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When Humans are like rabbits: Neo hits 2 billion!

Neo Earth
04-02-2004, 18:52
OOC: Yah! I hit 2 billion! Whos your daddy!?!?


[news Broadcast]

Jake: "We have breaking news! No! Don't change to that Soap Opera you've been dieing to see yet! THe goverment ahs made a major announcement! Today, after the yearly Census was done, the population of Neo Earth has hit 2 billion! Emp. Ryo-tan , having just returned from Aust, has prepared to make an announcement at 6. Now, go watch John leave Kelly for that bimbo Sara. [starts crieing] John! You two were such a great couple!"

[6 pm]

Jake: [talking to other Terry, the Sports guy] "I know! Wasn't that the saddest thing you ever saw? I swear, John's gotta get his act toge...We on!?!? Oh, um, eh...Welcome! You are watching the NNN, Neonic News Network. Today's top story is the 2 billion people in Neo Earth. Dontawana Beya at the scene. Dontawana?"

Dontawana Beyas: "Hello Jake. I'm here in the Imperial Plaza, were EMp. Ryo-Tan is about to make his speach. For those of you who don't know, the Emperor makes speaches from a balcony overlooking the plaza. And, yes, there he is now!"

[As the Emperor steps out, th crowd goes crazy. Ryo smiles, and raises his hand. Almost immediatly, the crowd is silent]

Emperor Ryo-Tan Jolkin: "People of Neo Earth! We have hit 2 billion!" [once more, the crowd goes crazy. Not even the fireworks that were fired could be heard. And, once more, Ryo silents them] "Neo Earth covers and Area around the size of North Africa. We live in 6 Timezones. We live in over a dozen Mega-cities. And, as the Census for 2009 shows, we live in one of the largest nation on the planet!" [This time, Ryo has to cover his hears to keep from going deaf] "Our capital, Corino, has 18 million people in it. Our largest city, New Neonic City, has 26 million people in it! It covers an area the size of the US's Delaware! Tonight, Feburary 4, shall live on to be known as Manifest Day! Our new Holiday! And Feb. 5 shall be Rest day, when all people with hangovers shall rest. Bars, clubs and other nnight-life stops shall be closed on that day. Now then, I will be hosting a Party in the Grand hall of the Imperial Palace! All are welcome!"

[end broadcast]
04-02-2004, 18:55
OOC: Congrats! 8)
04-02-2004, 19:23
Yes, congrats NE. I was just wondering if anyone has reached 2 billion yet. Are you the first?
Neo Earth
04-02-2004, 19:29
Yes, congrats NE. I was just wondering if anyone has reached 2 billion yet. Are you the first?

OOC: nah. I was made on Feb. 15, 2003. So any 2003 jan. and Dec. beat me (Garrison II)
04-02-2004, 19:30
Congratulations. Welcome to the ranks of the 2 billion group.
Neo Earth
04-02-2004, 20:02
05-02-2004, 03:32
very clever way to put it....props for that. I loved the story. Congrats!
05-02-2004, 03:53
Congrats dude so let the games begen and the parties start