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The War In Rusiom

05-02-2004, 04:35
:( There is a great conflict happening in the world. Tecrojia invaded the peaceful shores of Rusiom without warning. In a matter of time, over 15,000 men, women, and even children were slaughtered at the hands of Tecrojian Imperial Units. The Imperial Navy pounded the coastline with heavy fire and the Imperial Infantry stormed through the lands of Rusiom. Rusiom has sent out a distress call to all who can aid them in their time of need. Denarsia has also sent several memos out to many nations within the UN and outside of the UN. As of now, only one nation has answered the call of distress. But there's s twist to this. :!: Tecrojia has claimed the call for help absurd and has also called several nations to arms as well.

UN delegates have not made any movement to aid the land of Rusiom. It seems that the UN does not really care that a war is happening right in front of them. :( The UN seems to be sitting around and debating over things that are less important, such as legalizing prostitution.

The nation of Rusiom is falling rapidly. It seems nearly impossible to penetrate the armada being harbored by the Empire of Tecrojia. Will this be the end of Rusiom and the rise of the young and powerful Tecrojia? Or will Tecrojia be pushed back to where it came from? Please vote on the poll for the nation you most favor. You can find Tecrojia and Rusiom in the region 0000000000000000. It's on the first page of find a new region. Please check out the war and assist which ever nation you believe is in the right.

-Kaneda Amazako, Nishomito Press Telegram