theatric shudder--"gooey interface which would somewhat negate the whole EI advantage of being able to manipulate data directly.

"Trust me, just skipping the whole neuro-shunt pod would be the most efficient in the long run. I don't feel like writing patches for every sixteen-bit AI that comes along."
14-03-2004, 06:26
"Well, since the KArmabaijan team has opted for in-ship comms and the like, they have already apprised the other teams that data-jacks will be an integral part of the ship." The shunt pod is sealed up, and it goes into a rest state.

The main purpose for these was so we could gain the benefits of a C-space method of communication, without having to have datajacks inserted into us. Cyber-enhancement is used only as a last recourse for our people. A side effect of the process is a form of organic C-space. We have dubbed it (a little un-creatively) P-Space, or Psi-Space."

"Perhaps there is some way that, instead of having to make a 'gooey interface', we create some manner of translation filter, so that the C-space and P-space can mesh at intervals? It is possibly a more favorable alternative than redundant coding and physical manipulation."

The techs look at each other, a little dumbfoundedly amused. "Gooey interface? hrrr hrrr hrrrrr!"
14-03-2004, 06:35
S.H.O.D.A.N. chuckles. "Graphical User Interface, Gee You Eye... GUI, gooey. Damn those ancient programmers and their habit of making amusing acronyms, like wizzywig." She pauses for a moment, thinking aloud so the techs can keep up. "Now... having P-space and C-space mesh makes sense. At that point, it's just one translation set instead of a completely ludicrous number.

"Cyberspace works by creating a sort of standardized iconography that all users can identify and use. If we standardize the iconography and operation in the ship's P- and C-spaces, then set up a simple translation protocol wherever the two systems mesh, then it should be a matter as simple as changing servers in the matrix--quite simple, really. Most intelligences--electronic, artificial, organic, or otherwise--stay with the iconographic representation to minimize the amount of data that needs to be processed. An organic can still use a function to call up a particular section of code, but it would take it a far longer time to digest and act on than an EI operator... yes, that's doable. Datajacks for those already augmented, neuro-shunt pods for those who are not, and a simple connection between the two in a common CP-space... if we do it right, we can just make the translation at the actual jack-in section and just have one metaspace rather than two.

"Do you think that will work?"
14-03-2004, 06:43
The technicians all whip out their datapads as one in a synchronized movement and start running computations, mumbling to each other the whole time. "...modify the shunt ..... strip persona-icon to universal standard ..... translation filtering buffers ...... homogeneous aether variables..."

The one wearing the helmet looks up. "It can be done. If we tone down the persona iconography and adjust P-space protien-sequence translation buffers to meet up with the C-space standards, it should work. There is little reason why it would not, but there should be extensive testing done, to be certain. A mishap or mistake would be ... really bad."
14-03-2004, 06:48
"But of course. Meat damage, dump shock, code chaos are never good things." S.H.O.D.A.N. nods. "We should get to work on it immediately."
14-03-2004, 06:56
"Agreement! I will sned our findings to the Chief Engineer immediately." The techs all dump their data into one datapad, which is sent as an encrypted file to Jouuha.


The Chief Engineer looks at his messenger as it *bweep*s for his attention. Damn! I'm going to burn this thing any moment if it doesn't give me some rest! The incoming message is cued up, and Jouuha reads the data.

"By the Pits!" He immediately sends a reply.


[code:1:b653de5faf] Proceed with all due speed. Have the Gestalt run up a list of needed supplies and equipment, as well as hands for that phase of the project. This is an integral part of the whole thing, so do not worry about expense. Perhaps the Karmabaijan team would be willing to assist with it? Broach the idea.
14-03-2004, 17:44
Inside the Cetagandan lab, the process of designing one of a ship's major systems was well underway. Plans were proposed, decisions made, simulations designed, underlings dispatched to find components and, more importantly, various stimulants and pastries. At the center of this wirlwind of activity sat the senior members of the team, discussing one part of the scan system.

"Ok, here's something to consider," says Major Rotane, a short, plump man eating a bagel. "At some times, we're going to need to use radio waves for broadcast comms or radar; at other times, we'll need visible or near-visible light for laserlinks or lidar. What I'm thinking is to combine both into one emitter using a variable-frequency CREWS unit."

"That's true, but I thought that we didn't have an effective CREWS of the size we need," replies Commander Ingolfson.

"I checked it out. That only applies to weapons-grade generators. It would be fairly easy to modify a fighter beam from a Shrike for our purposes."

"Even if its not weapons grade," chimes in Colonel Rice, who lounges on a nearby couch that had been carted down from the ship, "we can use it for defensive purposes. I bet it'd confuse the hell out of a missile guidance system or a ship's targeting array to be hit by focused radiation that can shift wavelength. For that matter, I bet we could even fry unshielded electronics."

"Good idea, major," says Ingolfson. She turns to a nearby drone, and continues, "Hal, could you send a couple of those packages of CREWS parts down to the test bay? Hal?"

"Huh? Oh, yes, yes," says the drone after a few moments. "Of course, Commander."

"Is there something wrong? You seem distracted."

"Nope, nope, nothing wrong. I was, going over some EI plans with His Nibs. I'll get those down to you immediately."

"If you say so..." says Ingolfson dubiously.
16-03-2004, 01:43
Test Level Six, <CLASSIFIED> Facility
Naughty Doings of Sakkra, Sol III

"Initiating lens test in" Commander Ingolfson watches through a blast window as a test begins on the force-field lens that were to be used as part of the passive detection arrays. At the moment, a feasiblity test was underway to see if the field could be used through Sakkran bioskin, using a non-living material designed to simulate its general strength and density.

For a moment, there the space in front of the apparatus seemed to bend, and refracted light formed rainbows on the wall - for a moment. A second after the test began, the skin standin began to warp in strange ways, and before Ingolfson could say anything, the window in from of her was suddenly covered with a layer of orange goo.

"Major Rice..."

"Yes, ma'am," replied her underling timidly.

"I thought you said you had the lenses ready."

"Well, we do. Sort of," the major replies. "You see, we have the lens for the main scopes - they're just standard off-the-self versions. And we've adapted them to the CREWS projectors so we can vary the focus."

"Uh huh. And what does that have to do with that." Ingolfson replies, pointing at the scene before here where minions and cleaning bots were cleaning up the remains of the standin.

"Well, its just that we wanted to try something with the smaller scanners to that we didn't need as many open ports in the bioskin. That should make the skin stronger overall, we think."

Ingolfson sighed, and shook her head. "Right. Well, I have a hint for you: ripping off the skin and turning it to orange goo would, to say the least, compromise its integerity a bit more than a few more holes."

"We have high hopes for finding a solution."

"See that you do, Major." Ingolsfon turns to leave the room, then stops to look at the field lens assembly, which had be reduced to little more than a block of fried components by the spray of goo. "Isn't that an IT HCT-203?"

"Yep. For some reason, we've got a pile of them," replies Rice. "We're using those instead and saving the newer one for building a field test prototype. Don't worry, we're salvaging the crystal."

"But we didn't bring any 203s, just the newest 207s." She thinks to herself, and frowns. "Where could they have come from. Let's see...203s are used on the latest batch of Shrikes, and on Rommel's targ refit last year...and on a set of omnilancers, those with the Corp of Engineers Field Bay modules."

Ingolfson's eyes widen, then narrow. "That bastard," she hisses, before storming out of the room and down the hall towards the building's exit.
17-03-2004, 05:49
Lab-Assistant Ssiira looks on at the doings of the Reploids next to Jouuha, and looks upon the seed sample of the organic plating.

"Lab-Assistant Ssiira, could you go to Test-Lab 6 and see what progress the Cetagandans have made? I'm curious as to their doings."

"Of course, Chief Engineer. At once."

She turns and exits the Proj-Lab, and takes a lift down a couple of levels. She exits and heads down the pedestrian aisle of the passageway. Finally coming to Test-Lab 6, she opens the door to find a gooey orange mess being cleaned up. "Am I to assume that there have been developments?"
17-03-2004, 06:02

Sakkra, our two peoples NEED to have Diplomatic Realtions and/or talks, or an Alliance. Since your Race is Reptilian, my Nations main race, Komodren, is Reptilian Also, with the Birthright Human as next-in-line, or perhaps near, the Komodren Populus, or, anyway, can you TG me so we can PERHAPS discuss an either RP of our Two Nations meeting or Diplomatic Talks of an Alliance?
17-03-2004, 21:45
17-03-2004, 21:46
Major Rice looks over at the door to see Ssiira standing at the doorway. "Oh, ah, good afternoon. Yes, yes, lots of developements." A loud thump is heard as an assistant slips in the mess behind him, which Rice steadfastly ignores. "Come in. Don't mind them, one of our experiments experienced some, err, technical difficulties."

Rice leads the Sakkran towards a corner where office dividers had been set up, and into a conference room - and, coincidently, out of sight of the experiment. "Please, sit down," Rice said, gesturing towards a seat made for Sakkrans. "Would you like any refreshments? I know we have some that are suitable for your kind."
18-03-2004, 03:29
Ssiira gestures a hand towards the offer of a beverage in a 'no thanks' fashion. "I have had a satisfying meal today, and my thirst is slaked. So, Major Rice, you mentioned technical difficulties? In what manner is this? perhaps some light can be shed on it."


At the Chief Engineer's Proj-Labs, the technicians from Kastaa Bio-Med seem to have come upon something.

"The answer was so simple. Get these notes copied! I won't lose any headway on this."

Several of the lesser members of the team each begin inputting sections of the white-boards notes down into their datapads.

"The seed sample will have to have chromosomal adjustments made first. I'll need about 5 hours of time to make adjustments." At this, the team leader puts on a pair on macro-specs, and activates the chamber the seed sample for his portion of the project is in.

From the magnification of the macro-specs, he can see small IRMSS nano-med bots at work on the seed sample at a chromosomal level, adjusting the bonding sequences and changing the way it receives stimulus cues.
19-03-2004, 02:26
19-03-2004, 02:26
<yay for Nutscrape>
19-03-2004, 02:31
[code:1:3f18c8582b] Proceed with all due speed. Have the Gestalt run up a list of needed supplies and equipment, as well as hands for that phase of the project. This is an integral part of the whole thing, so do not worry about expense. Perhaps the Karmabaijan team would be willing to assist with it? Broach the idea.[/code:1:3f18c8582b]
<Communications to Design Team>
<< This is what we need:

<< Whatever data medium you use for P-space. An extant P-space network with neuroshunt pods will be sufficient.

<< Standardized datajacks.

<< All information on P-space programming and iconography.

<< Several standardized data storage mediums (to test interfacing)
"Gestalt" S.H.O.D.A.N. v3.0 : MCP, Q01
Cetagandan Duchess of Marilac
19-03-2004, 04:15
Reply Comm
Project R&D Team
Subj: Required supplies

We have a working P-space interface in Test Lab 4. Neiro-shunt pods, with Kansee network mediums are there. Standardized datajacks will be equipped. The Kansee network will be attached to a sensor dump, which will scan and store all information.

An encrypted packet is included in read-only format. Sensitive information.

On decryption, the following is readable.
Notations regarding P-space by Director Shuuta

P-space is the effect one sees when communicating via organic webwork communication mediums, IE the neuro-shunt pods and the ensuing Kansee network medium. Protien strains are read as a technological computer reads code and binary. Neuro-shunt pods act as receivers and transmitters of this protien-based code, and also serve as translators of the protien code for the operator, turning it into a sensory experience.

Electro-chemical impulses from the body of the operator are used to provide power for the pods, which helps explain the sense of disorientation and fatigue the operators feel when completing a lengthy session in the pods (see: On P-Space and the Pakayg; Chp 23; Sr. Technician Krenn).

Theories abound as to the implications of P-space. Philosophers speculate that it is the result of two minds of different organisms meeting without the constraints of physicality. Others believe it is a gateway into the spiritual realm, which we temporarily force open when the pod is activated. The prevalent theory, however, is that this is the mind's interpretation of what happens when alpha and beta-wave transmissions, originating from the organic mind, are enhanced and sent independent of the brain. The pods act as receiver/transmitter arrays for the brain-waves. Perhaps all three are correct, or none of them at all.

Iconography in P-space is very much a simple matter. The pods and Kansee nework rely on the imagery that the operators bring in with them to translate the information flowing through P-space into something easily understandable. That being so, icons should reflect simplified versions of every-day products.

At the very least, however, operators normally undergo a period of training and testing to keep operations in P-sapce manageable. Many things about the actual existence of P-space are unkown, and we at the Great Asteroid Belt Research Facilities are constantly testing the bounds and publishing results as they come (See: Sakkra Science Journal; Packets 8-12; volume 37). For now, keeping things simple is the best way until we learn more about this phenomena.[/code:1:d721bf1df7]
19-03-2004, 04:53
"Oh, that. Just a little side experiment I was doing," replies Rice. "I've been trying project gravy lens on the other side of a hull for some time now, in the hopes of being able to do so without a port. Trust me, compared to some of the failures we've seen with our own hull materials, this is nothing." As if the disagree with him, a loud splortch is heard from the other side of the divider.

"Actually, now that we've proven once again that it doesn't work, I have a question that you may be able to answer." Rice brings up pair of images. In one, a surface has a single large hole in its center. In the other, there are several dozen tiny holes. "We were wonder which would be better from an integerity standpoint with the bioskin. We could either have one large port, or we could have several dozen smaller ports with a slightly larger total area spread over an section of the hull. To give you an idea of the rough proportions, we'd be talking about a hole one meter in diameter in the first case; the second would be about 5% more hole space, but spread over about ten square meters of hull, although that could be altered."
20-03-2004, 04:33
Ssiira looks over the images, and cups a hand in her chin. "I would reccomend going with the single hole. It would be easy to key in some suppressors around that area into the Living Layer of the plating. Smaller holes would be far more difficult. The Living Layer would ooze repairing materials constantly, and would gum up the smaller holes far more easily."

She paces a bit, her tail swishing side to side as her claws *clack clack* on the floor. "Unless we were to have no living layer there. It would mean that area would not be able to repair itself, but the cellulo-chitinous layer would allow for smaller holes, much like a sieve. The problem being, if it breaks or is wrecked, it would have to remain that way for a time."
20-03-2004, 05:34
"No, if a having a non-living layer would impair the regenerative abilities for the hull, there's no need to switch. We had been thinking about using a grid of small holes for some of the passive detectors, but the large dish will work as well. We'll keep it in mind for use if there are any areas that will be chitinous anyways, or for use on more traditional vessel."

Rice checks a datapad, then adds, "That actually brings up another question. We were wondering if its feasible to place a mesh underneath large portions of the living layer. What we'd like to do would be turn those sections into large radio-frequency recievers. The increase in area would significantly increase the passive detection abilities of the ship. The material in question is a carbon nanotube with metal filament running through it. Would the living tissue react poorly with this kind of material? For that matter, would the living layer interfer with radio waves passing through it?"
20-03-2004, 06:34
"Perhaps if you were to place a layer of synthetic petrol-based material between the living layer and this dish, would that work? Otherwise the layer tends to absorb all metallic materials placed against it. WHat could be done, however, is housing this dish within a synthetic coating. That should hinder the absorption process."

"Hmmmm....the living layer does not interfere with radio waves to my knowledge. However, receiver nodes tend to intercept incoming radio waves and translate them into a protien-based code string. This is so the operators inside the neuro-pods can send and receive transmissions."
23-03-2004, 07:27
S.H.O.D.A.N. looks over the technical specifications of the neuro-shunt pods and c-space. This could be difficult, if p-space technology is actually mind-merging. Still... access to information... the neuro-shunt pod is essentially an organic cyberdeck, taking raw neural data and transforming it into signals usable for data processing, taking in information and translating it to iconography for the user. Now...

If we store data in standard optronic networks and quantum processors, then we can access them using the neuro-shunt technology. Standard self-sustaining destructive neural networks act essentially like sentient minds--essentially exactly the same to organic minds... same concept, realized artificially--and should interface properly. It performs the translation and iconography required, just like on current TYCS ships that have to deal with different peoples and technologies. If we incorporate the biological nerve fibers as well, we can extend p-space around it in a sort of shell... yes... we make this like headware memory and an encephalon for the natural 'brain' ganglion network used by the neuro-shunt pods.

Not so bad if one thinks of it as one giant wetware/headware integration...
The avatar calls up the nearest technician. "I'm going to tinker. I need a bit of the ganglions you use for your neuro-shunt pods; I'll get some hardware shipped from Zero-One to incorporate into it. I'm going to hook some datajack ports and neuro-shunt pods to it when I'm done fiddling and test it before we move on to actual sophonts other than myself."
23-03-2004, 07:54
The technicians comm over to S.H.O.D.A.N. "Acknowledged. Garnering samples from Proj-Lab 3." One of the techs walks over to the lift along the pedestrian passageway, and descends. After a few moments, he returns with a small cylindrical case. "Neuro-ganglion in a half hour or it's free!" The other two lock their eyes towards the ceiling and groan low and long.
26-03-2004, 04:22
"Yes, we'll need to make sure all of the housings that have to penetrate to living layer have a coating of that type. We're trying to minimize the number of ports, but," Rice shrugs, "there's only so much we can do, as we need some ports for scans in the visible and other spectrums. As for the radio waves, this isn't going to be a transmitter, just a very large reciever. There should be any interference with your nodes beyond whatever you normally get. We'll keep it in mind when we work on the jammers for the ECM. I'll make sure to have someone coordinate with the people working on that part of the ship so that we can keep trouble to a minimum, but I suspect it will mainly be a software issue on our side."

Rice smiles, and switches the projector to a new image. It shows an assembly that sits beneath the ship's hull, with a small portion protruding through it and the living layer. "Speaking of the ECM, here's one of the things we have gotten mostly complete. This will eventually be part of the anti-missile system. Its a projector based on our main energy weapon, the CREWS - Coherent Radiation Emissions Weapons System. The idea is to send beams of EM radiation at missiles to help dazzle their tracking system. While not strong enough to cause physical harm, it can easily engage several dozen targets at once."

Rice taps some controls, and the display zooms in on the portion burried inside the ship. "Here's the nifty part. Like its larger cousins, it can shift the frequency of the EM radiation it gives off. Thus, we can adapt the jamming beam to what's most effective against the incoming missile. For example it can use radio waves against radar-guided ones, or use visible-spectrum lasers against missiles tracking with lidar. We've also spectulated the x-rays may help fry electronics, but we'll have to wait for field tests to prove that."
26-03-2004, 05:37
Ssiira takes in all the information as she looks at the simulations. "Interesting...very interesting. But all that EM radiation does not affect our own missiles? Spore charges most likely wouldn't be affected, since the target is 'uploaded' into its rudimentary brain. No external guidance, but it's not very smart."

"This is quite different from our EmDCM system. Far more aggressive, but perhaps the results will justify this. If it can engage dozens of targets, then it would be worth it. I just hope all that radiation flying around does not affect our own crafts."
26-03-2004, 15:47
"The beams are designed to have a very tight focus, so there should be little trouble from interference. One of the main reasons we've been developing this type of defense has been interference from friendly jammers on our own tracking. We do plan to have some more traditional jamming equipment included, but it will be oriented at preventing a capital ship's targeting from locking on with targeting, as opposed to missiles that are already be in flight and thus can be fooled more easily. In any case, we do have contingency plans in case it doesn't work out to incorporate a traditional ECM system. Pretty much everything's plug and play with our equipment to facilitate easy upgrades."

Rice reads over more information on his datapad. "Let's see, the communciations system is pretty much standard. We've planned them to be capable of interfacing with the existing designs: radio, both broadcast and tightbeam, laser comms, hyperpulse generators for FTL, plus space for communications systems that other Triumvirate nations use. Along those lines, do Sakkran external comms require anything special?"


Out on one of the landing pads, Commander Ingolfson stares up at the lancer that had ferried her team and their equipment. Drones swarm around the bow and stern cones, apparently busily pulling out components from bays in the hull.

"Hal Edward Echinson, what are you doing?" she asks to the air. A moment later, one of the drones floats over to her.

"What was that, Commander? Is something wrong?" says the drone in a sickenly sweet tone. Ingolfson rolls her eyes, and says, "Well, let me see. One: you've apparently ripped out numerous pieces of equipment from your primary hull. Two: you've gone to considerable lengths to see to it said equipment is used in destructive tests. Three: I've learned that several of my people have been drafted into some kind of project . Four: you've requisitioned several types of raw materials and are running the fabricators nonstop. Explain."

"Oh, that. Well, thought you wanted me to help work on the TYCS ship's external electronics."

"Design, Hal, I wanted you to help design it. Not use it as an excuse to grab yourself new scan and EW suites."

"Well, its a bit late to complain now. I've already removed the all of the forward and most of the aft sensors assemblies and that rather large object there -" a long piece of complicated-looking equipment clunks onto a glide trolley "- is my primary jammer."

Ingolfson sighs, and says quietly, "And who do you expect to pay for all your shiny new equipment?"

"I think you'll see my contract clearly states the Office of Shipbuilding, Research, and Developement and the Imperial Corp of Engineers jointly pay for my maintenence and consumables."

"You had a full overhaul a year ago when you transfered from courier duty. This," Ingolfson gestures about, " this goes far beyond normal maintenence."

"Commander, let me be frank. While our concept looks good on paper, its just that - a concept. Until a full-scale field test can be conducted, you'll have nothing to prove to the rest of the vessel's design team that its worth using over a traditional design. An omnisynth such as my vessel, piloted by a shellperson such as myself, is the only platform that exists that can prove the concept without being custom built. I've run up the costs, and OSRD comes out far ahead if you allow me to complete the modifications. And if it doesn't work out, I will personally pay for the cost to fit me back to standard again."

Ingolfson closes her eyes. Try as she might, she couldn't think of any counters to Hal's arguments. An omnilancer such a Halation Effect was designed for easy swapout of components, and even with a CoE module stuck on, the lancer was still manuverable and well armed enough to fully test out the targeting and ECM/ECCM systems. Futhermore, after working with Hal for a year, she trusted him enough that she could accept his belief that it was the best option.

"Very well, Hal. Carry on. I want you combat ready within three days, and to keep up with the designs that everyone's churning out. Be ready for a full exercise of all scan, comms, and electronic warfare systems."

"Aye aye, Commander."
09-04-2004, 04:09
It has been some time since the project began, and even with the Chief Engineer taking frequent hiatuses of unknown means, there has been progress.

With the addition of a gravitic flywheel, the gravitic engines now operate seemlessly with the organic plating. Thaumaturgic energy from the plating is equal to, if not a tad more than, the energy put out by an organic crew.

The Kastaa Bio-Med team is still at work coming up with a way to make the organic plating capable of something special, that they have in mind and are guarding quite closely. They've been at it for weeks, and are poring over several banks of macro-specs, when one jumps up. "I have it! It works!"

The others come to view the findings, and then look at the notes. "Of course. It always is in the most obvious place, the answer."

Any other observers would notice the plating seemingly blend in with its background, and remain that way before reverting back after 15 minutes. "Now if we can come up with a way to give the plating the chemical triggers every ten minutes, it would effectively act as chamo-web!"