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Trade Free or Die-This is Impiria. (Open RP)

03-02-2004, 22:17
[Log 1900]
The clouds seemed to creep off of the sky as the event approached.
[i]An omen?. Jared Kellsti stared out at the city, by far largest in the Bloc. The recent rain had pelted the towering Megascrapers, showering the symbols of the new Impiria and it's corporation. Ever since President Skelwenn had been in office, the liberalistic trend and strong corporate increases had left the poor getting poorer and everyone else getting richer. Of course, this also turned Sector 001s, or "The Big One's" South Quarter as a battleground as ghetto kids and the Police force duked it out. The dramatic reductions in size had left corporations open to violence, and now almost everyone had their own private army. Of course, they "abided national laws", but it was common sense the corporate councils pulled the strings. And now, the separation of government and market would come to an official status. Jared straightened his tie, and looked over his desk, a lavishly polished and futuristic looking assault rifle, a VelociTek ACR-12. As CEO and President of Velocitek, the leading company in the Arms manufacturing sector, Jared was expected to attend. The dark suit hung over his slight frame, and his short cut black hair gave a slight shine in the flourescent light of the office. His gray eyes flittered to his watch, and he exited the office. A guard looked up from his newspaper, which sported a picture of the latest outrage by the ghetto, the side of a large corporate HQ with the slogan "Capitalizt Die" spraypainted on. He smirked at the thought that this slogan began when some dumbass punk had mispelled "capitalist" when doing his graffiti rounds. Jared continued down the hallways to the chrome doored elevator, which he took to the 2nd floor, where the parking lot was. A black limo waited for him as he stepped out of the elevator, and he quickly got in. The limo hummed to life on its hyrdrogen cells, and scooted off towards the gate, which was opened after electronic confirmation. The vehicle got onto the highway, this strip owned by VelociTek, and began it's journey towards the large park that was home to the Capital Office. Two armored SUVs pulled in front of and behind the limo, each with the VelociTek logo on their sides. Jared knew that inside of them, there were members of the VT Security Force, a group of men trained by Ex-Special Forces and armed with whatever they wanted from the VelociTek armories. The highways were all elevated above the roads on the ground, weaving through the buildings and over the canals that were also used for transportation of goods. He paid little attention to the protest of the Socialists outside the park below him, the Police had called in two Urban Control Vehicles, devilish insectlike robots that gave Jared the creeps, even for a guy who designed weapons that could carve the torso off of a man's spine at close range. The road began to descend towards the pristine environment of the Capital Park, which was enshrouded in a dome to guaruntee a conrtolled environment, and lighting for whatever occasion was happening. Two Federal agents checked the limo as the escorts turned away, and it continued to the parking lot. The door of the limo opened, and Jared felt the cool breeze of the springlike climate usually kept in the Park Dome. It certainly was better than the cold rain outside. He continued with a detail of VTSF agents along a path going into a Zen moss-garden like area, over a gurgling brook and flocks of rare forest birds. The path opened towards the greens of the Capital Office, which was covered in reporters snapping pictures of the arriving CEOs and the officials at the podium up front. The CEOs of all the companies with representatives in the Corporate Council lined up behind the President, as a historic moment began to unfold.
"My fellow Impirians, today is a great day."
A roar of cheers and clapping filled the dome as the young President smiled.
"Today, we move to a period of prosperity. Today, every man gets what he deserves. Today, we will see the end of economic hardships caused by the politicians of old. Never again will we see the horrors and difficulties of the Depression of '71."
The crowd roared again, reporters snapping pictures.
"Today, Domestic Trade and Marketing are going to reach their full potential. We are going to make a nation that works for the people, and the compnies they rely on. Today, we will begin our entrance as a nation that can accomplish something. And I don't mean just here. I mean everywhere in this nation."
The rioters threw their rocks at the spiderlike UCVs. Screams and socialist slogans filled the air outside the dome. The UCVs slowly advanced as a line of Riot Control officers waited in silence. A molotov cocktail flew through the air, bursting in flame over one of the UCVs.
"I mean doing something about those guys in the South Quarter. In all the Sectors of the Bloc."
More projectiles made their arcs, until another cocktail struck a Riot Control officer and set his left side aflame. The officers pulled back, as the UCVs went into combat mode. Small forearms housing 16mm automatics snapped forward, loaded with 12 gauge Flechette rounds.
"We are going to take these socialist insurgents, and we're going to put a stop to this nonsense. No longer will we tolerate this vandalism and violence against those who are successful."
The braaaap of their fire filled the air with tungsten needles as rioters found their flesh being torn from their bodies. As the first rows fell, the UCVs slowly lumbered forward on their mechanical legs. Gore coated the lot as the last protesters fell, their mutilated bodies standing testament to what was to come.
"We are cracking down on them. We are cracking down hard."
04-02-2004, 21:31
[Impiria Economic Bloc, Sector 035 (Exeper)]
[Log 0730]
The factory began to rumble to life, waterways beginning to fill with automated barges as Exeper Incorporated began to pump out it's trademark automobiles, electronics, and robotics products. In a domed building in the center of the mass, a rotund man sat at his desk as reports flowed by his computer screen. A cigarette sat in his mouth, slowly burning out. The man plucked it out, and shoved it in an ashtray, where it smoldered.
"So those bastards at Eijei Harvest are canceling the contracts?"
Eijei was a major fish farming and fishing company, one recently undergoing a corporate regime change as it moved from the Imipira Advantage customer service program to the Independents, where it switched out it's robotic cannery and shipping units, as well as computers and networks, for ones purchased from AutoMaTek, a child company of the famous VelociTek Arms. With this change, his stock plummeted. Fewer and fewer people bought from Exeper Electronics and Robotics as power shifted to the Independents and Bloc Partnership programs in the Corporate Council. To counter the loss of sales, Impiria Advantage began to start massive cutbacks and layoffs in all companies. But this was not working. The man, CEO Niko Exeper, was not pleased. The only plans his think tanks had come up with were stumped by the government laws. Government laws that needed to end.