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Celebration of Automagfreek (OOC: My birthday)

18-01-2004, 07:15
Today marks the day that the forces of Automagfreek defeated the last remaining hoards of Tanping, a brutal clan that sought to murder the First Dictator and claim the land as their own. Some 2,000, Dictator Automagfreek and Lord Rising Sun (OOC: names were similar in nature to American Indian names) joined under one banner, and combining their forces of 26,000 and 32,000, they marched across the frozen mountains of the ULE valley, and in the that valley the two sides clashed: the first Freeks and the Tanping. The battle raged on for 2 days nonstop, and the thousands of slain men made it nearly impossible for the living to do battle. After being beaten back up the mountains by the Tanping and after seeing Lord Rising Sun beheaded, Automagfreek gathered his remaining men. Drawing the Relic's Sword, he made one final charge down the mountains, and swept over the remaining hoard with great fury. Of the combined force of 59,000 Freeks, only 2,500 lived to see the unification of the country. The Tanping that were captured were impaled on 50 foot pikes and had their bodies put on display on the high snowy mountains surrounding the new ULE City.


All across Automagfreek there was celebration. Great feasts were prepared in the many community halls, and there was dancing, drinking, whoring, and justgood old fun. Damien stood on the balcony of the Great Hall, and to the 68, 000 Freeks out on the town, he spoke. His message was broadcast over massive loudspeakers placed throughout the city. Great Freeks, this day marks the 2,000th year of Automagfreek! The crowd erupted, stamping their feet and bashing their hands together. Damien spoke louder so he could be heard. Looking back on these 2,000 years, we must not forget those who have passed on, those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our way of life. Tonight we honor them, and we honor eachother, for us Freeks are a proud people! Damien rasied a large glass filled with a crimson liquid, and he toasted the crowd. To Automagfreek! To the Sentinels! To our allies, and to our friends! To the Freeks! The crowd exploded with cheers as the celebration had formally been kicked off. Across the country there would be great parties all through the night and next morning.

OOC: A nice IC way of saying that today is my 20th birthday. Yay!
18-01-2004, 07:18
OOC: Then Happy Birthday! Enjoy it while you can!
18-01-2004, 07:18
OOC:/me hoists bottle of port. "Happy birthday!" *gluggity glug*
18-01-2004, 07:38
OOC:/me hoists bottle of port. "Happy birthday!" *gluggity glug*

OOC: One more year then the fun starts. :wink: :D
Western Asia
18-01-2004, 07:48
OOC: Happy birthday, my good man! I have a bit under a month for my 18th.
18-01-2004, 18:58
OOC: This gives me an idea...perhaps soon I'll do some RPs about the forming of AMF. That should be interesting.