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04-02-2004, 06:25
Animal rights activists are a major annoyance and an unfortunate waste of time. At the same time genetic research and cloning seem to offer a hope of a brighter future. Of course most people are against the idea of being lab rats themselves so research is done on similar organisms that have analogous biological processes. In the same line of thinking there must be tests done to show whether genetic enhancements have really made test organisms more fit or intelligent. The best test would be a live one and for the test no other group would as well suited as the animal rights activists. If both animals and activists are corralled and starved to desparation and then released into some kind of gladatorial environment it would reveal whether the animals would really do the same to us when given the chance, and it would show whether the activists are really as principled when stakes are raised. If that is not satifying, the activists themselves could become the genetic test subjects and offer direct answers specific to our species.
The Captain
04-02-2004, 07:15
We like the way your government handles its scientific research. We usually just have Maj. Gen. Marion pick some people from the Division of Prisons to do our work on.

But we should crack down on animal's rights activists too. We will take this policy into consideration.