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Southern Wastes, A small nation witha BIG problem (open RP)

05-02-2004, 10:55
The small nation of Southern Wastes' recent expansion into the wastelands which surround what is now its capital, has come across a BIG problem.

The problem came about soon after he found an abanoned mining in a remote valley and soon discovered that the desolate town has experiencing some unusual seismic activity. Following seaveral disappearances we investigated futhur and soon discovered this creature (shown below).

These enormous, odoriferous creatures have been nicknamed "graboids" (giant critters with growling stomachs and teething tentacles moving beneath the desert at dazzling speed) and ask other nations for assistance in dealing with these 'creatures'.

The SteamEarth military is planning to bomb the entire valley.
High Orcs
05-02-2004, 11:00
The High Orcs can deal with this problem quite expertly. A single Earth Warlock of the Clan of the Golden Sky could rid your nation of such pests within a single day by harnessing the very essence of the ground these creatures exist under.

For the services, the Warlock could command the elemental to rejuvinate and refertilize your wasted soil with nutrients that would allow you to garner bountiful gardens and harvest wheat and grain.

Your fear has made a few of the Druidic Orcs chortle.

--Teel Ikorum
05-02-2004, 11:24
And, should you need additional assistance, the Ribenese army stands ready to intervene for the protection of your citizens. Given our recent diplomatic and economic ties, we are ready to help a new friend in need.
05-02-2004, 11:24
Well good luck and lets just say that these critters maybe the reason why a military convoy is mysteriously 'missing'.

Protectorate of Southern Wastes


OOC: I actually planned this as an RP where some nations send in military teams to try and deal with the threat.
05-02-2004, 12:20
Kazuo tapped his rifle, trying not to feel nervous, as he and his fellow soldiers entered the valley. There were cracks in the earth, but most buildings had probably been in ruins before the ground had begun to shake. He exchanged a glance with the soldier beside him; she seemed as nervous as he was.

After all, he wondered, if we find one of these creatures... what do we do?

Orders, he knew, were to report its position. They were merely a small reconnaissance team, conducting initial threat assessments.

If the threats would stay away, though, that would be very nice...
05-02-2004, 12:40
(Southern Wastes is a Protectorate of SteamEarth, so SteamEarth has full rights to have a military presence).


An old battered army truck with the insignia of the Confederacy of SteamEarth rolled down the dusty dirt track. Being carried in the truck was a unit from the elite Blirtz Corps being sent in to deal with the graboids.

The truck was also carrying Blirtz Rifles designed to be the last weapon you'll ever need.

Private Bladrick asked out, "Does anyone else hear that rumbling noise?"

Sargeant Vimes looked outside and what looked like a heap of dirt moving at high speed, he also heard a roaring noise. "WILSON, STEP ON IT!"
05-02-2004, 13:15
The following information should prove to be useful.

Graboids hatch from eggs which can lay dormant for as long as 300 years, and possibly even longer. Abnormal heating (geothermal or radiation) of the soil around a Graboid egg can accelerate its gestation and cause it to hatch sooner.

Once hatched, Graboid worms grow very swiftly into 30-foot-long, sightless, underground eating machines that hunt via their extra-sensitive hearing. They can zero in unerringly on the slightest movement or vibration. It's also worth noting that many people who have survived encounters with Graboids have reported that one can smell the stench of a Graboid long before one actually sees its eel-like hunting appendages.

SAFETY TIP: When in an area infested with Graboids, it is important to remain absolutely motionless and silent. If you are in a stopped motor vehicle, do not let the engine idle, and be certain to turn off car stereos and any other sound-producing devices, such as portable CD or tape players with headphones.
05-02-2004, 13:34
Futhur info can be found here: