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Imperial Poll #1: NS Latin And Language in Mottos

03-02-2004, 07:36
We, the glorious people of The Empire of Bloodmoon-Hyperion, have officially determined, to the best of our abilities, that a new language, or rather a derivative of a very old language, has came into existence over the past 2 years. We have named this new found language NS Latin. While skimming over numerous nations that do contain phrases that are intended to be Latin, we have determined that a very small minority actually have correct Latin.

In our research, we were able to rule out all nations with mottos in English, Spanish, French, and German, as these we all fairly easy to identify, according to our esteemed team of researchers and their highly trained monkey translators handcuffed to computers, who will continue to traverse our wide, wondrous, world until they finish their task. This left a small number of nations to view. While we have yet to visit all nations, we have made a few determinations:

1. Japanese, Russian, and Arabic languages and similar languages appear to be all but dead.

2. Several other new, currently unclassifiable languages are currently developing.

3. Latin is the most misspelled language, assuming it was even supposed to be Latin and not some archaic new language. Well, not counting English, the one that everyone here should have a grasp of, but apparently no one does.

We did not concern ourselves so much with grammar, as approximately 3 people in the entire world, and none of our precious monkeys (yet), have any idea of how Latin grammar is handled. We were more concerned with correct words being used. And our findings were most interesting. It appears most (read as: 98%) of all the remaining nations viewed were attempting to use Latin in their mottos, but had simple misspellings. This was verified by running the same word by several different translator monkeys. All failed to recognize it, and after we punished the first few, we realized the nations were at fault, and we promptly proceeded to punish the monkeys again partly for failing to point this out, and also just for the plain joy of it. (On an unrelated tangent, it appears animals can indeed be taught how to FEAR!!!) By then running the root (stem?) past the same monkey translators, who worked much quicker for some reason unknown to us, we determined that the nations were trying to send across a message in Latin, just typically having an error at the end. We did not contact these nations to inform them of this, and have instead decided due to the widespread misspellings, we were actually looking at a new language, which we have since named NS Latin.

A CALL TO ALL NATIONS: If you do happen to have Latin in your motto, tell us about it. What is it, what does it mean, where'd it come from, what is the best way to punish a semi-intelligent mammal used for translation purposes? In fact, any language, tell us about it. We'll go first:

Immortalis Dominus Caeli: Immortal/Forever Lords/Masters of the Heavens. It's kind of what we strive to do. And we don't talk about Empire working conditions outside of The Empire.

-The Empire of Bloodmoon-Hyperion, Linguistics Division