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16-01-2004, 05:41
On behalf of the nations of Zzyzz:

A General Communique:

"Tired of the realm in which your nation currently resides? Annoying, belligerent neighbours invading all the time? Pansy, peace-loving neighbours not attacking you thus providing you with no entertainment? Your peasants find the climate too hot to slave away for the betterment of your government? Your cherished citizens are just slightly chilled and would prefer a climate closer to room temperature? If there is anything wrong with the world in which you live... why not move to Zzyxx, where everything (save for the mink population) is under your control."
25-01-2004, 06:09
Indeed, I say Zzyxx, why not pay us a visit. It can do no harm, what have you to lose? If you like it, stay, if not (or if you've the letter L in your nation's name) then vamoose! Imagine a land where you can do as you wish and enjoy the fellowship of find people doing as they wish. You say you are already in such a region? Poppycosh, we're better! Why? You'll have to find that out for yourself (and tell us when you do, because we aren't quite sure ourselves just yet.)