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My Hand is My Sword (CO, Serious RP, Invite, Semi-Fantasy)

Wandering Argonians
05-02-2004, 23:44
The golden orb known as the sun burned high above the open field, stretching out before a young Argonian male. The young male stood upon a stone platform, deeply enthralled in a meditational kata. He moved with a steady rhythum, his technique nearly flawless.

The young male was about thirty-four, making him about the equivilent of a nineteen-year-old human in his far-away village. Perspiration dripped from his ear-fins as his head turned with his body, as he moved to throw a side-thrust with his left foot, then reversing his momentum to attack with a leaping hammer kick. As he swung his foot inward, he spun in the air and landed in a shallow horse stance. After a series of punches, he bowed and ended the kata.

His mind was troubled as of late, his master had been acting strangely. His fellow students whispered rumors of war between the schools, a thing he hoped wasn't true...

OOC: A weapon-less RP set in land much like mythical China. Several prominent marital arts schools dot the landscape. The schools compete for prowess every year in a large tournament, the winning school getting most of the new students. Over the years, grudges have developed between schools, and rumors of war between them drift from village to village. You will play as a master or student of a particular style. There will be only one master per style, so such an honorable title will be granted to the first one to claim it. As I am using an Argonian character, this RP is open to elves and such. Again, there are NO weapons of any kind in this RP, and a single character must adhere to a single style. I would also ask that you develop a character for the sole purpose of this RP.

Acceptable Styles:
(I will go into more detail with each later.)

Kung-Fu (Various Styles)
Jeet Kune Do
Karate (Various Styles)
Tae Kwon Do
Muay Thai