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Offical Name Change in Taligari.

18-01-2004, 00:43
TINN Headline News

Jenny Stone: "In a press conference today the President of Taligari, Krystal Vanessa Lokea announced to the nation that the nation would endure another name change, this time from Golden Paradiso Republic to, United Golden Republic. The President summed up the change with this reason."

"The reason behind the change is simple, we have been flooded with too many letters about what "Paradiso" means and even more letters asking about what they thought was a spelling error, the change to United Golden Republic will still convey the ideal of a Peaceful Golden Nation without being to blatant about it."

"In other news."
President Krystal Vanessa Lokea
”The day we believe that democracy no longer works is the day that we lose it.”- Krystal Vanessa Lokea
The United Golden Republic of Taligari
18-01-2004, 01:00
The new names sounds much better, very nice.