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Basic Information
Nation Title (technical): The Unified Eurydian Republic of The Eastern Bloc
Nation Title (RP): The Eurydian Republic or The Republic
Government Style: Constitutional Monarchy
Emperor: Icarus Traiden

Solar Systems: Rigard System (earth name: 47 Ursae Majoris), Galloghnier System, Diomedes System, Draco System, Chronus System
The solar system known as Rigard aquired its title from old Eurydian myth. Keer, the creator of everything, used this solar system as his throne. He named it Rigard, and eventually the name Rigard was given to the solar system.

Eurydice in Depth
Continents: Caldonia, Graceia
These continents get their names from the titles of the predominant cultures that reside there: Caldonaians and Graceians respectively. Graceia is a large, sprawling continent while Caldonia is a tall and slender strip of land.

States(countries): Penland, Caldonia, Sandia
After the Decade War in the year 0ES, Eurydice was united -for the most part. Instead of 50 smaller countries Eurydice was controlled by 3 states. Penland, the largest, controls roughly 83% of the continent known as Graceia. Sandia occupies the southern region and the large island known as Felsin. Caldonia (the country and continent titles are interchangeable) controls the entirety of the Western Continent.

For most of its history, Eurydice has remained unified under the rule of an Emperor. Ruling the three states, the Emperor keeps the balance. When Eurydice pushed its way into the stars and founded the Eurydian Republic, the emperor's powers extended to the colonies established.

Capital Cities: Rigard City (Penland: Rigard City, Caldonia: Penelstat, Sandia: Engora)
Rigard City is the Capital of Eurydice. As with the solar system, Rigard City got its name from Keer and his throne. Each Country on Eurydice has its own Capital, with Rigard City serving as both the capital of Penland and Eurydice. Rigard City has a population of 101 million people.

Population Density: Population percentages: Penland- 51%, Caldonia- 32%, Sandia- 17%
The population of Eurydice is spread out in a rather uneven fashion. Most live near the coast and in warmer climates. You will see in Penland that the West is heavily populated while the East remains relatively untouched. The same kind of trend is shown in Caldonia.

Population Breakdown:
85% Eurydian
13% Earther/Terran/Human
.5% Ve'Iteri (Eurydian)
1.5% Other (Pop. too small to count)

Eurydians are very average people. They resemble Earthers (Eurydice's name for Terrans/Humans) in almost every way. Hair color does tend to be more drastic and defined. If someone's hair color is red, then it is as red as red can be. You don't find many blondes in the Eurydian Republic.

Average height for a Eurydian male is 5'10", and the average weight is 172.4 pounds. Average height for a woman is 5'7", and the average weight is 131.1 pounds. Due to Eurydian cuisine, which is high in protein, carbohydrates, and contains little fat or cholesterol, most people are very thin. To become fat on Eurydice would take a very strong commitment on the eater's part.

Earthers make up a large percentage of the population. After the portal between the Sol System and the Rigard System became operational, the Earthers began to flock to the Republic's exotic colony worlds. You find very few Earthers on Eurydice itself, but a large population exists on the planets Corsica and Intari.

The Ve'Iteri are a separate Eurydian race that has evolved from a completely different ancestral line. They have truly begun to expand their influence only in the last 2,000 years, and the number of Ve’iteri is slowly growing. As it stands today, there are roughly 117 million Ve'Iteri living on Eurydice out of a 8.5+ billion Eurydian society.

Their body structure is vastly different from Eurydians. Their legs are reverse-jointed, like chickens, and they have soft, blue skin that looks like it should be on a poorly made alien costume. Their eyes are golden, and they have no mouths to speak with. Their ears are four slits that run along either side of their head. They have no hair. Ve'Iteri communicate telepathically.

Strict laws have been passed prohibiting experimentation on the Ve'Iteri species. Unfortunatly, most Eurydians regard them with extreme suspicion, and so the Ve'iteri live their lives out in small, nomadic groups far away from Eurydian civilization. A few, however, have volunteered for studies and tests on Ve'Iteri telepathic abilities, in hopes that one day Eurydians and Ve'Iteri will begin to understand each other.

The "Other" category applies to all other sentient species, including, but not limited to Elves, Orcs, Trolls, Easterlings, Walruses, Lizards, and Dragons. Their separate populations are too small to give an accurate reading. Most individual populations would number in the 100,000-1,000,000 ranges.

Some terms will be used that may be difficult to understand without explanation. First, the scale of time in Eurydian culture. The years are marked using the Eurydian Standard scale. The year 0 occurs at the date at which The Decade War ended, and the 2nd Republic established. Things occurring before that date will be marked with a negative sign before the number. So if we were to refer to something that happened 1,000 years before the rise of the 2nd Republic, it would be shown as –1000ES. Conversly, if we referred to something 1,000 years after, it would be shown as 1000ES.

Keer Creation Story and the Rise and Fall of Uther

In the beginning, the universe was dark. Not in the sense as we see it today, a blackness with those few intermittent lights we call stars. No, this was an utter, absolute blackness that pervaded the entirety of the universe. It cannot be determined how long the universe was black, for there was nothing to gauge it against. Nothing happened in this stagnant universe, nothing that is, until Keer

If someone had been around to witness Keer’s arrival, they would have written something like this in their memoirs, ”First there was nothing, then there was Keer.” Out of the nothingness came swirling form. It isn’t known where Keer came from, or if he just suddenly existed. Whatever the case, Keer was a welcomed site to our bare universe. Keer showed his might by creating the universe we know today. He created stars, planets, moons, and asteroids. He gave existence to nebulas and wrought galaxies where once was void. It was an awesome sight, one that would be etched into the history of our universe.

Through the millions of eons Keer repeated the same process: create and move on. After a long tour of duty as a creator of worlds, Keer decided to rest. He roamed the universe, searching for the planet most beautiful and serene. Once that planet was discovered he constructed his grand palace Rigard. The palace stands to this day, a testamate to Keer’s meticulous work. It was not surprising though that Keer wasn’t content with what he had. While the sprawling universe he controlled could satisfy the most hungry dictator, Keer had nothing to rule. There were no people, no animals, no trees; the universe was a beautiful, barren wasteland.

Keer set out to create other living beings. The first creation held power equal to Keer himself. His name was Uther. While Uther grew Keer continued in his work. He thought that if he made anyone else as strong as Uther, there might be a war between them. By giving every other creation less power, it ensured Keer and Uther’s dominion over the Universe. Therefore, the next 9 sons and 6 daughters of Keer were not nearly as powerful as Uther. They still had powers not easily imagined by mortals. Keer left the creation of creatures on Rigard up to the eldest son and daughter, Mena and Minerva.

Keer devoted most, if not all of his remaining time to his son Uther. The two enjoyed great times together over the thousands of years. There did come a day however when Uther left Keer’s side and went to roam the stretches of the universe. Left to his own devices, Keer did what he did best. He populated hundreds, if not thousands of worlds. He created a son or daughter for every planet he bestowed life, and they would reign over that planet for all eternity.

Uther wandered the vastness of space for countless years, finally coming to stop at a place of eternal darkness, like the darkness before Keer. It had been a place beyond Keer’s reach, beyond his sphere of influence. Keer was surrounded by this darkness, and as hard as he tried he could not break himself from it. It was something larger than even he could imagine, and it frightened Uther. Slowly, the longer he resided within the darkness the more it consumed him. His once glorious and handsome features became wretched and disfigured. He had strayed from the light for too long, and he payed the price. He would forever remain a horrible abomination of what he once was. Uther was a broken God.

Within the darkness Uther started building his own world. It was not as grand, nor as brilliant as his fathers creation, Rigard. This place was the Hellspire, and from there Uther reigned over the darkness that had claimed him. He created his own children, bred from the darkest corners of Uther’s soul. These creatures multiplied until there was no room on the Hellspire.

The darkness expanded.

They took fringe worlds at first. Keer’s sight could not reach that far, and so Uther and his minions were relatively safe. They contented themselves with devouring souls and bodies of those few people inhabiting those planets. Soon though, their newfound hunger grew. They ventured deeper into the universe, attacking and wiping out entire billion plus populations. Word quickly reached Keer, and within days an army was assembled the size of which had never been seen before in our universe. Keer and Uther first met on the planet known as Earth. The engagements were small at first, but before long the two sides were openly fighting each other. It was a glorious victory when the forces of light vanquished the forces of evil from Earth.

After the victory the two sides reached a stalemate. Neither side gained much ground, and whatever was taken came at a heavy price. Uther called for a truce, and the both father and son met for the first time in 10,000 years. It was decided to meet at a place under both dark and light control, and so Roth was chosen. The two were surrounded by thousands of soldiers as they met to decide the terms. Before either had said a word, Uther drew his sword and charged Keer. Keer in turn drew his and they locked over the desolate battlefield. Forces from both sides stared in awe as the two gods raged across the wastelands of Roth.

They fought for years upon years, never once yielding. If it hadn’t been for a startling change of events, the battle could have raged on forever. As Uther jumped high for a mighty downward swipe, Keer’s blade came up. In a sudden flash the two swords met, and Uther’s shattered. All that remained of the once great “Slayer of the Light” was 2 broken pieces and millions of shattered particles. Keer immediately came in for the final blow. Standing over Uther, Keer openly cursed his own son. He raised his sword and brought it down with startling speed. At that same instant Uther clasped the hilt to his sword and thrust it into Keer’s neck. The remaining blade cut deep into Uther's father, and he fell back, Keer's sword planted firmly in Uther.

Both Uther and Keer died on that battlefield.

The armies of light and darkness left. There was noone left to lead either side.

So it would be that both sides remained dormant for 2000 years.


In the year 2001ES, the planet Eurydice founded the first colony. Conconi would set the foundation for what would eventually be known as the Eurydian Republic. The Republic was founded in 2032ES and consisted of Eurydice itself and Conconi. Over the next three hundred years The Republic vastly expanded its holding, colonizing a further eight worlds: Corsica, Intari, Geneva, Oberon, Chaelon, Chyron, Cyprus, and Miranda. While some of the planets hold large populations, only the first three are considered powerful enough to engage in Eurydian politics. The other colonies are new and recently founded. In time, they will earn their place among the great colonies of the Eurydian Republic.

Capital: Velites
Location: Rigard System
Population: 2.5 billion
Political Affiliation: Republican
Picture (

Conconi is known as the Crown Jewels of the Republic. Almost every ship is built on or around Conconi. More manufacturing is done on Conconi than even Eurydice itself. Conconi is the workhorse of the Republic, and she does it with a smile on her face. The planet is relatively small, and as such the two and a half billion population has caused pollution problems. In the picture you can see the Kastor Corps. Orbital Arms Facility.

Capital: New Corsica
Location: Galoghnier System
Population: 1.5 billion
Political Affiliation: Separatist
Picture (

With a population of over one and a half billion, Corsica is the largest colony outside of the Rigard Solar System. The colony itself is a beautiful planet with lush green forests and snow tipped peaks. The population on Corsica enjoy and opulent lifestyle befitting one of the richest colonies in the Republic. Throughout most of its history Corsica has tried to break from the rest of the Republic. As the colony grows larger, the sentiment of independence only seems to increase. Still, to this day they remain a part of the Eurydian Republic.

Capital: Silverdale
Location: Galoghnier System
Population: 1 billion
Political Affiliation: Separatist
Picture (

Also located withing the Galoghnier System, Intari is the sister planet to Corsica. Being so closely related, Corsica and Intari are strong allies.

Capital: Concord
Location: Galoghnier System
Population: 500 million
Political Affiliation: Republican
Picture (

Unlike the other planets within the Galoghnier System, Geneva shares no such wishes to leave the Republic. During the plague of 2247, Geneva’s population was nearly wiped out. Without the intervention of Eurydian doctors and scientists, the entire colony would have perished. While the other colonies left Geneva to die, Eurydice came to the aid of Geneva. Because of their aid, Geneva is staunchly loyal to Eurydice and the Republic as a whole.

Capital: None
Location: Draco System
Population: 95 million
Political Affiliation: none
Picture (

Oberon is the Eurydian Republic’s prison world. The planet is a barely habital desert rich in resources, and the perfect place to send prisoners to serve out their sentences. In the Eurydian Republic prison terms include manual labor, and the Republic extracts vast resources using the prison workforce. The conditions are harsh on Oberon, and any prison sentence longer than three years is considered a death sentence. Prisoners just don’t live long enough in the many prison compounds that dot Oberon’s surface.

Chaelon and Chyron
Capital: Bellingham, Manchester
Location: Diomedes System
Population: 103 million, 34 million
Political Affiliation: Republican
Picture of Chaelon (
Picture of Chyron (

Chaelon and Chyron are new additions to the Republic. Both planets have harsh climates and are hard to live on. These worlds are mostly used for their resources, although Chaelon is growing faster than its sister planet. This is Fringe Baron territory, and they carry the law in most parts of the Diomedes System. While the Colonial Navy protects Chaelon and Chyron, this is the outskirts of the Republic, and as such pirate raids are a problem.

Cyprus and Miranda
Capital: Juniper, Everton
Location: Chronus System
Population: 23 million, 11 million
Political Affiliation: Republican
Picture of Cyprus (
Picture of Miranda (
Newly founded, Cyprus and Miranda hold vast potential to the Eurydian Republic. With resources beyond imagination and hospitable climates, the two planets are rapidly growing is size. Soon they may catch Chaelon and Chyron, the other new planets added to the Republic.

Politics and the Republic

There are two main powers within the Eurydian Republic that coexist while being totally independent of one another. One part of this pairing is the Emperor of the Republic and the Magistrates Council that he chairs. The other is the League of Great Houses, under the leadership of House Kastor.

The twelve Great Houses are the remaining families who first colonized the worlds outside of Eurydice. Originally there were around fifty Houses, but over the centuries their numbers have dwindled to twelve. They gained untold riches from the planets they populated, and slowly over the years their influence spread. Today the houses remain an important part of everyday Eurydian life. Members of the Great Houses are often regarded with celebrity status. Newspapers, magazines, and television shows keep up on the latest within the League of Houses. The Great Houses control most of the largest corporations and businesses within the Republic. Over half of all politicians are members of a House. In truth, the Great Houses power over the Euyrdian economy and political structure makes them just as powerful as the true lawmakers within the Republic.

The second half to the political and economic structure of Eurydice is the Magistrates Council as well as the Emperor himself. The Magistrates Council is a representative group for the colonies and Eurydice. They make and ratify laws and are elected by the people every five years. The Emperor can sign ratified laws or veto the law. If the proposal is vetoed, then it returns to the Magistrates Council to be voeted upon again. If the council can pass the vote with a sixty percent supermajority, then the veto will be overridden.

The Emperor himself is the supreme commander of the Imperial Guard and can also order fleet movements within the Colonial Navy, all without the consent of the Magistrates Council. One thing keeps the Emperor from total power. All troop movements and acts of war must be funded. The Magistrates Council controls the money, and only by receiving funding from the Magistrates Council can the Emperor go to war.

Throughout the history of the Republic, one family has dominated the title of Emperor. With only three exceptions in the last five hundred years, House Traiden has been the family from which the Emperor is chosen. The leadership skills of the Traiden family are unrivaled, and as such they are chosen again and again to lead the Eurydian Republic. House Valeth has given the office of Emperor a try twice, and both times it has ended in failure. The Traidens perennial rule over Eurydice has been very successful.

The League of Houses members, in order of influence and wealth:


1. House Kastor

Home world: Eurydice/Corsica
Family members: 63
Family Leader: Reamus Kastor (age: 42/ years in power: 22)
Years since inception: 483
Total worth: 6.12 trillion coinage
Major income source: 77% of all ship construction (Orbital Assembly Facility over Conconi)
Navy: 42 ships (2 Octurion Dreadnoughts, 8 Primus Battlecruisers, 32 Vorchan Attack Cruiser)
Notable Figures:
Reamus Kastor- leader of Great Houses
Maximus Kastor

2.House Balen

Home world: Eurydice
Family Members: 123
Family Leader: Feldor Balen (77/32)
Years since inception: 492
Total worth: 3.7 trillion
Major income source: munitions, ground based transportation
Navy: 27 ships: (1 Octurion Dreadnought, 6 primus battlecruisers, 20 vorchan attack cruisers)
Notable Figures:
Arturo Balen- Magistrate

3. House Brutus

Home world: Corsica
Family members: 56
Family Leader: Sextus Brutus (22/1)
Years since inception: 386
Total worth: 2.98 trillion
Major income source: land (sold land on Corsica for 4000x what was paid for)
Navy: 20 ships (4 primus battlecruiser, 16 Vorchan attack cruisers)
Notable figures:
Matthais Brutus- Magistrate

4. House Ultran

Home world: Eurydice
Family Members: 60
Family Leader: Wayden Ultran (33/3)
Years since inception: 344
Total worth: 2.77 trillion
Major income source: 15% of all ship construction, miscellaneous
Navy: 22 ships (2 Octurion Dreadnoughts, 6 primus battlecruisers, 16 vorchan attack cruisers)
Notable Figures:
Mia Ultraan- Magistrate

5. House Guilder

Home world: Conconi
Family Members: 37
Family Leader: Relena Guilder (47/5)
Years since inception: 322
Total worth: 1.2 trillion
Major income source: 3% of all ship construction, largest cargo fleet
Navy: 12 warships (2 primus battlecruiser, 6 vorchan attack cruisers)
*212 warfreighter class cargo ships
Notable Figures:
John Guilder- war hero
Mark Guilder- war hero
Walter Guilder- magistrate

6. House Trajan

Home world: Conconi
Family Members: 44
Family Leader: Leto Trajan (45/9)
Years since inception: 362
Total worth: .935 trillion
Major income source: firearms
Navy: 11 warships (3 primus battlecruisers, 8 vorchan attack cruisers)
Notable Figures:
Robert Trajan- magistrate

7. House Kaitos

Home world: Corsica
Family members: 38
Family leader: Zaphod Kaitos (31/2)
Years since inception: 323
Total worth: .922 trillion
Major source of income: trade
Navy: 15 ships (3 primus battlecruisers, 12 vorchan attack cruisers)

8. House Traiden

Home world: Eurydice
Family members: 77
Family leader: Marcus Traiden (22/5)
Years since inception: 484
Total worth: .783 trillion
Major source of income: prisons
Navy: 10 ships: (3 primus battlecruisers, 7 vorchan attack cruisers)
Notable Figures:
Icarus Traiden- Emperor
Alexander Traiden- Emperor
Icarus Traiden II- current Emperor

9. House Hajod

Home world: Intari
Family Members: 29
Family leader: Gavin Hajod (43/12)
Years since inception: 312
Total worth: .577 trillion
Major source of income: manufacturing
Navy: 7 ships: (2 primus battlecruiser, 5 vorchan attack cruisers)

10. House Valeth

Home world: Conconi
Family Members: 50
Family leader: Mia Valeth (32/3)
Years since inception: 337
Total worth: .488 trillion
Major source of income: trade
Navy: 5 ships: (1 primus battlecruisers, 4 vorchan attack cruisers)
Notable Figures:
Lezard Valeth- Emperor
Winston Valeth- Emperor

11. House Ancien

Home world: Intari
Family Members: 22
Family Leader: Bridgett Ancien (37/3)
Years since inception: 531
Total worth: .227 trillion
Major source of income: miscellaneous
Navy: 4 ships: (1 primus battlecruiser, 3 vorchan attack cruisers)

12.House Maurius

Home world: Corsica
Family members: 88
Family leader: Helena Maurius (35/15)
Years since inception: 382
Total worth: .201 trillion
Major source of income: mining, manufacturing, 1% of all ship construction (soon to be 31%)
Navy: 3 ship: (1 Octurion Dreadnought, 2 Primus Battlecruisers)
Notable Figures:
Gaius Marius- rebel


The military within the Republic is split into three catagories, two state controlled and one independetly ran. The Imperial Guard and Colonial Navy are controleld by the Magistrates Council and Emperor. The House Navy is ran by the Great Houses themselves, totally independent of any outside influence.

The Imperial Guard is tasked with guarding the planet Eurydice as well as Conconi. The Imperial Guard has done this job since the founding of the Republic, and continues to this day some 250 years later. while its role has been reduced to only the Rigard Solar System, the Imperial Guard is still powerful and imposing.

The Colonial Navy is the newest addition to the Republic. the Royal Navy was disbanded after 300 years of service and a colony-ran defense force was built. the Colonial Navy patrols all colonies outside of the Rigard System. The Colonial Navy has a tough job to do, but is given the resources it needs to battle pirates, outside incursions, as well as any other problem facing it. The CN has been a huge success.

The House Navy is the oldest still in service. 276 years ago the House Navy began protecting the space around Eurydice. While that job is no longer theirs, the Great Houses keep their asstes safe using the ships at their disposal. Most of the ships within the House Navy are over a hundred years old, and as such have undergone extensive updates and upgrades. People still stare in awe when seeing a House Navy ship. You are looking into the past, seeing architecture and design from a bygone era.

Fleet Craft Index (
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