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Lietuveska Withdraws From UN

03-02-2004, 01:38
The Weston Act

Due to the increasingly provocative and dangerous legislation and membership of the United Nations, the United Socialist States of Lietuveska has reached the impending decision to withdraw itself from the organization.

Originally an organization to establish peace, prosperity, and strength to those who needed it most, the United Nations has most recently become an organization of states that wish to act out their own goals, with no thoughts of other nations. There are several resolutions that have wasted valuable time, and there are others that are insults to the establishment of the United Nations. Therefore, our nation cannot stand alongside such a flawed organization.

As a people, we are very concerned at the current state of the UN. It is to the worry of the USSL that the United Nations has turned into a joke, and no longer represents the seriousness needed in the day-to-day workings of international politics. The purpose of the UN serves itself no more. It is void and unstable, for few wars are ever prevented using the power of the United Nations.

We find no other avenue but to exit the organization as a whole. However, we will stick with it's original message. Immoral resolutions such as the one just recently passed legalizing prostitution will not resonate with many members. The UN will see more and more members leave until every radical resolution is passed without halt. This trend is occurring because many more are beginning to dislike the UN, and therefore leaving. The once balance of power and political thought is waning quickly. This is seen as a crisis by Lietuveska, and we will not be involved with an unstable and collapsing organization.

Therefore, we officially confirm our exit of the United Nations. Signed below are all the Goten of the Getczechen. These signatures are necessary to clear the President's consent.

I hereby sign this document to solidify its intentions, message, and decree. I understand that once this is signed, the document is bound by law.

Adrian Weston

In the Year of our Lord Two-Thousand and Four, this document has been bound by law by the President of the United Socialist States of Lietuveska, President Adrian Weston and witnessed by Vice President Joseph Van Arsden and Goten Philip Chauton.