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BBC - Joccia terminates Prostitution

03-02-2004, 10:31
The following communique was was received by the BBC from the Joccian Government:

The Kingdom of Joccia has complied with the latest UN resolution. The laws enacted to comply have ensured that all prostitutes are now registered.

The Department of Social Well Being has made the executive decision that all prostitutes are subject to exploitation of the worst kind. This exploitation is either accepted by the said prostitute, or enforced upon them. In either situation the Minister for Social Well Being has decided that any prostitute must be suffering and unable to make a competent decision.

Under the terms of the Legalisation of Euthanasia, and the Laws that were passed to support the UN Mandate, the Minister for Social Well Being has decided that all prostitutes have a right to have their suffering ended.

All prostitutes in Joccia have been humanely terminated.

The Law as set out is available for perusal below. Joccia will continue to comply with all UN Resolutions no matter how stupid they may be.

1. Whereas a person with mental health problems is seen to be suffering and cannot be guaranteed a cure - they shall be terminated and their suffering shall cease.

2. Whereas a person of retirement age -70 years in Joccia - shall be deemed to be of no further value to the state and shall be deemed to be suffering - they shall be terminated and their suffering shall cease.

3. Whereas any person shall be involved in protest, form part of a repressed minority group, be of a sexual or religious persuasion, which is seen by His Majesty's Government to be abhorrent, they shall be deemed to be suffering and shall be terminated.

4. Whereas persons included in any of the above sections are deemed to be unable to make any rational decision, hence their adherence to their chosen abomination, or by age, or by mental illness, they shall be deemed to be unable to make their own decision to volunteer for euthanasia and the respective clause within the UN resolution shall come into force.

5. It has been commanded that henceforth His Majesty's Minister of Well-being shall be, in law, the next of kin to the entire population of this nation, saving only the Royal Family and persons involved in the Government and from time to time those whom the King or his successors may choose, and that he may devolve this right to the persons rightly employed by the Department of Well-Being.

P. Peabody Minister for Social Well Being

Reports suggest that this may become a general trend amongst Governments that disagree with UN Resolutions. We await comments :twisted:
03-02-2004, 10:56
A thinly veiled threat against the Kingdom of Joccia has been made by Kokablel

"That was a bit extreme brother Joccia. No efforts of rehabilitation? *shakes head* Mass slaughter does begin to fall within the lines of international law I fear. There are limits to the wielding of the sword, and times when eventually your sword will be granted to another if you are unjust in its wielding."

Joccia has called upon the UN to resolve the matter
03-02-2004, 15:17
A Joccian Government Spokesman has made the following statement:

Following a meeting today, between our government and representatives of Kokablel, we can state that no state of tension exists between our two countries. It seems that we received intelligence reports that were not wholly accurate and that led to an incorrect assesment of an unintended threat.

Kokablel were concerned that other states may react adversly to our actions on prostitution.

Joccia is well aware that no other Nations in the UN could give a damn what happens to a few thousand prostitutes, as long as it costs nothing and doesn't happen in their backyards.
03-02-2004, 17:32
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