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Aerion Princess Seeks Husband

06-02-2004, 03:33
Her Highness, Princess Delra, Second Cousin to His Royal Majesty King of Aerion (Ceremonial King) seeks a husband to marry. She has announced that she will visit other nations, if they wish, to meet with possible suitors. Any final suitors must, however, be approved by the Office of Royal Affairs. The Office set up by the Prelacy (Official Government) to regulate the titular royalty of Aerion. This may make things difficult, as the Prelacy is the leading body of the New Aerion Order party which follows fascist principles. They, therefore, may be looking for a political marriage. Princess Delra is a beautiful thirty year old female, with long flowing black hair, tan skin, and deep brown eyes. She has a very beautiful dark enchanting look (Native-American like). She is five feet tall. It is reported her interests seem to be reading, spirituality, and swimming. It is rumored she also wishes to escape the country, though the Prelacy may require she stay within Aerion to live there. She is only a Highness, and not a Royal Highness which would denote closer blood to the King.