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We, the People...

16-01-2004, 08:10
Do hereby request a full voting Representative in Congress, instead of our current District of Columbia Delegate who is not able to vote in any capacity. In fact, Capitol Hill is home to more people than Delaware, and they still get a member of the House of Representatives AND two Senators! We pay federal income taxes, have horrible crime and worse schools, and yet when it comes to the issues we can only sit back and watch. It's ridiculous! Even though our motto is "Too good for statehood," we urge yall to support an end to our taxation without representation. Thank you.

We, the People on Capitol Hill
16-01-2004, 20:36
We, the People on Capitol Hill, are adamant about our rights. Imagine where your governments would be without Congress, the White House, Supreme Court, the Smithsonian, or the National Mall (where those "Million _____ March" events are held).
17-01-2004, 06:18
The colonists of New Delaware Island support you! It is an issue of rights which we too may one day desire.
The Lords of War
17-01-2004, 06:23
OOC: This is foolish, I mean the reason we specifically DON"T let the people in D.C. in congress is that then D.C. would be a state, and force it's opnions on the central government.

Actually you would be a swamp since all of the items you just described were funded primarily through tax payer dollars or gifts given by foreigners (Smithson didn't come to the united states until 20+ years after is death!)