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The Holy Saints
04-02-2004, 06:54
Blood Is Let Upon The Green Fields

Part One:
4:36 A.M., September 23rd 2158 On the Eastern Front;

A thought;Who would have thought that we would be so successful?, went fleetingly through the Commander’s head. We’ve beaten so many Royal Armies… went through his head a split second later after snapping an enemy soldier’s neck with a .50 caliber bullet. Yet, we have lost so many ourselves… he though as he saw one of his own men being left no face after a burst of enemy machine gun fire. Though we have gained much ground, this has gone on for months… he thought as he saw the glint of an enemy sniper’s scope, and soon after a sharp report of their rifle. All went black.

16 Months Earlier;

“Sir! Sir! We have reports of rebels outside Karlsbad! They are approaching the town in force, though in outdated equipment. It’s likely we will lose the city if we do not send in Crack Paratroopers.” Hastily reported a junior officer to the Sverven Central Command CO.

“Eh, they will lose support soon enough.” The CO responded in ignorance of the hard facts, “Just wait, they will dissipate into the countryside and dissapear soon enough”

“Yes Sir! Should I put divisions on standby code 1556, just in case sir?” The officer asked in one last, futile, attempt to gain the CO’s support for suppressing the rebellion.

“No, make no such effort. As I said, they will dissipate into no force at all.” He responded, oblivious to the numerous reports of similar actions all over the nation and similar mistakes by many commanders.

They had become too comfortable and without war for at least 70 years, and no commander still had recollection of a major conflict they were involved in, therefore, many took the threat as an empty one.

June 1st 2157, THS Central Command, Karlsberg City, under siege.

“Cent…C…m…and …arls…berg re….ting…. Sir!”

“Hello? We can barely hear you! Speak up!”

“C..nt…hear….ou..s…r….we….re..l..isi..g…. con..t…ct…..plea….e….res…o…d….”


“Crap! We lost them. What was their last location and force count Seargant?” the CO at Karlsberg Province Central Command ordered.

“They were at 173 KIA, 491 WIA, and 14 MIA, and they were losing ground to M1s and heavy artillery barrages. I don’t think they could have held up very long.”

“F*ck” quietly stated the CO.

30 miles South-east, outside Karlsberg City:

“We are pushing through the defenses at Karlsberg, Alexei! We are winning! We can beat them into a pulp if we do one final push!”

“All right, all right, Joseph, we’ll do that, I don’t think they’ve been able to set up a proper defensive perimeter. Take your company and push through their eastern flank and take a few M1s with you. Take as few casualties as possible. Deaths may not impact them right now, but we need every man.” Ordered Alexei, the Brigade commander for the rebel forces around Karlsberg.

We could beat them here and now in this city, and make this war a Civil War. Then we could influence people all over the nation to take up arms against this imperialistic rabble of a government that this country’s people are oppressed by.

Sandstrom Palace, Cristiana, THS:

So, their revolution has begun. What a useless officer corps I have. This will show who is competent and who is not, so we can fight Them better.

note: Them does not refer to the rebels.

July 1st, 2157

“Alexei? Alexei! Wake up Alexei! Don’t die on us… not now, not here!”

“I’m quite awake, who is it that is getting me up? I have quite a big head-ache…”

“Sir! You were knocked out by a high velocity shell going up nearby. We have to get you to a medical station immediately, or that tank will run over this position!”

“What happened to our Abrams cover? Where are they?” If we lost those, then we will lose this sector. We can’t let that happen.

“They’re on their way here, sir. Don’t worry, we just gotta get away from that Karl Mark 17 for a while.”

Well, we’re not going to fail yet

Troms Main Command Center, THS Forces;

We’re not going to beat them in the south. We can’t relocate very many men from the east, there are too many hot sectors. God, why do we humans do this? This seems so pointless, but then again, I guess the rebels have a cause. Ah, what bliss two months ago seems to be…

“Commander? We are about to attack Siket. We have 40 Mark 14 tanks, and 10,000 infantry at our disposal in the area to focus on the city. What shall be the time of attack?”

“Commence operations at 0430 July 6th.”

“Yes sir, sir!”

“Well, that’s another city in thousands…” the commander quietly commented after the aid had left.

August 5th, 2157, Cristiana, THS

“Your highness? Sir? We need you to authorize Emergency Code 553831. Its the Military Law Act, in which-“ he was cut off sharply

“I know quite well what my own amendments to the law are, lieutenant. Now, please leave my sight, leave the mandate on the desk.” The officer left, and the king let out a long sigh.

Why do they keep bothering me with such formalities? Ah, never-mind. I can get back at them once I’ve set up the dictatorship and declared war against them. No matter. Now, onto more pressing issues.

“Tanya? Would you send up my daughter please? Good, thankyou.”

August 7th, On the road out of Karlsbad, THS

“Joseph? Could you send out Cyprus Squad as the recon team out there? We need to check for Mark 14s and 17s. Those things will be the end of us unless we catch them offguard.”

“Right away, Alexei!”

Now we only have to get to the next city in our sector…