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Inside the Saint's Illusion

04-02-2004, 01:51
Claudia Wulf stepped out of the Confession Booth having finished confessing her sins, those they were fewer everyday as the evil forces within the nation were being crushed without mercy by the New Holy Inquisition under the direction of her cousin Jerry. The hem of Claudia's black dress covered the floor for over three inches, making sure that not even a hint of skin was seen, only her face and hands were visible in this dress that ensured that no part of her body conveyed anything sexual.

Claudia walked the aisle of the Church that was apart of the White Home, the giant white manor of the Wulf family for three generations. Claudia's thoughts which had been focused on the Virgin Mary began to turn back in time...

Claudia sat on the floor sobbing, by instinct she remembered that if she had to vomit she had to do it in her dress or be a bad girl, she didn't want to be a badder girl now that she already was a bad one.

"Claudia!" the big man in the black military uniform roared like a beast as he slapped her on the head, "I told you to keep your shitty toys off the floor and this is what you do!" he grabbed the offending toy, a small cabbage patch doll with long blond hair and began to beat Claudia on the back with it. Claudia's screams and tears went ignored by the armed guards in the room, all of them were used to seeing her be hurt.

"If you so much as leave ONE toy on the f*cking floor ever agian you'll never see the light of day agian, do you understand?" the big man said as he pulled her off the ground, a long stream of snot was pouring out of her nose as she cried. "DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!" he screamed agian as he smacked her, the girl nodded and the big man let her go and stormed out of the room, Claudia did not get off the floor until morning but lay there in a stupor.

"NO!" Claudia whispered in agony and pain as she began slapping herself hard over and over, "NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! Stop it you weakling, stop it!" Claudia fought for control for several minutes before she was able to keep from crying, she smoothed her hair out and walked out, the only signs of something wrong were the ugly red marks on her beautiful face. Her priest, Father Voss had seen this before and did not remark on it as he peek at her from a crack in the door of the Confession Booth, the Priest waited until Claudia had left the small Church and he could no longer hear her footsteps before he left as well.

On the Church floor there was a single drop of blood, Claudia had cut her face with her own fingernails.

Grand Lady Claudia Wulf
The Armed Republic of Khallaca III
The Protectorate of St Vroda