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Care to Meddle? [OOC]

Santa Barbara
04-02-2004, 21:33
This is a "who's who" and 'what's what' thread, all OOC, for those parties who may be interested in meddling in the snake pit that is Santa Barbaran internal politics. Feel free to ask any questions (OOCly of course). I realized this thread was necessary when I had to flip through 10 pages of uncooperative forum just to find the overall story of what's going on.


Very, very briefly: the PrattCo Conglomerate is a conglomerate of megacorps founded by the CEO of PrattCo, Bob Pratt, and has held power in Santa Barbara, Isla Vista and Montecito for a long time. Bob Pratt managed to hold power before the PCC founding, though, by being dictator of the former United Socialist States, and with help from his brother Toby and sister, Suzy Jo (both now deceased.)

And a map of lands and territories on Earth: (Copy and paste into your browser):

Current Events in the Power Struggle

First, the Federal Government elections ( thread. These 'elections' were held, not-all-that-secretly with the guiding hand of the PrattCo Conglomerate, to re-establish a 'separate' government from the PCC Public Assets Department, mainly for marketing/official/PR purposes. This thread shows some of the key players, though there's quite a bit more to Abadas and Chang than you'll see there.

Then a Power Shift ( happened, as Gonzalo Tzu, head of the Internal Intelligence Agency and trusted friend of Bob, managed to convince Bob to kill his brother, and somehow hooked up with MetaPratt One, the quantum supercomputer of the ITDO, which is the PCC's military, to do so. This thread also is a research thread and introducing the Ancient One. To be reintroduced in the near future.

With Abadas as president, and the only currently active highest ranking PCC honcho, the stage is set for change. Dissidents, such as the RPE Party (which never actually stood a chance of winning the election), are looking to poor oppressed Montecito ( for haven and support. Montecito is a PCC asset, under Prime Minister Troy Pon (who was bribed and awarded title of Vice Chairman on the Board in return for, well, his country), and is geographically right next to Santa Barbara on the mainland, and militarily and economically practically insignificant in comparison. It does have over 2 billion people though.

Well, Abadas isn't too fond of elves. Bob had a soft spot for Sylvenna Yorn, but not so with the zealous Lord President. He consolidated some power ( from Bob and is in the process of hunting down the largely not too threatening RPEP. But he has total power in mind, and he as you can see, isn't too fond of practically anyone. Things are looking bad for Sylvenna and her few hundred Noldorin friends and their supporters hiding in Montecito.

Things are even more confusing for Troy Pon and Bob Pratt ( Perhaps Bob is a bit looney from having murdered his brother, or perhaps something more sinister is at work. Meanwhile, the nominal Prime Minister of Montecito has been summoned to see him.

To summarize

Abadas is in a position, it appears, to take control of the PCC... except Bob Pratt is still the controlling interest. But Bob Pratt is not quite healthy.

Sylvenna Yorn opposes him directly, hiding out in Montecito and trying to garner support. She suspects Abadas will prove to be a merciless and possibly Reich-esque leader. She wants to save the elves, save the humans too, from all this oppression and corporate corruption. She also wants to kill her father, Eldebrath, but thats another story.

Vice Chairwoman Sonya Chang opposes him indirectly, but since they're all still a part of the Conglomerate, things appear to be at a standstill. She knows, however, that Abadas hates her. She may try to get support from within to push her agenda, although she would never stir up Montecito to rebellion or hook up with elves or some such nonsense... at least not unless she really had no other choice. More on her in an upcoming story.

Troy Pon and Bob Pratt... well, you'll see.

For meddlers..

Unfortunately most of this is not IC knowledge for anybody. Even Santa Barbaran allies are only just being clued in to what happened in the research facilities in Power Shift.

However, the stage is set for some sort of action, possibly a civil war, with Montecito. A struggle for control of the Conglomerate and/or Federal Government may be in store.

So, anyone care to meddle? I'd like to work another country into my roleplays... otherwise I'm just roleplaying with myself. And is that roleplaying or just writing? Anyway, it feels dirty :P So i don't mind if you want in, let me know and I'll see if we can work it out.

Also, now really is the time, because one way or another, after this power shift is over, the new Santa Barbara will not be very open to meddling in its internal politics. Now's your chance!

Questions? Comments?
Santa Barbara
06-02-2004, 08:34
06-02-2004, 09:00
I've read some of your stuff, and it seems to be pretty good. I wouldn't mind RPing with you, but the trouble is finding an IC reason to. Our nations haven't had much interaction with each other in the past, and Wretchengard doesn't tend to meddle much in the internal affairs of other nations unless they directly effect Wretchengard or its allies. I suppose there is the anti-elf link, but I seem to recall you saying that all of that was going on in secret. I will read through the threads you linked to, and see if there is a good IC reason for Wretchengard to become involved.
06-02-2004, 09:23
I'd like to get in on this, if possible.

06-02-2004, 09:31
"That's quite a hefty price TAG for a nation of 6 million."
06-02-2004, 09:38
06-02-2004, 10:17
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