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RomeW Fact Book

06-02-2004, 01:24
Category: Left-Leaning College State
Civil Rights: World Benchmark
Economy: Good
Political Freedoms: Average

Terrain: Mostly flatland, though some moutains do exist. Has extensive (and extremely popular) rainforests to the S.

Climate: Warm and dry in the N., extremely humid to the S. Little temperature change all year.

Location: The MuchBoards region, a breakaway region from Earth.

Population (2003 Census): 36,277,144

Ethnic Group: 98% Latin, 2% others

Nationality: Roman

Religion: No official state religion, though the majority of Romans are Christians.

Language: Latin (official), English increasing in usage and Swahili

Life expectancy at birth: male, 76, female 80

Average Age of the population: 44

Population breakdown: 53% female, 47% male

Death rate: 7.5/1000

Birth rate: 9.0/1000

Literacy Rate: 99%

% of population in university/with university degree: 55%

No. of universities: 2 (State University in Apulia (77,443), RomeW University in Rome (96,221))

Amount of spending in education: 35% of fiscal budget, with Universities heavily subsidized

Capital: Rome (5,661,742 (2003 census)). Other cities: Apulia (2,211,566), Tyreme (2,144,233) and Lillius (2,000,000).

Government type: Elected Emperor, who appoints ministers from the general population. Term: six years fixed, only time term time can be changed is if the population issues a successful recall referendum. No limit or restrictions on the amount of terms one is allowed to have.

Ruler: Emperor Paul XII (1992, re-elected 1998). Top officials: Chancellor Timin Rutini, Treasurer & Commerce Director Rodimus Iago, General Emitria Udio, Foreign Affairs Minister Ulysses Redumium

Predominant Foreign Policy: compassionate, helpful, peaceful

Lands administered (i.e., autonomous vassal states under Roman rule): BitingReality, Roame (administrative capital of MuchBoards region), RomeV, Constantinople-Byz, Hispania-Romano, the Republic of the Bactrians, Roman Gaul. The latter five are part of the Roman-controlled region of "Roman Empire W" (OOC note: all seven countries and RomeW are all seperate NS nations that I created).

Economy: tributes from vassal states, tourism, some mining in uranium, silver, gold and marble is just beginning in the SC.

Trade: mostly internal, though there is some interest in outside investment.

Historical Background: RomeW (which stands for "Rome West") is one of the last surviving remants of the Old Roman Empire and is technically a continuation of it who has spent the last several centuries rebuilding its former glory. For the last century or so, it has taken a decidedly friendly, pro-democratic and pro-socialist stance and has seen the Empire grow in size, in power and in prestige. It may not be yet a major world power but it intends to be and hopes to leave a positive impact on the world.