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What foreigners should be aware of when visiting your nation

12-12-2003, 13:20
Entry isn't a problem. No nationalities are excluded, and a tourist visa is easy to obtain. Also, Ariddia's catastrophically weak economy makes it a good place for tourists, since the ariddian credit is incredibly cheap.

On the other hand, visitors should be aware it is an offence to bring any meat-based product (meat, fish, gelatine, products with animal fat...) into the country. Should you fail to dispose of them or hand them over at customs, you will face not only a heavy fine, but you will also be expelled back to the country which you have just left, at your own expense. Worse, if you can't pay for your return ticket, you will have to work community service until you can afford it. (In other words, don't try to play smuggler...).

Also, in Ariddia, public nudity is legal, and you might even see people having sex in public places. Should you find this offensive, you should not visit Ariddia.

Most hotels are inexpensive, but most do not offer the same wide variety of services as you would find in richer nations.

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Warmongering Lunatics
12-12-2003, 13:39
Air fares are very costly. There are two large airports and several heliports, mosly used by businesspeople. Passenger traffic is frequently handled by a large fleet of civilian vessels, and getting a cabin on a Boreal merchant marine craft is cheap and simple.

Boreal Islands are generally a very cold place to spend the winter. The short summer is marked by a rapid explosion in plant life, with all manner of flowers blooming for a couple of weeks in June. The first snowy showers usually start in August, but visitors in the highlands may be surprised by sudden blizzards even in mid-summer.

The society in general is very liberal, even anarchic. The only concession to authoritarianism is the national ID system.
Imperial Forces
12-12-2003, 13:40
First off, no elves allowed in Imperial Forces

Imperial Forces is very dear for weak countries, but some tourist may be given a helping hand from the government.

In the country, crime is low and freedom to tourist is quite high and free, your largest worry though should be about the weather in Imperial Forces, which has some of the worst in the world, come perpared. Also the centeral regions of the mainland are proven to earthquakes, so be warned.
12-12-2003, 13:45
1. Elves are not really welcome unless you are a Sirilist (due to our allies Roania fetish for them).
2. If you hate dry desert, don't come! It's hot here.
3. Scientologists get used for target practice by the Inquisition.
4. Don't buy water from Jews, it's cheaper from Christians and Arabs.
5. Anyone who keeps images of Osama or Saddam has a short life span.
The Ctan
12-12-2003, 13:49
1. Elves are not really welcome unless you are a Sirilist (due to our allies Roania fetish for them).

OOC: I'd say fear of them, but anyway...
12-12-2003, 13:50
All are welcome in Am Qosar. Just be sure not to break any of our laws while visiting. You wouldn't want your hand to be chopped off! :lol:
12-12-2003, 13:54
Zeronia is a wonderful place to visit. People of all faiths and backgrounds can visit Zeronia without fear of being discriminated against. As long as you come with good intentions (i.e. without illegal, secondary motives in mind, such as smuggling, as Ariddia mentioned earlier) then everything is fine.
12-12-2003, 14:17
Rejistania allows citizens of all countries to visit the country. A tourist visa is easy to get.
Tourists should be aware the fact, that Rejistania is a country that consists of many different ethnic groups and regions. You should speak and understand a bit rejistanian and eventually basic words of native languages of the region you want to travel to.
Generally, you should not try to get anywhere by car, since the roads are bad and fuel is *very* expensive. Travelling by bus or train is much cheaper.
Russian Forces
12-12-2003, 14:40
12-12-2003, 14:44

Getting into the country is nice and convenient, but mostly because the technologies behind identity confirmation and scanning for dangerous are highly developed and extremely efficient. In the present political climate, all travellers from WBO and SATO nations are politely turned away at the relevant port or border, unless their visit has been officially cleared. Other than that, tourists are free to enter Anhierarch.

Local Information

Visitors may note that products and services in the Basic Needs category are completely free, such as education, public transport and basic food. Cars are banned in Anhierarch, so visitors would probably appreciate the extensive public transportation network, incorporating numerous buses, subways, trains and light rail lines.

Notably, crime is all but nonexistent in Anhierarch, which many visitors appreciate. Visitors are advised to be aware of the websites and information terminals of city-level legislature, as each city has a certain amount of limited autonomy in several areas.

Nudity is legal in Anhierarch, so be prepared. Nevertheless, most citizens choose to keep their clothes on, given the climate. Possession of firearms is regulated by a national registry, which has notably stringent regulations. Visitors are encouraged to leave all firearms at home.

If a visitor decides to visit the countryside, it is worth noting that intentionally damaging or felling a tree without a permit is considered a severe offense. The rangers of the National Parks Board are known to be extremely humorless in this respect.

To avoid offense, it is advisable not to behave disrespectfully to trees in Anhierarch. This rule of thumb applies doubly so to old growth forests. The culture dominant in Anhierarch stresses an affinity with nature - please respect local customs wherever you go.
12-12-2003, 14:52
Entry into Daistallia is quite easy - just a matter of paying a naminal visa fee, a small entry tax, a port airport tax (may be included in your transport fare), and a small number of other fees. If your paperwork isn't right, these fees can be a bit expensive.

Smuggling things in is generally not an issue, as pretty much anything you might want to smuggle in is legal. However outgoing sumggling of goods generally frowned upon by the international community is controlled. Daistallia co-opperates with many law enforcement agencies around the world.

The UN reports "crime is a serious problem", although there is little that is actually illegal in Daistallia. Violence and fraud are serious violations. Penalties are very stiff, with fairly liberal usage of capitol punishment. It is notable that, while intoxication is not a crime, public intoxication is a misdemeanor. Any felony commited under the influance of intoxicants is punished very severly. DWI in particular, is a capitol crime. Non-capitol punisment generally is to a fairly long term at hard labor.

Firearm ownership is actually highly encouraged for the general population. One must obtain a permit, which is fairly easy to get.

Drugs are widely available. This includes hard drugs. Soft drugs, such as caffine, ethanol, nicotine, or marajuana are available readily. Hard drugs are frowned upon, but still legal. Coca leaf and cocaine are the most common of the hard drugs. Visitors inexperienced in the use of hard drugs are warned that they may easily find themselves in trouble if caution is not used in approaching hard drugs.

Speech is extraordinarily free in Daistallia. Visitors who are easily offended by swearing or "racist" terms are hearby warned that the will very likely be very highly offended.

Daistallia is very accepting of many different peoples, religions, and creeds. (Note the following is a half IC and half OOC explanation of my RP policy.) However, Daistallia is a hard realistic nation. We do not belive in elves, demons, aliens, catgirls, goblins, or anyother things beside humans. We are also strictly hard modern. We do not accept most SF tech. Accordingly, in Daistallia or in the eyes of Daistallians visiting outside of Daistallia, aliens will be seen as humans wearing a costume. SF tech will be seen as either toys or oddly designed modern tech (with only mod tech capacities). Fortunately, Daistallians are very accepting of eccentricities, and so rarely mention this.

Public nudity is highly frowned upon. You will be arrested. Pornography and nudity in mainstream movies is legal, however "public" showing or viewing (where it is open to the public view - movie theaters or TV are not considered public) is illegal.

Prostitution is legal. There are legal restrictions and licsencing, but these are related to public health.

The climate ranges from tropical to Himalyan. Visitors are advised to take precautions accordingly.

There are several very nice nature reserves and parks, mostly in private hands. National parks owned by the government are minimal ly staffed. Rescue services in public wilderness parks are fairly limited, and often actually illegal.
12-12-2003, 14:58
Entering and leaving the country is relatively easy, and tourists are well accomodated in most major cities. Tourism reaches its peak in September, when the temperatures are, on average, in the low eighties.
12-12-2003, 15:13
Entering the nation is easy, all you need is a passport. We have some of the most lovely views. We have many things that a tourist wants. Firearms are allowed has long as they don't use any bigger then 50. Cal round. Travel into Yassia is dangerous do to wars between the Brydog Army and the YFA. We allow everybody expect racist.
12-12-2003, 15:52
You can check in, but you can never check out.
12-12-2003, 15:55
The Dutch Democratic Republic of Knootoss

Understanding our cultural history, it is important to know
who we are and what our influence was and is to the world.

Basic facts:

1. The correct name of Knootoss is the Dutch Democratic Republic of Knootoss. The people are called Knootians, not Knootossians. The formal abbreviation is the DDR – do not abbreviate it to ‘K’ or ‘DDRK’ or people will hold you for a CACE spy.

2. Knootcap is the name for a network-city binding together agglomerations of former Dutch cities. Amsterdam is the official capital; The Hague is the actual center of government; Utrecht is the banking and finance center; Rotterdam is the center for trade and heavy industry; the polder cities are the magnets for new industries and the arts.

4. "God created the earth but the Knootians made Knootoss." Well over 50% of usable land in the DDR has been reclaimed from the sea.

5. Knootian society has never been a true melting pot, but consists of coexisting diverse populations and diverse political coalitions. There is a large and vocal Elvish minority.


1. Knootoss is one of the the most morally liberal cultures in NS, with legalized prostitution, government-provided drugs and abortions, and state-sponsored euthanasia. Knootoss also has a very high percentage of cohabitating couples.

2. Blurring of male and female social roles (low context culture)

4. Modest, unostentatious, non-emotional, straightforward personal demeanor (emotionally neutral)

5. Non-aggressive and noncompetitive interpersonally

6. However, Knootians are honest, even when it hurts someone's feelings.

6. Be aware that complimenting people you have just met is regarded as insincere by most Knootians.

Knootian Byte Size Books

-Book of Selfless and Heroic Acts done by Knootians
-Knootian Guide to Bicycle Safety
-Knootian Rules on Age Discrimination
-Knootian People Who Did Not Oppose Tator.
-Warm Welcome Guide to Knootoss
-Flattering Knootian Haircuts
-Rules of Knootian Etiquette

1. Recreational drugs are legal, and producing and exporting them are Knootoss’ major industry. RecDrug Incorporated is a huge organization devoted to it. The corporations has been repeated of widespread smuggling practices on and off, but this has never been proven.

2. Welfare state: federal government provides "cradle-to-grave" social benefits, including almost free education, free child care, lengthy pregnancy leave, etc.

3. The Knootians thrive on trade by controlling many shipping lanes both at sea and in space. 65% of the Knootian GNP comes from trade. The economy of the DDR is closely tied to the WBO, UTP and UFTA economies. Knootoss, besides being service-oriented, is an economy of traders and middlemen who add value to imported raw materials and export them as finished products.

4. The Knootians are traditionally conservative with money and company operations; they believe strongly that profit is the purpose of business.

5. Knootian social-liberalism has heavily regulated employee relations and rights, so that participative/egalitarian management is virtually mandatory in the form of worker counsels and a flat chain of command. Unions, however, are reduced to partners for talks, strikes are a rare occasion.

Doing business with Knootians:
1. Business issues and decisions should be approached from the standpoint of gaining consensus, not debate.

2. Direct, blunt communication. If you make a mistake, Knootians will let you know about it in a constructive way to insure quality is maintained.

3. Aggressive negotiating tactics should be avoided.

4. Egalitarian culture: "Don't think that you are somebody; don't think you are worth as much as we are; don't think you're wiser than we are; don't think you are better than we are."

5. If a Knootian person taps the thumbnails together (as if applauding), it is a signal that the person does not appreciate what has just transpired (e.g., a joke or comment).

6. All of the following are good topics for polite getting-to-know-you “chit chat” with a Knootian business counterpart: The local politics; the host’s hobbies; economic progress in the protectorates. When interacting with Knootians, don’t chew gum, use a lot of make-up, dress with a lot of jewelry, talk about your personal finances, or brag about your personal achievements.

7. Everyone in Knootoss takes at least four weeks of vacation per year. Many people take long vacations during July, August or December, so check first to see if your counterpart will be available.

More info:

(I was already preparing such a post... damnit now I won't have my own thread for it...)
12-12-2003, 16:01
It would be similar to an average country. Entering is easy as long as you pass the background check (this is to prevent terrorism). There are military bases hidden all throughout the nation and in the major cities. Don't worry. The military and police won't really harm you. The only thing you need to know about Nanakaland is:

Otherwise, they could get very agressive.

[EDIT: Oh. Nanakaland has many conservative Christian values. Therefore, if you are visiting and are gay, don't kiss in public.]
12-12-2003, 16:01
Entry into the People's Republic of Spyr ( is a simple matter of holding a passport from a recognized state, stamped at customs and valid for up to six weeks before it must be renewed. To work during a stay, however, an official work visa is required, to be renewed every two years. Foreign property ownership is allowed, though taxes will be levied upon such assets.

Spyr is home to a variety of accommodation options, from luxury hotels to local bed-and-breakfasts. The rental of cars is notoriously expensive, but smaller vehicles such as bicycles and electric mopeds are available at surprisingly cheap rates.

Legal matters are relatively easy to understand, with a code similar to most modern nations. Tourists may be alarmed at first, by the presence of military officers in various entry boxes located in most city blocks and rural villages, but the military is responsible for law enforcement in Spyr and thus these officers serve in a police capacity, and are also available to offer directions, advice, or assistance to both citizens and tourists alike.

Alcohol, tobacco, and narcotics are unpopular in Spyr due to themes of 'purity' held over from the idigenous animist faith, and government laws
dictate that all such products are taken into customs upon arrival, and released back to their owners upon departure. Tourists seeking such items within the country may face confusion and/or hostility from the local populace.

Culturally, Spyrans tend not to consume great quantities of meat products: local restaurant menus will reflect this in the available dining options. Spyr has a number of different types of restaurant, from fine-dining to fast-food, and a plethora of food items can be purchased from popular vending machines.

In terms of health, Spyran hospitals offer free short-term care to tourists as well as citizens, though visitors will have to pay for their own perscription medicine purchases, and long-term-care shall be resolved in a visitor's home country, to which Spyr shall arrange return.

Sexual matters are a mixed bag in Spyr. Traditionally, direct exposure of skin is frowned upon in Spyr... even clothing designed for allure tends to feature high necks and long skirts, accentuating features with its lines rather than exposing them directly. Tourists in t-shirts and shorts can expect odd stares from the local populace.
Condoms are available free from dispensers in most hotels, schools, hopitals, and some public restrooms, and their use is encouraged. For those seeking sexual comforts within Spyr, there are few 'street-walkers', as prostitution has been legalized and restricted to licensed brothels, where acceptable health and safety standards can be maintained. Most brothels will have an in-house doctor to perform examinations, so people with transmissible STDs are advised that they will not be accepted for such activities.
Lagrange 4
12-12-2003, 16:02
-Virtually no gravity except in the Ring section.

-Compulsory ID tagging for all nationals and visitors. Movements and activity are monitored by a network of scanners and cameras.

-No use of private automobiles in the colony.

-Meat production is energy-intensive, affecting its price.

-No libel or slander laws.

-No drug laws.

-Gay couples are a frequent sight

-All age limits are generally two years lower than on Earth.

-Currency is measured in Joules, a unit of energy. The more your account has, the more energy you can spend. This alone would severely restrict the use of private vehicles, since public transportation requires far less energy per passenger. The exchange rate depends on the current cost of energy production.
Hell Bovines
12-12-2003, 16:11
Entry: Entry into The Grand Duchy of Hell Bovines is very easy, a visa can be gotten in your nearest embassy for the cheap price of $5. Exiting the country is also extremely easy. All races and nationalities are allowed into the grand duchy.

General Info: The Grand Duchy of Hell Bovines is a country ideal for tourism, mainly because of the friendliness of its inhabitants, but also for the stunning rainforests, the luxurious (and cheap!) hotels and the great biodiversity of its enviroment.
Accomodation is extremely cheap, due to the severely-devaluated currency, but some comodities common in the capitalist world will probably not be available here (TVs have few channels, fast food is illegal, etc.)
Also, have in mind that meat-eating is considered a crime in the grand duchy, and that if discovered, you may face imprisionment for 10 years at least.
Nudity is legal, so if you feel uncomfortable with seeing naked 2-metre-tall cows, or seeing them wearing robes, then we recommend you not to visit us.
Language should not be a problem. Although Mootish and Spanish are the only offical language, English and other languages are widely spoken, specially in urban areas.
Finally, crime is unexistant and hell bovines are among the friendliest races of the world, so you have nothing to fear in wandering through the city at night.

Places to Visit:
Hell Bovines is a country with a unique culture and enviroment and so, it has many interesting things to do and places to visit:

*Moo Moo Farm city: The beautiful and colorful capital city of Hell Bovines is a unique place in the world. It is a city known for its temples and stunning architecture, which, some experts say, resembles to that of ancient egypt. The city has plenty of things to do, like visiting The Royal Palace, The Revolution Square or the pyramidal Major Temple of The Holy Cow. The city is also known for its cigar factory, Cigarros, La Revolución", one of the most famous brands of cigars of all the world.
Another place you can't miss in Moo Moo Farm is the Hell Bovines' National Museum, a beautiful building that tells the whole history of our nation and its revolution against the Spanish colonialists.

*The Ancient City of Tiahuanaco: The most ancient city of the grand duchy, nobody knows who built Tiahuanaco. According to hell bovinian history, it was there before the hell bovines arrived and it has been there since the dawn of time. The colorful, but ruinous city is in the depts of the enourmous Lakamul rainforests and the only way of reaching it is by 4-by-4 cars, which can be hired in the capital. This city has lots of places to visit, but tourist agencies say that The Lakamul Rainforest, with its incredible vegetal and animal diversity, is *the* highlight of our country.
Besides this beautiful place, you can also visit the ancient buildings of Baian-Kara Ula or the Lost Temple of Copan, an incredible and laberinthicous underground building.

*Blackhooves' Barn: Previously known as Santa Trinidad, the city changed its name after The Bovine Revolution, when the Spanish colonialists were kicked out. This city was the first center of insurrection against foreign rule and its the birthplace of Hell Bovines' revolutionary hero, Mooo Blackhooves.
Situated in the mountainous northeast, this city is famous for its colonial haciendas and for The Mausoleum of Mooo Blackhooves, who is momified inside an enourmous pyramidal temple, according to hell bovinian traditions.
This city is the second largest of the country and has a beautiful revolutionary atmosfere that its impossible to avoid.

Major Warnings: There are few warnings to give about Hell Bovines, due to its friendly population and almost unexistant crime rates, however, there are a few things visitors should have in mind:
*Drugs: Most recreational drugs are legal in Hell Bovines, however, some of the most dangerous ones are not legal and so, its not recomended to bring them on your trip.
*Meat Eating: As stated before, this is a major crime inside the grand duchy and so, it is strongly recommended not to bring meat.
Also, Its Strongly Recommended not to touch the subjects of steaks, Mc' Donalds or meat eating in general when chatting with a hell bovine, because this subjects are capable of turning the humanoid cows, usually nice creatures, into psychotic bastards.
*Enviromentalism: Enviromentalism is a strong ideology inside the grand duchy and, polluting the enviroment is a great crime. Even smaller things like throwing a paper into the wild can get you a fine.
Try not to enter the country with a polluting car,as, although not illegal, owners are loathed for their misrespect to Mother Nature.
*Racism: Racist comments are, besides a loathable conduct, a crime in Hell Bovines, so avoid doing them.
*Animal Life: Rainforests in Hell Bovines are still very virgin, so, unless you are armed or with security personel, it is strongly recommende that you don't go into the depths of them, as many agressive animals inhabit them.
12-12-2003, 16:15
Only few are allowed to enter the People's Republic of Yonyi and tourists are not allowed to move around freely. Instead, they will be given a bus tour around the capitol. The tour consists of grand monuments and a short history lecture - everything about the birth of the People's Republic and its great leader, who liberated the population from evil bourgeoise oligarchs.
If you're lucky, you might see an execution of traitors of the people - or if you're unlucky, you might be shot as well. At the closely guarded border stations you will get a nice small Yonyi flag for free. Remember to wave it around!

Should anyone try to get his or her own way around, the consequences could be severe. The vast jungles of Yonyi provide a good place for re-education and interrogation of foreign spies. Capital punishment isn't out of the question either.

PS. Rumours about corruption amongst the officials of the state is a huge lie, of course. To your service, the People's Republic will educate you during your journey and give you a new prospect to life and global politics.
12-12-2003, 16:59
Entering Yn – for those few who want to try it – is a complex business. You will need to obtain an entry visa at least two weeks in advance, from your nearest Yn consulate. If there is no Yn consulate in your homeland, you will have to contact one abroad, or contact Yn’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs directly. Once you have done this, you should obtain a visa fairly easily. It will enable you to reside up to seven months in Yn.

Next problem: getting in. Yn is a very reclusive country, which few people visit (for reasons that shall be stated shortly). Unless you’re entering by land, you’ll be flying, and only Yn Air International, the country’s only international airline company, usually provides flights in and out of Yn. Foreign companies do fly there and back occasionally, but their flight schedules are not as flexible. Yn Air International can arrange for its one and only plane (flight YN-001) to touch down in your home country’s main airport at a convenient date. Although the plane can accommodate twenty passengers, you will probably be the only passenger. Needless to say, flights are very expensive.

Once you arrive, your baggage will be scanned and checked by hand. You will have to surrender all weapons and any material susceptible to be used as anti-government propaganda. This will all be returned to you as you leave the country.

There is no Internet access in Yn, except to government-approved websites. It is an offence to criticize the government. You will almost certainly be under discreet observation by one or more government agents during your entire stay, there to ensure you do not spread anti-government ideas. Trying to spot them and give them the slip is NOT advised: you will immediately be considered a spy.

Yns (an inhabitant of Yn is called an Yn) will no doubt not be very talkative. This is because they do not want to be seen conversing with a foreigner who might be trying to incite them to commit anti-government acts. You will find some Yns to be friendly and welcoming, however, and most Yns will be willing to help you out in any way they can. Just be sure not to say anything liable to get them into trouble.

Yns are cannibals. Most human meat comes from executed criminals, including a great number of criminals imported from other countries to be processed into food, but it is also legal to kill and eat someone, if you follow a number of regulations: informing the nearest police station of your intent, verifying your future victim does not benefit from any special protection, and declaring you intend to eat your victim or offering proof you have arranged to sell his/her meat. As a visiting foreigner, you will mot certainly be listed as a protected person, and thus not legally edible. You should make sure of this at the Yn consulate before entering Yn, however, and you should check again at the police station upon arrival. The police will take your safety very seriously. Although you will be legally protected, this is not an absolute guarantee of safety, though, so you should avoid walking alone outside well-used, well-lit streets in major cities, and should not spend time alone with people you do not know in a secluded area. You may also ask for an armed policeman to accompany you at all times. This service will in fact probably be offered you, for a minimal fee, as it has the added bonus of allowing the state to keep a close eye on you.

If you are not a cannibal, be sure to check the ingredients on every food product you buy.

You should remember to keep your passport on you at all times to prove you are NOT an Yn citizen. The police will then be more lenient if you commit an offence. As Yn has very little immigration, the nation is ethnically homogenous (Caucasian/Hispanic). If you do not resemble ethnic Yns, you should be all right even if you have forgotten your passport in your hotel room, but it is safer to have it with you. For most offences you will face only a fine or, at worst, temporary expulsion. If you are suspected of crimes against the state, however, you will be detained.

Public transport is fairly efficient and not too expensive. Doctors and hospitals are efficient and cheap. On the other hands, cinemas only show government-approved, usually very much censured and shortened, films, and there is only one television channel, closely monitored by the government. No foreign media sources are available.

When entering Yn, you should be aware you are entering a tight-fisted dictatorship, and a nation where human life has fairly little value. In other aspects, Yns are very much like other people around the world, and you will find similar services and entertainment here as in your homeland.

Yn has a number of interesting museums and art galleries, including the Natsional Istoriaca Moseom. Artistic expression is fairly free, so long as the government does not feel it is attempting to convey subversive messages. Yn has only a short coastal area, but it boasts a small number of beautiful beaches.
12-12-2003, 17:06
if you have a valid visa in SeOCC you get free food, housing and transportation within the nation. put that in your pipe and smoke it.
12-12-2003, 18:06
visitors to to the Moskoka are welcomes if they have a valid passport and pay an entry tax which is partly use to enforce the immigration ;aws laws and promote tourism using advertisements, porn and prostitution is legal in some districts and these are for people OVER 18 ONLY. immigrants and refugees that risk thier lives escaping dictatorial oppressive goverments are also welcomed to enjoy the personal and economic and political freedoms of Moskoka and they are required to be quarantined and screened for any diseases they might carry before they are released into to integrate into Moskokan society
12-12-2003, 18:27
other nations want to talk about tourism?
Earth II
12-12-2003, 18:28

Due to current happenings we prefer to close all borders as well as the Gate to preserve any foreigners from harm. At the moment no tourists are allowed in the Empire. As soon as the current crisis is over the borders and the Gate will be opened again.


~Official warning
~Foreign Office of the Empire of Earth II
12-12-2003, 18:48
are you at war earth empire? who or what started this war or crisis?
Ness ziona
12-12-2003, 18:53
We have a very strict policy when it comes to people who get in or out of the nation. Therefore you'll better have a visa, no matter if you're a tourists, a student, or in a work mission. Guns are not allowed, unless you present an authorization of our Foreign Ministry. Drugs are not allowed, and Alcohol and cigarettes are only allowed up to a certain limit.

NZ is also a pretty cold land. In the summer, the temp is not higher than 10C (the latest record was 14C, 12 years ago), and in the winter, the temp can drop down to -10C in the cities, and -40C or -50C in the villages and mountains (Spring is perfect for skiing). Summer is mostly dry and sunny, winter is a bit less dry, but snowy and icy (the roads).

We reccomend not to cross the western border into the territory of Rasmossen, because this is a territory of terrorists. We know at least 4 terrorist groups operating there against our military (the NZAF), and also the DSRO organization, which are "visitors" there.
About the terrorist threat - from time to time there's an explosion in one of the cities, of course we try to prevent it, but it may happen (after our establishment, the terror waves were frightening and terrible, but we worked hard to stop them and thus we got our army in their territory).

There are many sights and places to visit in NZ, especially inside the big cities, such as the capital. In the summer, you can visit the countryside and the mountains, a "must see" for adventure lovers!
Note the NZ is a very big country, and you must have a map if you plan to visit (and if you don't wanna end up crossing the western border).

The national currency is the "Icy" (NNI), which is about 2.5 USD.
Prices are not too high, and you can spend a whole day of touring with less than 100 Icy.

If you know English, the language will be pretty easy for you to understand, the Greender is somekind of a mix between English and German, but its grammar (although not spelling) is much easier.
When you'll pass the passport check you'll get a small booklet with important words and pronouncing rules. In any case, English is taught as a second language in NZ, so almost everybody can speak it.

I hope I wrote everything.
Earth II
12-12-2003, 18:54
are you at war earth empire? who or what started this war or crisis?

Not a real war. The people started killing eachother but we don't exactly know why they do so. We are working on it.

12-12-2003, 19:01
We have a very strict policy when it comes to people who get in or out of the nation. Therefore you'll better have a visa, no matter if you're a tourists, a student, or in a work mission. Guns are not allowed, unless you present an authorization of our Foreign Ministry. Drugs are not allowed, and Alcohol and cigarettes are only allowed up to a certain limit.

NZ is also a pretty cold land. In the summer, the temp is not higher than 10C (the latest record was 14C, 12 years ago), and in the winter, the temp can drop down to -10C in the cities, and -40C or -50C in the villages and mountains (Spring is perfect for skiing). Summer is mostly dry and sunny, winter is a bit less dry, but snowy and icy (the roads).

We reccomend not to cross the western border into the territory of Rasmossen, because this is a territory of terrorists. We know at least 4 terrorist groups operating there against our military (the NZAF), and also the DSRO organization, which are "visitors" there.
About the terrorist threat - from time to time there's an explosion in one of the cities, of course we try to prevent it, but it may happen (after our establishment, the terror waves were frightening and terrible, but we worked hard to stop them and thus we got our army in their territory).

There are many sights and places to visit in NZ, especially inside the big cities, such as the capital. In the summer, you can visit the countryside and the mountains, a "must see" for adventure lovers!
Note the NZ is a very big country, and you must have a map if you plan to visit (and if you don't wanna end up crossing the western border).

The national currency is the "Icy" (NNI), which is about 2.5 USD.
Prices are not too high, and you can spend a whole day of touring with less than 100 Icy.

If you know English, the language will be pretty easy for you to understand, the Greender is somekind of a mix between English and German, but its grammar (although not spelling) is much easier.
When you'll pass the passport check you'll get a small booklet with important words and pronouncing rules. In any case, English is taught as a second language in NZ, so almost everybody can speak it.

I hope I wrote everything.

so are you located at the north or south pole you have a polar like climate do you 6months of day in the summer and 6 months night in the winter? :shock:
12-12-2003, 19:46
Visiting Isselmere-Nieland is comparatively easy. Any person with a valid passport can visit the UKIN. Our customs officers are thorough but polite and efficient. Weapons of all types, with certain religious exceptions conforming to statute, and all pharmaceuticals not deemed medicinal will be seized upon entry, and offenders may be detained for up to three months--our courts are rather full these days--although most are expelled. His Majesty's Government is bears no responsibility for paying an expellee's way, nor will it return the seized property to that person.

Visitors wishing to stay for a year or more, or desiring to either work or study in Isselmere-Nieland must apply for permanent resident status, a work visa, or a study visa. Visas must be renewed every year. Failure to renew a visa will result in deportation. In certain instances (e.g. illness, financial difficulties), dependent on the decision of a responsible tribunal, the individual may receive special dispensation (visa may be extended or the Government will pay the deportation costs).

Isselmerian attitudes towards public nudity are, for the most part, conservative. Individuals walking naked on the streets are quite uncommon and may be subject to arrest and fines. Isselmere does, however, permit public nudity on the majority of its beaches, though most times of the year it is ill-advised.

Prostitution and soft drugs (i.e. marijuana) exist in a legal grey area. The rise in human smuggling has led to a crackdown on prostitution recently, so anyone venturing to Isselmere-Nieland for that purpose are advised to reconsider. People may carry marijuana on their person for their own use and may purchase the substance from licensed dealers, but may not deal (without a licence) or export except as defined by statute. Isselmerians are avid social drinkers (generally any excuse for a tipple will do), though public drunkenness is frowned upon in most occasions.

Private investment is welcome.

Presently, the lethse is trading at $0.63 US.
12-12-2003, 20:24
Anyone can visit Tadjikistan, for most tourists a visum is required but this is easy unless you are a criminal.

Entering the country can be done trough one of the highways, expect checkpoints and army personel searching your vehicles if you come from the North. Another way to enter the country is by aircraft, you will see one of our 4 beautiful international airports (Khujand, Dushanbe, Murgab and Penjikent).

We ask everyone who wishes to go West to stay out of the mountains if
-They are strong Christians, Jews, Hindoe's, Communists.
-They are female and do not wear traditional islamic clothing
-They use foul language
-They laugh at Islamic religion
The mountainous region is habited by 3 (large) muslim tribes who have semi autonomy, and muslim men with Kalashnikovs on there back are very common, they are traditional muslims and they expect you to respect their religion.
While you are there visit lake Karakul (one of the highest in Asia) and the two highest mountains of Tadjikistan; Peak Lenin (7134m) and Peak Communism(7495m).
You might ocasionally run into one or more crazy fools, you can feed them as you like, some might act "strange" but they are harmless.

Our main tourist city is Aini, good hotels, shops and other recreational buildings, be sure to take an excursion trough the Dardar pass, Anzob pass and the mountain Chimtarga (5489m, you can go upto 4800m, excellent view)
You can offcourse rent a Yugo or Ford Fiesta and make your own excursions.

Also, Tourists best stay out of the Northern region, there have been several clashes between seperatist groups and the army, not to mention the ongoing civil war in Communist Tadjikistan. Upto now there have been no problems and we like it to stay that way.

You can exchange your currency for Somoni's at airports and exchange points in the large cities but Dinars, Vols, Dollars and Euro's will be accepted by most storeowners (Visa or Mastercard is an option to offcourse)
12-12-2003, 21:03
Kiaretiniru is easy to visit with a valid passport; a tourist visa lasts up to one year and costs X10 (ten rakisuia) per month. Note that Kiaretiniru has no diplomatic relations with Hleelzuuyar, and visitors whose passports show that they have visited Hleelzuuyar or have at any point been a Hleelzuuyar citizen are denied entry, as is any person suspected of having sympathy with Hleelzuuyar.

Firearms and other advanced weapons, as well as poisons, illegal drugs, and pirated goods, will be seized and the offender expelled immediately. Swords and other primitive weapons will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Upon departure, all written material must be checked by customs agents to ensure that no trade secrets are being taken out of the country. Kiaretiniru has very strict intellectual property laws, and what is considered public domain elsewhere may be considered a trade secret in Kiaretiniru. Offending material is seized and destroyed, and the offender is usually fined half the value of the trade secret. Offenders may be held in jail (and put to work) in lieu of some or all of the fine, but since trade secrets are very valuable jail terms are very lengthy. Deportees must pay the cost of deportation. Foreigners charged with crimes or with debts deemed unlikely to be paid may be forbidden to leave Kiaretiniru.

Socially, Kiaretiniru is a constitutional monarchy with a high degree of freedom: political, social, and economic. The current queen, Her Majesty Mireixa, is very popular and slandering her is grounds for expulsion from the neighborhood you are visiting.

Transit to and from Kiaretiniru is easy. Flights depart Takaliapa's Chilaihale Airport daily for major cities worldwide. Within Kiaretiniru, all cities can be reached by air, and good road and rail networks allow access to the more isolated areas.

Kiaretiniruka society is built on absolute honesty; penalties for fraud, libel, and slander are harsh, and even white lies are socially unacceptable. Unmerited praise and excessive humility are both considered suspicious behavior. You can be assured that any Kiaretiniruku will keep their word, and a contract is considered categorically binding.

Bargaining is part of all Kiaretiniruka business; even in stores with posted prices you are expected to insist on a traditionally fixed one-sixth reduction of the price. Despite the devotion to honesty, Kiaretiniruku consider anything but an outright lie to be acceptable when bargaining, and insults fly with no regard to whether they are true or not. Aggressive negotiation is normal. The best advice for someone doing business in Kiaretiniru is to keep their temper and focus on the issue at hand.

Driving in major Kiaretiniruka cities, particularly the capital Takaliapa, is not recommended. Traffic is dense, speed limits are higher than most other countries, and all streets in cities are one-way. Buses and subways are everywhere and fairly cheap. Alternately, you could call a taxi, but taxis are quite expensive (X1 per mile).

Recreational drugs are illegal in Kiaretiniru, except for a few well-marked regions. Prostitution is legal in most areas, but heavily regulated.

Two parts of Kiaretiniru are restricted: Zuyaru District in northern Ganitasa Province and Nimeita County in northeast Tizyakumeitei Province. Tourists need a special permit to visit both areas: a permit to visit Zuyaru can be obtained at the Ganitasa Border Control Bureau in Balani, and a permit for Nimeita can be obtained at the Nimeita County Administrative Branch Office in Dubuhi. Visitors to Zuyaru must prove that they have an understanding of Zuyaruka culture and have no connections to Hleelzuuyar. Nimeita has established a quota for visitors, and would-be tourists must demonstrate a knowledge and appreciation of Nimeitaka culture.

Kiaretiniru has a wide variety of tourist destinations. The scenic Kalahali Moutains are good for trekking in the summer and skiing in the winter, and the northern beaches have warm, calm water in the summer. Kiaretiniru also has a large number of ancient cities, palaces, and museums. Visitors should not miss the Old Royal Palace in Takaliapa, which has a replica of the "royal palace" occupied by Queen Ramichu, the founder of Takaliapa.

Foreigners should have health insurance before traveling to Kiaretiniru. The Kiaretiniruku are covered by a patchwork of insurance schemes, none of which cover foreigners. Health care in Kiaretiniru meets international standards, but it is commesurately expensive; although few doctors will refuse to treat someone who cannot pay immediately, the resulting debt could cause problems later.

The traditional Kiaretiniruka diet is heavily meat-based; vegetarian or vegan visitors will have a hard time finding restaurants that cater to them, except the special vegan Nesanuse-style restaurants found in some neighborhoods. Alcohol is rare and forbidden in many areas.

Kiaretiniruku still wear their traditional clothing, the taneza (a long apron covering both front and back tied at the waist), over shirts and pants, topped off with an elaborate belt. Nudity is legal in Kiaretiniru, but rare because of the climate.

English is not widely spoken in Kiaretiniru; a visitor would be well advised to learn at least common phrases in the local language, Ziotaki. The Kiaretiniruku are friendly and will help lost tourists as much as they can, usually directing them to the nearest police station. Business travelers should hire an interpreter, despite the expense.

Foreigners who commit crimes in Kiaretiniru are usually subject to immediate deportation and prosecution in their home country, unless Her Majesty's justice decides that the criminal would not receive proper punishment if deported. Jail terms in Kiaretiniru are long, and prisoners are put to work 10 hours a day, although treated decently. Parole is unheard of.

Kiaretiniru's currency, the rakisui (pl. rakisuia) [KRR] trades at around NS$2.50. It is freely convertible, and can be taken out of the country in unlimited quantities. Foreign investment is welcome.
12-12-2003, 21:26
Ravenspire is among the most liberal (and, for that matter, libertine) nations extant. Once in Ravenspire, a visitor possesses nearly absolute freedom to go where he likes and do what he likes.

Getting in, however, can be an arduous process, at least if one has never visited before. First-time entry procedures require significant amounts of data for security purposes, including but not limited to medical records, educational records, employment records, handprinting, retinal scanning, and a DNA sample. There is also a thorough customs examination and a background check. Much of the process can be automated, but visitors should allow several hours. Subsequent visits are much faster. Formal diplomatic visits are usually exempted from most of this process as a courtesy. Visitors are warned that evasion of customs or misrepresentation of one's status during customs is considered a serious offense, and may even be considered a capital crime.

Nationals of the Reich, or those travelling from a Reich member nation, are not permitted to enter the country. The same applies to nationals of certain other extremist-religious states with a record of support for terrorism.

Inside the country:

Almost all recreational drugs are legal for adult use, including alcohol and tobacco.

Gambling is legal.

There are no sex laws save against pedophilia. Prostitution is also legal.

Public nudity is legal.

It is legal for an adult to carry any weapon not classified as a weapon of mass destruction. It is legal to carry concealed. It is legal for a minor to carry certain nonlethal (taser, needler, pepper-spray, shock baton) or archaic/sport weaponry, with a parent or guardian's permission.

The age of majority is 16 human-equivalent years.

There is no discrimination on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, race, species, religious belief or lack thereof, or practically any other status. The only legal distinctions are between sentient and non-sentient and between adult and minor.

There is no restriction of speech, artistic expression, religion, or the press. The right of free assembly is guaranteed, but the places, times, and manners of assembly may be regulated by the local government within reasonable bounds. For instance, in most areas, the blocking of a major thoroughfare is not permissible, nor is the use of loudspeakers at 4 AM.

Crime is practically nonexistent in Ravenspire, and most of what there is is of the white-collar variety. Medical care is excellent, but it mostly private, with public healthcare providing only for those who are incapable of providing for themselves (a very small segment of the population). Banking services are ubiquitous in major cities. Guided sightseeing tours, both general and themed in nature, are available in many areas. Public transportation is cheap, extensive, and usually very fast, between cities; within a city, there may be some delays.
12-12-2003, 23:31
Walmington on Sea
12-12-2003, 23:57
The Hitchhikers Guide to Walmington on Sea:

1- Digital watches will tend to scare us.

2- We do not look silly, the bowler hat has been the height of Walmingtonian fashion since the 1740s, and if you want to be serious about it, you look silly without one.

3- We are at war with Nazi Germany, it would be well if Jerry went by a different name for the duration of his stay.

4- That is proper food, and you're not going to find anything less greasy, so stop looking. Oh, 4b- vegetarianism is an entirely alien concept in Walmington, you won't find menus catering to such a diet.

5- Yes, there is a lot of horse s***, but can you think of a better way to pull a tram? No. I said no! You can't!

6- Strangers may smile and nod or tip their hat, and they may even say "Good day!" or such, but this does not mean that they will not react with horror and panic if you actually engage them in conversation beyond that.

7- Except in the north west, most people will think you some sort of maniac if you actually attempt to hitch-hike.

8- Everything stops for tea... which occurs a minimum of four times a day, even in the most run-down parts of rural Norbray.

9- The most run-down parts of rural Norbray are presently a military proving and training ground, and are bombed, shelled, and straffed half way to hell all of each and every day, except Sundays and tea time.

10- Walmington is yet to accept that tobacco products, alcohol, opium, et cetera et cetera are dangerous, so don't be surpised by the little girl who wouldn't dare say so much as golly gosh to a goose is sucking on a cigarette between boiled sweets.

Oh, best make it an even eleven- Dueling is still legal in Walmington, and from time to time is a right enacted. Be warned that swords, pistols, and bare-fist-boxing at dawn are all considered reasonable means of settling a dispute, though it is hard to push a Walmingtonian to do anything more than apologise.
The Mindset
13-12-2003, 00:08
1. All visitors are bound by Mindsettian law, and shall not be deported to their original country should they breach one. They shall be punished according to our laws, and in our territory. Most crimes involve capital punishment.

2. Nazism is disallowed, and will be punished.

3. Homophobic attitudes are disallowed.

4. Speaking out against the Order of The Highers is disallowed, as they are genetically elite.

5. No sex may occur between outsiders and Mindsettian citizens, by punishment of death, including any child. Our genetic breeding programs will NOT be interupted.

6. No entry to our nation without proper visas, and all good bought within our territory are subject to a 10% discount. Visitors do not pay sales tax on top of goods.
13-12-2003, 00:34
1: The borders are sealed.
2: There is no tourism industry
3: All roads leading out of the nation have been destroyed.
4: There are no airports.
5: An entire trip to Crimmond will be: Land at an air station, get interogatted, get deported, have your bags shipped back months later, minus any valuables...

While the people are extremely polite and love tomeet new people... they just don't want to let foriegners in to mess up their beautiful cities and country side.
13-12-2003, 01:01

Entry into Taka in the old days was difficult and brutal, requiring applicants to fight amoung the entry pool, till only 10% of the orriginal applicants remained. These were the first Tournements, and as time progressed they became less brutal, and with more and more Takian's participating, untill they reached the current form, where real injury is rare, and death unheard of. The current entry prosedure is a simple scan of baggage and the person to assure nothing illegal is being brought in, as well as to confirm the identity of the applicant. There are no taxes or fees to enter Taka, however, everyone coming into the country must state where they are from, how long they will be staying, and submit to wearing a tracking bracelet for thier stay. The only exemptions from this are citizens from PCDI, StarCon, and CA member nations, as well as those who have recieved a formal pardon from the Takian Prime Minister, the High Prince, or a senior member of the Takian Senate.

Takian Culture

It should be noted that Takian's are a very diverse group, containing four species that have been recognized as sentients, as well as implants from several other species. The age of concent is 16 for humans, 50 for the long lived Agrol, and 9 for the more rapidly maturing Squallem. All drugs are legal for any self use, however the user is repsoncible for thier actions under the influence, and those who commit crimes while under the influence held compeltly acountable. There is very little crime in Taka, mostly because of a very large police force, and high honor codes amoung Takian citizens. Furthermore, anyone in Taka for more than five years is required to join the Takian Reserves, and train one weekend a month for each month over 5 years they are in Taka, though they can not be called up as Takian soldiers, they are expected to work as hard as natural borne Takians, and to enlist in the full time services when the drafting call goes out.
Aztec National League
13-12-2003, 01:17
The United Socialist States of the Aztec National League is an extremely safe nation that welcomes all visitors. All Aztec civilans will be courtious and hospitable to all visitors. However, we adivse you on these issues...

Adivsory notice #1:
Temperatures between late spring, through out the summer and into early fall will reach above 100 degrees farnheit. All visitors are asked to take it easy, refrain from over strenous activities and to wear sunscreen when going to the beach.

Advisory notice #2:
Weapons such as guns are not allowed in the hands of civilans. On-duty police officers and millitary personel are the only exceptions.

Adviory notice # 3:
Because of the extreme temperatures experienced through out most of the year, partial or full nudity is allowed.
13-12-2003, 01:35
Entering the New Montreal States

Getting there is easy. The nation is entering an economic boom. Airports are being expanded and built constantly. Airfare is cheap and pressure from the tourism industry has caused visa acquisition to become cheaper.

No visa fees are needed, but photographs and fingerprints will be taken. Passports are required. That's about it, except for the following:

PERSON FROM THE FOLLOWING AREAS will need special permission to enter the nation. This can be gained at any consulate.

- A Corp region natives
- Bigtopia Region Natives (except Burgston City). Permission will usually be granted, unless fighting breaks out again.
- Anyone from Holy Mercenaries.

Forbidden items are:

- Weapons not on the "approved" list. Presentation of a permit from your native nation granting you the right to bear one of those weapons will enable you to gain a temporary permit in the NMS.
- Bedistan Lions gear (unless the Lions are in the 'States to play). This will be confiscated and returned upon your departure. This is for your own safety as the Lions are *not* very popular amongst the drunken bar scum.


Vegetarianism is okay. So is meat eating. Steak is very popular, as is beef jerky.

All drugs have been legalized. Use at your own risk. Marijuana doubles as national currency and *probably* shouldn't be smoked that much.

Making fun of the futility of the Ice Paladins in WCX will get you beat up. Mockery of the national team is considered cause for minor battery (if you can still use all your limbs charges will be dropped). This is not a law, but rather a show of support.

The nation is run by Frog. It is customary to drink a toast to his health at most formal meals. If the host is one of the minor nobility a toast is drunk to him as well.

Dueling is legal, with some restrictions. All duels are fought at sunrise with short swords. Tourists are forbidden from dueling, although many gather to watch. Most towns have a formal "dueling ground" by the town square.

Most cooking is mildly spicy. Favorites are "Smoke Peppers" spicy steak and vegetables in a smoked bell pepper, "Paladin Kebabs" with marienated pork, olives, bell peppers and red onions, pizza pies with pepperoni, olives and onion, and barbecued anything. Vietnamese food has become very popular of late.

Most citizens are Eastern Orthodox Christian (Russian/Serbian sect). Churchs have onion domes on the top (think Kremlin, the Kremlin was formerly a church). Most religions have a church or two in the major cities, in the countryside they become harder to find.

Public Nudity is now legal across the land, but impractical (due to cold) most of the year. Public displays of affection are okay. Prostitution is legal in some places, banned in others, but remains everywhere. Most towns in which prostitution is legal have the lowest levels of protitution as the nightclubs are so good that very few people need the help.

Hotels are expensive but luxurious in the cities and cheaper farther out. T.V. has 345 registered channels nationwide. Punk, rock and heavy metal are what most people listen to. Techno is played mostly in the night clubs, hip-hop and rap are unknown to most people. Disco and Lite Rock are misdemeanors in many municipalities.

The Currency is the ounce of marijuana. This should be converted back to dollars (going rate is usually around 1 oz. marijuana to $10) at the airport as it has no value outside NMS and its colonies.
13-12-2003, 01:51
1. Knootoss is one of the the most morally liberal cultures in NS, with ... government-provided ... abortions, and state-sponsored euthanasia. emphasis added


God bless,

The Republic of Syskeyia
Slutbum Wallah
13-12-2003, 01:54
It's legal to kill/steal/break the law as long as your excuse for doing so makes the arresting officer laugh.
13-12-2003, 02:15
13-12-2003, 02:17
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Beth Gellert
13-12-2003, 02:25
Visitors to Beth Gellert should be aware of a number of things, at least to begin with, there after few are really going to care how deeply intoxicated and confused one becomes.

-Capitalists and theists are likely to be the brunt of near constant jokes at their own expense. Most Beth Gellens won't hesitate to talk off the ear of a capitalist on just exactly why his or her country is a pathetic backwards joke of a nation, and how The People's Commonwealth is so vastly superior.

-Lawful religious preaching requires a Comic Performer's Permit, which may be attained from one of the nation's many Commonwealth Professional Civil Service offices.

-Crime has of late become a problem in Beth Gellert, due to a Final Senate meeting turning spontaniously into a vodka-drinking contest, culminating in the decision to destroy the nation's gaols. As a result, thousands of untreatable criminal maniacs were released over-night, without preparation for such an event being taken before hand.

-The national animal of BG is the infamous three legged hyena cicada- an armoured man-eating airborn pack animal of moderate intelligence. These tripeds have an extraordinary taste for children.

-If you happen to be a criminal from Slutbum Wallah, or a lawmaker from same, you are likely to be well received, and offered alcohol. It may be best to 'accidentally' spill most of it, as it is likely to be barely diluted.

-If you happen to be The Republic of Syskeyia, then yes, people are laughing at you, excepting of course for those with the look of pity in their eyes.

-Those tourists who may be annoyed by "the sort of person who thinks its weird if you don't have a drink" will likely not enjoy a stay in The People's Commonwealth, where most people die by sixty, of alcohol related ills, or else other substance abuse.

-Not that there isn't plenty to do here. Probably. Who cares, really?
13-12-2003, 02:26
Quick Guide to Omzian Democratic Federal Republic

Entry: Citizens from most countries will be freely allowed to visit Omzian nation, although various citizens from nations that favor a pro-expansion or terrorism policy will be rejected (even though there's no hostility between the nations). Citizens from allied countries will certainy enjoy a better experience when applying for his/her visa.
Entry into Omzian Democratic Federal Republic is quite easy for some, quite complex for others. Most foreign visitors will perfer to have a Visitor Visa, which is available at your nearest Omzian consulate or embassy. After the filling of an application form, a brief interview by the embassy/consulate staff, a brief background check (includes taking of DNA samples, handprints, and various medical/educational/business records) and a payment of a small amount of fees (material fee, photo fee, tax), you will be getting your visa done within 1 day. Visitor Visa allows a visitor to access all 18 provinces of Omzian Democatic Federal Republic. The expiration date on a Visitor Visa can be from 2 months to 12 months from the application date. The disadvantage of a Visitor Visa is mainly that once you exit Omzian Nation using that visa, it will be automatically void.
The other common kind of visa is a Free Access Visa, however to get them you will follow a harder process. A Free Access Visa basically allow any foreign citizen to visit Omzian Democratic Federal Republic anytime in a 10 years period without the "one time" restriction in the Visitor Visa. To get a Free Access Visa, one must visit his/her nearest Omzian embassy/consulate. The staff will perform a background check for the applicant, before letting the applicant be interviewed with the staff. Once this is passed, the applicant will be paying a small fee, and receive his/her visa within 1 week.
Another option for visitors in nations that are allies of Omzian Democratic Federal Republic is to directly visit Omzian Democratic Federal Republic with only a passport of his/her country. Using only a passport of the selected countries, the visitor may stay in Omzian Democratic Federal Republic for 2 weeks. This does not apply to anyone with multiple citizenships, an option recongized by the Omzian Immigration Office.
Business, Diplomatic, and Permenant Residence Application Visas are also available, but they will be only described in other documents applicatable.

Once the applicant receives his/her visa, or that he has a passport of a selected country, he may pick a method of transportation to Omzian Democratic Federal Republic. The available forms of transportation are by air or sea, although air travel is more convinent. There are 3 major Omzian airlines available, plus many other foreign airlines that provides access to Omzian Nation. For sea travel, cruise ships is a good method. But there will always be restrictions.

Once a visitor enters Omzian Democratic Federal Republic, he/she must pass the inspections by the Omzian Republic Border Guard, which includes the following: possession inspection, identification inspection, and medical inspection. Identification inspection of course, requires a passport, a visa (if the applicant is not from the certain "selected countries"), and an ID documentation in hard copy form. Once the border guard finishes this stage of inspection, it would be time for medical inspection. Medical inspection requires the visitor to fill out a form. If the visitor is having any flu-like illness or any other harmful disease, he/she will be turned back immediately. Any person having STDs or HIV will also be turned back immediately. The final step is possession inspection.

During possession inspection, a border guard officer opens up all baggages, and performs a brief body search using various instruments (no touching body). The following is prohibited in any visitors' possessions once they enter Omzian Democratic Federal Republic: high-flamatory or explosive of ANY kind; chemicals, gas, and scientific samples of organisms (inc. poison, virus samples, etc.); weapons (inc. guns, pepper spray, combat knife, etc.); perishible food OR meat of ANY kind (dried, non-meat food are allowed); etc. Because of security reasons, empty canisters are also prohibited. Regulations enforced by airline/sea service authorities or departure airports/ports may also be enforced here. If any visitor fails to pass this procedure, all possessions that violates the regulations will be seized and/or the visitor will be fined heavily. Under extreme circumstances, the visitor will be detained and/or sent back to his/her country.

General Infomation: Omzian Democratic Federal Republic, short form Omzian Nation or Omz222, is a massive, liberal nation residing in the region of Nasicournia, composed of the Omzian Island, and other smaller islands. Its variety of landscape and environments makes it a great place to visit for any visitors. Omzian Nation also features a booming economy, and high living standards, but there will be a few things for all visitors:

-Although crimes are "unknown" as classified by UN and international reports, pickpockets targeting foreign visitors are often at larger cities. Although many of them has been stamped out after the Omzian Armed Police's massive "Operation Guilt" operation, please be careful with your bags and other possessions. Do NOT heave anything out of your sight or hands especially on public transports and in airports. There've been reports that thieves still exist in major international airports. The use of violence, or gang crimes are extremely rare even in large cities. On the contrast however, any visitor committing crimes in Omzian Nation will be immediately detained, fined, and sent back to his nation.

-Public nudity is legal in Omzian Democratic Federal Republic, although it is frowned upon by many Omzians. In Omzian nation public nudity is common with celebrations and various parades, and artwork. Public Display of Affection is frowned upon, and public sexual acts are also frowned upon. Freedom of speech is also applicatable in Omzian Democratic Federal Republic, although sometimes public display of hate against a certain ethnic group or race will certainly get you an arrest.

-Gambling, drugs (although with restrictions), prostitution, and various "street" races are completely legal in Omzian nation, although some are still rare (drugs, street races). Gambling are completely open also to people 23 years or older, but the use of things considered harmful drugs in Omzian nation (marijuana, etc.) are open only to Omzian citizens with a permit, and very harmful drugs are banned. Alcohol are legal, but foreigners typically need identifications to buy them. Tobacco, although strongly discouraged for Omzian citizens to stamp out health problems, are legal with identification for foreigners. The use of prostitutes for sexual entertainment (in any form) is completely illegal for foreign citizens, in an attempt to wash off crimes generated by international sex tourism. The use of underage prostitutes are also banned. Street races described includes various "organized" vehicle races known by the government. Any participation in illegal street races are of course, illegal. At last, pornography are legal and can be sold to anyone who is 18 years and older, but of course, child pornography are illegal. Upon departure however, pornographic materials will be taken away with a small fine.

-Firearms are legal for Omzian citizens with permits, but illegal for any foreigners. Handling of firearms for foreign citizens in weapon stores are also banned. Tasers, electric baton, pepper sprays, rubber/plastic bullet-firing guns, and various other nonlethal weapons are legal to foreigners -- with a permit. The use of nonlethal weaponeries without a permit is an offense.

-Legal age is typically 18 years, and one Omzar typically equals $1.11 USD.

Tips for Travelling in Omz222: There are various tips you should be aware of to act like a "good foreigner" and be respected by Omzians:

-Upon walking on streets, it is best to not put your hands in your pocket. This is strongly frowned upon by Omzians. It should be also noted that running on streets, or shouting on streets, will gain a lot of disrespect. The basic rule for Omzians is, if you be polite with them, they will respect you. If you started to be impolite and "unfair", they will disrespect you.

-Many Omzians can speak English, since that English are taught. However, it is best to speak Omzians if you can speak them in some cases, since Omzians typically perfers their own language. Transition from speaking English to Omzian is easy, but not writing.

-Making noises when eating, or speaking/opening mouth while eatign is strongly frowned upon. Omzians typically eat quietly, and speaking should be minimalized.

-Omzians are typically kind, generous and polite, so do they tell the truth and introduce themselves. But if you disrespect them, so will they disrespect you. If you are polite with them, they will be polite with you.

-If you have no money when buying something, and that you do not have credit cards or bank cards available, bargaining is very perfered, if you "play" fairly. Lying, arguing, threatening, insulting, and even bragging and flaunting while doing business are strongly are strongly frowned upon. Bribes are frowned upon. When doing business with businessman, try the best to not argue.

-When taking public transportation, it is best to offer your seat for children, women, elders, or the handicapped. Being impolite, especially in bus or train, earns you a lot of disrespect. Iti s best to also talk politely to waitresses and waiters in long-distance trains. Also note that you should have a ticket at all times. When waiting to board vehicle or/and buying tickets, be courteous and polite. If you budge, you will be automatically frowned upon.

Places to Visit: There are plenty of places to visit. Introductions for Osaria, Honjaksgrad, Vansara, Kanze, Port Hagras, and other sites are widely available from tourism bureaus and offices, Immigration office, airports, public places, and even embassies and consulates. Every foreigner should have a map of both Omzian nation and the area they resides in at their hands.
13-12-2003, 03:45
If you don't like the cold, Scardias Athem may not be for you because our country is alpine. The temperature in summer rarely rises above 80F (27C) for a high and 50F (10C), in winter is is not uncommon for the temperature to drop to a high of 15F (-9C) and a low of -5F (-20C), so dress accordingly. The altitude of our capital city, Litha, is around 11,500 feet (3,505 meters), so if your are from sea level, you may have a shortness of breath.

We do not discriminate against any who wish to move to or visit Scardias Athem, we are Elf friendly and accept all people, though we do frown on proselytizing, but it is not illegal. Visas are obtained via the Scardias Athem Customs Office.

Guns are not permitted in Scardias Athem. Only the Police and the Scardian National Defence Force are permitted to have them. Other weapons are not allowed to enter with travelers. Such items will be confiscated upon entry and returned upon departure.
13-12-2003, 04:18
First things that people should know when they come to my country is no "sex tourists",if your found as a sex tourist you'll be immediately deported and exile from Roccor.

Second public nudity is common and everyone has gotten used to it,so if you come don't look shock at the naked people in the market,bus,etc.

Third is that if you lost your visa or wallet you can still go home because we have an advanced identification computer in the capital that has identification files from all over the world.So all you have to do is go to an emigration office.

That's all,some advice if your going to Roccor for vacation is,go to Isa a city in eastern Roccor.The summers there are beautiful and are almost always crowded with tourists,wheather they are biologists who are studying the beautiful tropical jungel just 5 miles to the south,or just going there for the famous "Tomatoe War" that happens every June 5th,it's a celebration of one of the largest food fight that's every happened in Roccor 20 years ago.
Tanah Burung
13-12-2003, 04:41
Visitors should be aware that advertising campaigns by the Sunny Tanah Burung Tourism Bureau are not delivered under oath, and the government is not responsible if you fail to get laid.

However, you probably will. Local boys and girls are very obliging. There are almost no taboos surrounding sex or nudity. Prudes should be prepared to be shocked. Bigots should be prepapred to be appalled.

The people of Tanah Burung (there is no adjective form in the Tetemelayu language: Tanah Burungian is incorrect) are highly tolerant of everything except intolerance.

Drugs are omnipresent. You are unlikely to attend a public event without plentiful narcotics being sold or given away for free.

In gambling, the house almost always wins.

It will be humid. Televisions are scarce, and found mostly in churches. Air conditioning is also rare.

The people are religious, but also accepting of other faiths or non-faiths.

Private corporations are not permitted, but powerful worker-owned cooperatives would strike the outsider as being virtually identical to corporations. Private enterprise is in a sense both legal and illegal; the government is both pro-business and anti-business. This has confused many UN inspectors.

It is considered impolite to touch another person's head or point your feet in their direction. It is also considered impolite to hand something to another person using the left hand, unless accompanying this with an expression of regret: maaf, tangan kiri. However, visitors will be forgiven any number of lapses in these areas.

Consensus is valued highly. Indeed, if you ask a Tanah Burung citizen a direct question, she will avoid saying the word "no" unless it is absolutely necessary, being more likely to reply with a laugh and silence, or by saying "not yet," or by changing the subject.

A laugh often indicates nervousness rather than humour, although the people love their jokes.

If you visit a village, you may find pigs living in people's houses. This is perfectly normal.
13-12-2003, 04:51
Visitors to Tsaraine should be aware that the nation is off-limits to all but Tsarainese or approved persons from foreign governments, and that "illegal ingress" can be a capital offence, depending on the circumstances.

The Diplomatic Corps stresses that this is for the good of civilians everywhere, as the surface of Tsaraine is very highly radioactive, and that the State cannot provide for large numbers of visitors, and will not be held responsible for death or injury caused to persons attempting illegal ingress.
13-12-2003, 13:44
The Grand Iansislean Empire of the Shield and Its Dominions
Basic things every tourist should know

1] Geography: The Commonwealth, consisting of the Empire of the Shield and its four satellite states, spreads over an extensive area on the north-western quadrant of the continent of Tilsitia. The Empire of the Shield is in the rough middle, on the northern shore of Troobodia Bay*. The Empire is famous for the mountains which border it to the north and its rolling, green hills. Across those same mountains is the Dominion of Noropia, famous for its extensive coal mines and rugged shoreline. To the east of both Noropia and the Empire is the Dominion of Gadsan, a long, winding valley cut by the River Jaizar. South of Gadsan in the Province of Dianatran, a subdivision of the Empire. Dianatran is a large desert in the interior, and the arid coastline is pockmarked with long, fjord-like indentions. The Dominion of Tharia is directly to Dianatran’s west, and consists mainly of towering mountains sloping down to narrow but fertile valleys. North of Tharia is the Grand Duchy of Sentry Island, a protectorate of the Empire. Troobodia, an island in the middle of the bay by the same name, tends to be a rural area, most famous for the high volcanic mountains in the interior.

2] Climate: The Empire experiances a very long rainy season, most often stretching from early March to late October or early December. Noropia experiences a monsoon season in August and September, when travel there is inadvisable. Northern Gadsan and much of Noropia is subject to heavy snowfall from November through March. Tharia is largely warm and sunny, with winter highs in rainfall. Dianatran, well, is a desert.

3] What to do upon arrival: After stepping off your aeroflyer or other transportation, you’ll notice two gates at the port of entry. Go through the one marked “Visitor” unless you’d care to apply for citizenship. Welcome to the Commonwealth.

4] Unusual laws: The Commonwealth isn’t so much known for its unusual legislation as its complete lack there of. There is no need to apply for a license of any sort for anything - driving, firearms possesion, etc. - and the legal age for everything is zero. All forms of drugs are legal, though alcohol, tobacco, and opium are likely to be the only ones readily available. Murder, theft, and assault are, of course, illegal, but the under-funded police force is hampered by the lack of any sort of national identification system, and more often that not criminals go free. Because it is handled completely by the navy, rather than the police, piracy is the only crime that is punished on a regular basis. Shoppers are warned that the government’s official position on fraud, insurance scams, false advertising, and the like is ‘caveat emptor.’

5] Culture: Iansislean culture, in light of its open-ended legal system, may seem incredibly stuffy and repressed. Public affection is highly frowned upon by all parts of society, especially the higher classes. This includes everything from kissing to holding hands (though it may be appropriate to walk with arms interlocked). There is a tension between the old-wealth aristocrats and the new-wealth industrialists, while no one in high society wants to associate with the masses. Not holding a door for a lady or refusing to remove ones hat (as no one would walk about bareheaded!) in a lady’s presence is seen as intolerably rude.

6] Places to go (and not to go): Ianapalis, as the largest city and capital, is certainly the nerve center of the Empire. Tourists should be aware that it is (unofficially) divided by a north-south line into a smaller ‘Government Sector’ to the west and a larger ‘Industrial Sector’ to the east. The Government Sector is adorned with beautiful marble buildings, statues, and fountains, whereas the Industrial Sector is rife with crime, rundown shacks, and coal-burning smokestacks. Sights to see in Ianapalis include Unity Square (at the crossroads of Empire and Commonwealth Streets), Jamestown Place (the home of the Combined Parliament), and Castle Dûn Ádien (home of the High King). Outside Ianapalis, Lakeriverwood (Gadsan), Chateau (Noropia), Topton (the Empire), and Westergate (the Empire)

Warnings are continually issued by the Ministry of Commonwealth Relations for Empire (Dianatran), Harbor City (Sentry Island), Oasis (Dianatran), and Augsburg (Dianatran) because of continual civil unrest in those cities. Tourists are also reminded not to wander alone after dark, advised to keep out of the nation’s many slums, and warned to keep their valuables both safe and out of sight.

[*it should be noted that, despite the name, Troobodia Bay is actually as large as most seas.]
14-12-2003, 13:18
14-12-2003, 13:58
Gaining access to Tan Lan is Fairly simple. Contact immigration and apply for a travelers visa. After 2-3 weeks your visa should arrive. Each visa is good for 12 months and is limited to one entrance and one exit.
Basic Information:
- Wear visitors badges at all times.
-The country has strict laws regarding drugs. Please remember to follow these laws since police are allowed summararily execute violators of these laws.
-Do not imede citizens doing their work as it is considered rude.
-All people in Tan Lan belong to a sect. The rules governing these sects are extremely strict below is a list of the sects and some basic info.
Asahani: Warrior class. Red carapace armour and swords. Have high sense of honour and are prone to execute people who insult them.
Earth: Green jumpsuits during working hours. Typically labor involving:construction, factory labor and farming.
Water: Blue jumpsuits during work hours. Government officials typically: diplomats, secretaries, senators.
Mu'har: Policemen allways wearing black carapace armour or grey jumpssuit(off duty). They are allwayws armed. Be warned they have little sense of humour regarding law bending/breaking.
Sights of interest:
-Shrine of Asa: A 5,000 year old temple at center of Tan Lan city. It is regulared by the warrior class since it is the primary training and barraks of Tan Lan. It has many paintings and murals of famous battle and the original copy of the warrior code.
-Imperial Palace: A must see for visitors. completely made of obsidian it is considered one of the wonders of the world. It is open to the public and contains the original copies of the constitution and the hall of heroes.
-Do not insult warrior caste known as asahani. They are very irritable and do not take insults or jokes kindly. Many visitors have been found decapitated after insulting an Asahani.
-The southern region is known as the factory. There is nothing there but factories. Only Eath sect members are allowed within. Violators will be shot.
-THe rainforests in the east are enter at your own risk. Many dangerous creatures including the Lycan and Samurai live there.

Other than that we welcome you to come to Tan Lan and visit the sites and see our hard working citizens.
14-12-2003, 14:17
Every citezen is hostile and won't hesitate to rip your head off. The air is densely polluted by sulfur and smoke. Molten lakes and rivers are common. There is an extremely hostile demon lord running around that goes by the name of Arithon. And the temperatures are extremely high.
17-12-2003, 14:45
And, why not, a BUMP here too...
Ness ziona
17-12-2003, 14:48
Arridia, you can later add the names of the nations who wrote here, so others won't have to try and see which nations did. They'll just have to look.
Kurai Nami
17-12-2003, 14:52
Visits to KN is'nt advisable, unless you know your way around a weapon and jungle. Major cities and villages are prohibited to Aliens, special permission is needed to visit the before mentiond places. Lighter restrictions will be in place when the space port construction is started next year..

Trespassers will be shot on sight..
17-12-2003, 14:53
Ness ziona
17-12-2003, 14:59

OOC: I always wonder, what's "tag" or "tagged"? :?
17-12-2003, 16:07
Arridia, you can later add the names of the nations who wrote here, so others won't have to try and see which nations did. They'll just have to look.


NZ, a tag has many uses, but usually a nation tags a thread he intends to post in later, so he can find it again by typing his own nation name into the search.
03-01-2004, 16:01
03-01-2004, 16:47
Marijuana is only legal within the privacy of your own home.

The Kingdom of Schweinfurt does not discriminate based on race, gender, sexual orientation, or social class. Schweinfurt allows gay marriage, and recognizes the validity of gay marriages performed in other nations.

Nudity is only legal within the privacy of your own home.

Meat-eating is frowned upon but is not a crime.

Keep public displays of affection within reason. Public sexual intercourse is not permitted. This goes for everyone.
03-01-2004, 17:48
Cosmic Mayhemma means "Goodbye, Sanity" In the Language of the Ufgars. Ufgars, that's what our people are called. Marijuana is legal, because I, the Queen, said so. Teenagers are in rule in CM, also because I said so. The current Fashon is skyclad(naked), so don't be suprised if you can't find a store with "I visited CM" T-shirts in them. All the clothes are in wear houses underground. Sometimes, like on the weekends, we wear clothes. But other times, since the weather is so nice, we don't wear much, if at all, clothes.

Some Animals you might see:

Our National Animal, The Green F.

Don't ask.

That is all I can think of right now. We refuse to be part of The UN because I know that the UN is secretly trying to take over the world *crazed look*

That it all, The Queen is done.

~Queen Elizabeth
03-01-2004, 18:09
That nearly nothing is Illegal in Zerni, the Economy is not regulated and is booming and anything can be bought in Zerni even if it is not legal else where. the only thing that is Illegal are drugs that interfire with workers Abilties to work.

~Emperor Mishimi
03-01-2004, 18:12
The Democratic Republic of Trinis

Other major cities: Dvernsik;Industrial city. Port Shane; Major port, main location of naval forces. Jankertsy; many cultural opportunities
President elected directly by people, appoints executive ministries. Two-chambered legislature. Each province receives two senators in Senate. Representative Congress based on population. Both houses can propose laws. Bill voted on by both. President can veto bill, but veto can be overridden by simple majority vote of houses.
Obtaining legal entry into Trinis is not hard. All you need is a passport from an official country, which will be stamped upon entry, allowing you to stay for six weeks. After that, you may get a visiting visa, which will be checked every six months.
International airports are in several major cities, and domestic airports are more common. Rental car services are available. Buses and trains are suggested. Ferry services are also common thorough out the country. There are several cruise ship companies that operate in most port cities. Buses from neighboring countries run into Trinis often.
Working and learning:
Working visas can be obtained, that are renewed every year. Student visas take a little less long to obtain and are also renewed every year.
Trinis is rich with culture. In most areas in Trinis you can attend some sort of concert, play, festival, or other event. Trinsians are especially proud of their classical composers and the two 'Golden Ages' of music. Trinsians are tolerant of all, except two groups may be looked as different, although treatment will be no different. Same-sex couples that "show it” may receive funny looks by some, but there would be no more close-minded comments that other countries. Recreational drugs are illegal, as the vast majority of Trinsians don't want them. If you make it known you use recreational drugs (in your own country, of course) most people might remark something about "fogging the mind" and nothing else. Hearty meals of meat and potatoes are common in most of Trinis, but vegetarian meals are being introduced in lots of restaurants. English is speaking by almost all.
Most of Trinis has a temperate climate, with snow in the winter and temperatures reaching the high seventies in the summer. The northern mountain ranges are much colder. The warmest place in Trinis is the southeastern province of Tieran, a popular vacation spot with wonderful beaches.
05-01-2004, 19:06
05-01-2004, 20:26
Entry into Gernomalis is easy to obtain, there are laws regarding smuggling, but as long as you have common sense you won't need to break them. A passport is all you need to enter through our airports, seaports and border crossings, allowing you to stay for a maximum of a month and a half, if you purchase a visa it will extend your stay for three months. When entering the country, it's best that you come prepared for tropical weather(sunny and rainy).

Travelling through the countryside can be hazardous as there are rebels, raiders and bandits on the prowl, so it's a good idea to use the large bus services that hire mercenaries for protection and take routes that stay away from mountains and jungle areas as much as possible. Crime is very low in the larger cities but in the smaller cities and towns, it's a modern version of the Wild West, where there are national guard garrisons but it's best to adopt a vigilante mindset, so visit one of the weapon stores.

With good contacts, you would able to find the festivals and large fiestas that are happening throughout the country. Mardis Gras and Carnivale are two of the largest celebrations that take place. Recreational drugs are illegal, the lowest being marijuana, which will be confiscated and given a few hundred Dutchie fine with possession of five grams or more.

The national currency is the Dutchie(DUC) worth .85 cents to a US Dollar(USD). Tourism is a strong economy, with alot of ruins and mountains to visit. The majority of the ruins are located in the North-West section and run along various mountain chains. One of the largest tourist attractions is the Tequila Well, which is a 1000 square foot lake that was used as a dumping spot for alcohol when prohibition was in effect(1864-1876). From this area, came the country's national animal, the Tequila Worm. The Tequila Worm is a water snake that can grow to be twenty feet long, it is illegal to hunt them unless determined that the numbers are too high, you must be part of a zoo or animal research institute in order to be allowed to export a live one.
05-01-2004, 20:31
Tells you the basics... (

What can I say... I can't be assed writing this again.
06-01-2004, 11:00
06-01-2004, 11:27
The Elvarin empire welcomes all tourists though they will be scanned with our criminal and terrorist database to maintain the security of our empire. This will also help us track down those whose visa has expired and have failed to leave or renew them.

The hunting of dragons
Being nude in public
Eating meat
Cutting down trees
and of course Terrorism

All the cities of the Elvarin empire are beautifully graceful and simple, with no building trying to outdo the other in grandeur. The soaring buildings are surrounded by gardens and parks, with fountains gracing nearly every public place. Silent grav-trains links a whole city to allow faster transportation, as well as linking other cities. The walkways are shelthered from rain or shine with branches from ancient trees. But there are more exceptional cities and these are listed below.

Sights and places to visit:
The Imperial seat of power, Tel Elvar, The Golden city.
The City of mages, Tel Morlas
The City of flowers, Tel Alorn
The City of the falls, Tel Shavas
The warm beaches
The Ash deserts
The Lake of the Ancestors
06-01-2004, 11:51
visitors to carlemnaria don't need to be awaire of anything;
we like to surprise them.

the first thing they'll notice is at their point of entry is the
complete lack of car rental agencies. if it isn't the blank and somewhat condescending stares
that greet inquiries about currency exchange.

"well where can i find a place to sleep tonight?" one might ask
or "how do i get there i there aren't any cars or roads?"
or "what sights do you recomend i see and how do i get there?"

for these and similar questions there are information kiosks and booths at space and sea ports.

if one has arrived by train you'll never know you've crossed the border
until you get off somewhere.
if you've tried to enter by driving you will find the road to have disconcertingly simply ended.

at the information booth a bored but otherwise pleasant young person
will likely look up, mumble something resembling welcome and
hand you five identical plastic looking objects that look a little like dogtags with a circular bite out of one end.
the raised letters on thier otherwise plain surface will say
"universal mathom chit, not transferable"
she or possibly he, will also hand you a map which will be a diagram of how to get from that info booth
to the platforms for the trains.

you will receive the further admonition that when you get to a
village or neighborhood that intrests you take these to the visitor's and newcommer's orientation center.
someone there will explain to you what to do next, how things work, and enjoy your trip and have a pleasant stay.

no one will want to look at your passport or have a visa to stamp in it.

perhapse you may have read up on carlemnaria a little bit in advance
this would be a good thing, though people are generaly helpful and friendly
they are seldom impressed by what may be considered symbols of status elsewhere.

once you've navigated the transit system, various transit systems actualy
and find to your almost embarrasing amazement that you have been
charged nothing for the use of them
and find your way to the visitor's and newcommer's orientation center
it is best to make yourself comfortable on one of the nice seats.
yes the person or persons taking their turn of duty have been notified of your arrival, by your very act of entry having been electronicly detected and someone will pop along directly.

you'll probably be asked "do you know where you're going to stay and have you had something to eat?"

to wich you will likely reply, no and no and what the heck do i do with these, showing them your mathom chits.

at which point you will likely be handed a bag of fresh groceries and suggested to "fallow me".

you will likely be taken to a bare concrete room without obvious doors or locks, containing two or three platforms with built in lockers underneath and an open hearth fireplace.

the platform in the middle of the room is the kitchen. the lockers underneath it are the refrigerator. yes a real refrigerator though this might not be obvious.

for which reason you will be told this is the case and shown how to put your groceries in it.

if you lie down on either of the sleeping platforms and remain horizontal for a few minuets the lights will slowly dim to near darkness.

get up and they will automaticly return to brightness.

you will also be given directions to the mathom house and depending on the village or neighborhood as to weather or not they have one, a communal kitchen, dining room, where you may be asked to help out in some way after you've eaten

it is always polite in carlemnaria to do this and to always clean up after yourself

as each community does things differently and citizens move arround quite alot there is nothing unusual or outsider about being shown how the particular community you're visiting does things.

this only covers about half the basics but is enough to get you by and keep you out of trouble.

remember the first and basic ruel is always be considerate of others.

The Imperial Navy
06-01-2004, 12:02

People in The Imperial Navy live together in harmony, with a practically non-existant crimerate and very powerful and well funded police force.

Smuggling is not a problem, because as well as there being nothing illegal being made OR grown in TIN, but also anyone trying to smuggle anything in will be caught instantly with our advanced detection systems. Even if they did get drugs onto the street, our people would sell them out in moments. There's no room for crime in this nation.

While visiting, there are many great places to see, such as the Imperial Palace, and many things to eat in 5-star resturants, such as Bantha steaks.

Be warned, however. The Imperial Navy is not for the cheap. 98% of the population in The Imperial Navy is VERY wealthy. the remaining 2% serve in the army. as a result, everything in TIN is good for the economy, at the consumers expense.

In other words TIN is a great tourist attraction... for well behaved, rich citizens.
Norse Lands
06-01-2004, 12:04
Time was when an American about to go abroad would be warned by his friends or the guidebooks not to drink the water. But times have changed and now a foreigner coming to this country might be offered the following advice.

If you visit American city,
You will find it very pretty.
Just two things of which you must beware:
Don't drink the water and don't breathe the air.

Pollution, pollution,
They got smog and sewage and mud.
Turn on your tap and get hot and cold running crud.

See the halibuts and the sturgeons
Being wiped out by detergents.
Fish gotta swim and birds gotta fly,
But they don't last long if they try.

Pollution, pollution,
You can use the latest toothpaste,
And then rinse your mouth with industrial waste.

Just go out for a breath of air,
And you'll be ready for Medicare.
The city streets are really quite a thrill.
If the hoods don't get you, the monoxide will.

Pollution, pollution,
Wear a gas mask and a veil.
Then you can breathe, long as you don't inhale.

Lots of things there that you can drink,
But stay away from the kitchen sink.
The breakfast garbage that you throw in to the Bay,
They drink at lunch in San Jose.

So go to the city, see the crazy people there.
Like lambs to the slaughter,
They're drinking the water
And breathing <cough> the air.
06-01-2004, 12:12
There are only 2 things visitors need to bring with them when they visit the Armed Republic of Jaspar.

Toilet paper and a spoon. Though, if you bring 2 spoons you wont need the toilet paper.
08-01-2004, 12:27
14-01-2004, 11:06
Tor Yvresse
14-01-2004, 11:22
Hmm for Kionash Tor Yvresse the rules are rather straight forward, if by some strange quirk of the spacetime continuim you are on Tor Yvresse without prior permission, you will be eliminated by any means deemed efficent. No questions will be asked, except maybe, are you alone, and how did you get here?

Exceptions Noldorian Elves of Menelmacar may apply for a Travel Visa, it is possible that this will be accepted, however is equally possible that it will be refused. No reasons for acceptance or refusal would be given. To date we know of no such applications.

Os sanglants should we detect one of their vessels nearby in obvious difficulty they will be escorted to Tor Yvresse to enact full repairs and rest. Tor Yvresse shall always be open to the people of Os Sanglents.

Tor Yvresse-Mars has a very different approach, you may visit the main colony quite freely with only a background check upon arrival. The colony is an open colony and boasts many attractions, including the statue to the perserverance of the Eldar on mars, many shrines to the Old Ones, and places of cultural interest. Hotals are reasonably priced, and we serve as an excellent place in which to visit many other nations on Mars. Boasting access to the main Sea of Mars and to the actual Landmass.

The Militly sector of Tor Yvresse-Mars for obvious reasons is off limits to all non-military personal. with the close proximty of Melkorian territory the land is under constant Martial Law. Entering it is punishable by Death, sentence to be carried out immediatly.
Dyelli Beybi
14-01-2004, 12:42
There are many things tourists should be aware of when visiting Dyelli Beybi. Here are just a few

1 ) A general suspicion of foreigners. This is not a serious problem until combined with the next few other problems.
2 ) Bands of armed revolutionaries and soldiers turned outlaw.
3 ) Naval Captains and their crews who have turned pirate.
4 ) Scattered bands of invading armies from Fasta Benj and Jiggardy. Now mostly captured or killed.
5 ) Large numbers of secret police hunting for spies.
6 ) Unexploded shells and bombs and land mines.
7 ) Botulism.
8 ) Bubonic plague.
9 ) A general lack of hospitals or medical facilities of any kind.
10 ) Dangerous animals including man-eating lions, giant river crocodiles and poisonous locusts.

But that is moot as, as no tourists come to Dyelli Beybi these days, despite it's many magnificent edifices, because of the fact that the International airport has been taken over by the airforce and sea is so heavily mined it is impossible to get anything that isn't bogged down with sonar through.
The Atheists Reality
14-01-2004, 12:55
The Atheists Reality welcomes all, just don't annoy the ruler, or you are likely to be shot. There are few sights, save for the Bak'ha'ta mountains.
Also, do not approach the panther reserves, there are no guards. If you do not know at least 500 phrases of Na-ma-tai, the new national language, don't enter the country, or you will be shot, that's another thing that annoys the ruler.
14-01-2004, 13:21
In the land of the WeeBeast visitors are advices of the following.

There are naked people everywhere.

The lemurs dislike lima beans.

We enjoy most people and invite everyone to come for a visit and a hug.

Hugs are free.

Naps are mandatory for the cranky. Recommended for everyone.

Enjoy our forests but please no littering.

And for your own safety do put sunblock on your naughty bits, sunburns are nasty.
15-01-2004, 12:49
Coming to Enodia
Foreign residents coming to Enodia will require, in addition to a valid passport, a visa issued by the Enodian Embassy or Consulate in their nation. Visas are granted freely, however a serious criminal conviction can negatively affect your entry prospects.
At all major entry points, Customs and Border Control will check for the validity of both documents. Declarations must also be made of any animal or plant matter brought to the country, this will be destroyed and it is a criminal offence to complete a Declaration Form incorrectly.
All arrivals will need to complete two forms. The first is the Customs Declaration ("Importenblatt") and the second is the Arriving Passenger Statement ("Angekommende Mensch Aufsage"). The latter of these forms is a simple series of questions designed to elicit the purpose of the visit. Both forms are available in Enodisch and English on request - a translation service is also available on the ground into most other major languages.
Immigration Services ("Einkommende Dienst", officers wearing blue uniforms) are also nominally meant to ensure that the arriving tourist has the means to support him or herself for the length of intended stay. Effectively, this means that anyone looking vaguely presentable will be admitted to the country.

International Students are welcome in Enodia, as the nation's universities are regarded as vibrant communities of learning. Students may apply for a Student Visa prior to their departure at a discount to the regular Tourist Visa.
On arrival in Enodia, the student will often be asked to provide proof that they are a bona fide student. This can be demonstrated by providing a letter from the Registrar of the destination university stating that the student is indeed there to study. Some exchange students report success from telephoning the unversity from the airport or seaport, however this approach presents considerable risk as it differs from the expected norm.
One of the first tasks any student must complete in Enodia is to purchase a Student Photo Identity Card ("Student Fotografendeidentitaetskarte"). This is a temporary form of the Ausweis (ID card) that all Enodians must carry and serves the dual purpose of identifying the student and also attracting discounts at some night spots and locations of interest.

Foreign nationals intending to work in Enodia must demonstrate on arrival that they have a job offer already. This may be done by provision of a letter from the employer. Supposedly, the Enodian Labour Ministry will only allow foreigners to be employed where no Enodian national can do the job themselves. In practice, there are many growth industries (e.g. the IT sector) where this requirement is assumed to be met. Additionally, a foreigner with a specific and specialised skill will generally be welcomed with open arms.
Tourists on "working holidays" are technically supposed to have work permits. However, the red tape required to get one is similar to the American Green Card, and many simply give up. While illegal workers are liable to be deported and are not covered by government regulation (living wage, maximum number of hours worked/week etc), most employers appear to abide by the regulations anyway - particularly in the hospitality industry - and work permits are very rarely checked.

Tourists on holiday should be aware that it is a crime not to be able to identify yourself if an officer of the police force requires you to. While such requests are few and far between, the simple precaution of carrying a passport, foreign identity card or drivers' licence with you (or copies of the same) should be enough.

Enodia's currency is the Kh'Thana. Of late, the currency has not performed very well on the open market and there have been debates at the highest levels regarding the "un-floating" of the Kh'Thana. Currently, this means that foreigners from most other countries will be greeted with a favourable to very favourable exchange rate.
Money changing facilities (Wechselbuero or Geldwechselhaeuser) are located at all points of entry and exit to the country. Additionally, many hotels and most banks will provide exchange services for clients. Rates and commissions vary markedly from the Wechselhaeuser to the hotels and banks (particularly the hotels), so try to find an official beureau where possible.

The Kh'Thana is divided into 100 Enski (singular: Enska). 5 Enski, 10 Enski, 20 Enski, 50 Enski and 1 and 2 Kh'Thana coins are available, while notes are in denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 Kh-Thana.

Despite the poor performance of the currency externally, inflation has been low - generally running at about 2 or 3%. This means that the rampant price-hikes common to nations with poor economies are not a risk for long-term travellers.

The Enodian Legal System
While most tourists do not need to be overly concerned with the Enodian legal system, some words must still be expended upon it.
Firstly, it is important to note that Enodia is unique among its neighbours in its adoption of the Westminster style of justice in preference to the Code Napoleon. This means that trials are conducted in the adversarial manner and generally in front of a jury, rather than under the auspices of an Investigating Judge or similar.

Travellers should remember that, due to the current state of the Enodian currency, monetary exchanges can only be conducted on appropriately-licensed premises. While many hotels are licensed to provide this service, youth hostels (and some of the cheaper hotels) are much less likely to be so. The sign to watch for is a green triangle with the initials "GW" ("Geld Wechseln"). While hostels and some private individuals will attempt to offer these services, often at very good rates, the tourist exchanges money here at his or her own risk.

Marijuana is legal on private property and with the consent of the owner of said property. Hotels and other commercial accommodation houses are not automatically assumed to have given this consent.

The Enodian Language, or more officially "Enodische Mundart Deutsch" is a dialect of German. The language was first given an official orthography in the mid-1800s (Standard German - "Hochdeutsch" had previously been used). Enodisch - as it is generally called - is able to be understood by most speakers of German.
German and English are also widely understood, both being official "second languages" of the nation. Due to the large English-speaking Ex-pat population, many official documents are produced in English as well. English-language media is also widely available.
Among the youth and immigrants, a language known technically as "Argot" is gaining popularity. A mixture of many different languages, Argot is - according to most commentators - already at the Creole stage of language development.

Linked to here are some useful phrases in Enodisch and Argot.

{Taken from Lonely Planet's Enodia: Travel Survival Kit}
15-01-2004, 15:07
Considering the impressive geographical size of the Enduring Empire of Tarakalar and the many various different customs in the various of regions it is impossible to make an complete and comprehensive to do and not to do list for tourists to the Enduring Empire.
So we will simple offer general, regional and cultural (the various species) information.


1. Entry.
Entry to the Enduring Empire is fairly easy and can be done quickly by plane, allowing quick travel to any of the many airports in the various Lands that make up the Enduring Empire as a whole. The East, South and West Lands can be easily approached by boat while the North Lands are the only ones with a land route that leads outside the Enduring Empire. Though crossing the mountains that block most traffic can be tricky…

2. language.
The Enduring Empire of Tarakalar has many different languages called the Tongues of the Winds. Referring to the geographical directions. These tongues are often even further divided by local accents and seclusion. Fortunately the People of the Enduring Empire are all expected to also learn English and Dutch, as such saving foreigners of learning every single tongue there is in the Enduring Empire, something which not even the People can do.
If however you visit the Enduring Empire and cannot even speak English or Dutch, do not expect the People to look favorably upon you.

3. Monotheism.
Monotheism is the belief that there is only one God in existence. Due to historical reasons, the People of the Enduring Empire are extremely distrustful of monotheistic beliefs. This includes ALL monotheistic beliefs, well established world wide religions included.
As such, if you are a believer or follower of one of these religions, it is advised to not speak to much from it as you may find that the previously friendly People prefer to have you back on your plane as soon as possible.
This goes doubly for actual members of monotheistic religions such as priests and the like.

4. Currency.
The local currency of the Enduring Empire is the Matan. One Matan is roughly the equal of one Euro.
Further more many shops are willing to accept the (American) dollar or the Euro as payment. Though some charge slightly more than usual in this case.
Foreign money may be nearly freely be exchanged for local currency at the banks.

5. Crime.
Fortunate there is very little crime within the borders of the Enduring Empire thanks to a well funded police and a good parental and school education during the younger years.
Do not let the many bulletproof clothing designs make you think otherwise, it is simply considered prudent and fashionable within the Enduring Empire to ensure your own safety… And it looks good.

6. Culture.
Accept the various cultures. This is simple really. If you go to a foreign land, then you as a guest have the obligation to show the proper respect. Do this, and the People will show you respect as well.

7. Honor.
No matter where you go within the Enduring Empire, the concept of Honor is of paramount importance to the people. While there are small differences throughout the Enduring Empire of what gives and takes Honor to a person, the majority of them are the same everywhere. The People are always eager to share with Outsiders of how their Honor system works and don’t mind ignorance. Obvious insults to the Honor system will not be taken lightly.

Regional and Culture descriptions.

1. The Lands.
The Lands are the name for area’s that are divided by geographic location within the Enduring Empire. Due to the size (as well as believed to be unknown ‘events’ within the past) of the Enduring Empire, the various Lands display different environments. Further more many of them contain different local cultural values, this is the result of the fact that in the old days many of the Lands contained various kingdoms before they were taking into the Enduring Empire.
It is taken into account that you study these in advance to ensure your total comfort when visiting the Enduring Empire, since not every cultural value here is for everyone.

2. The North Land.
The coolest of the Lands. The weather here is temperate on general though it decreases every now and then for a few days each year. The Cultural influence here has strong ties of European descent, mainly due to the fact that there have been both English and Dutch colonies here at one time. Further more the mountains make this a popular vacation spot as well as the outer and lower areas or the mountains make excellent trekking spots while the higher regions are wonderful for winter sports.

Cultural description;
Nearly the entire indigenous population in the North Land is of human blood. The majority is of Caucasian descend and many carry distinct British and Dutch physical traces in their bloodline.
Fashion in clothing tends to be demure in this Land and the People here are more concerned with personal ‘appearance’ then those of your clothing.
The People in the North Land tend to be the ‘softest’ of all the People throughout the Enduring Empire. They are always eager to help others and to let visitors borrow a room for the night or even longer. Though they will not say it, they do expect people to help out around the house in payment for the room if they stay longer than a single night. They are the least interested in Honor hunts of the entire People.

Spots and sights of interest;
The Kailandien Mountains; Be it for trekking or winter sports, entertainment is plenty abound here. Many resorts and hotels are amongst the mountains as such one never have to worry of traveling to long from rest place to your way of spending the day.
The Kailandien Woods; The largest forest within the Enduring Empire of Tarakalar. It begins at the base of the Kailandien Mountains and stretches on far down.
The glass shops; Glass blowing is a popular and well respected work within the North Land of the Enduring Empire and much of the finest glassware’s of the Enduring Empire has been made here. Several of the shops allow visitors to try out the practice in special reception rooms.
The Obsidian Palace; Standing secluded in the Kailandien Woods, the ruins of the old Obsidian Palace are an ominous sight to those who lay eye at it. An memento of the peak of the Taurain family followed immediately by it’s darkest days when the ‘Nameless Prince’ took ruler ship and nearly brought ruin and damnation upon the entire Empire.

3. The East Land.
The East Land, also often referred to as the Birth Land, is where the Enduring Empire of Tarakalar was founded by the original Taurains over five-thousand years ago. It is the harshest Land within the Enduring Empire, containing Savannah’s at the edges and a desert in its middle. The East Land can be un-enjoyable for people who do not like great temperatures. Of course, the Taurain family long had an interest in water and as such there are many public baths.

Cultural Description.
There are three obvious cultures here. One is of the humans of the East land for whom Honor is paramount, more than anywhere else. The People tend to be stern but respectful to strangers. When friends come and visit them, it is often an excuse for an celebration with plenty of drink, food and music.
Then there are the Kerrat (Or the Hassten or Jeuz’Delaniem, depending on who you ask.) a race of humanoids who carry the heads of Panthers. They are the rather recent to the Enduring Empire, no longer than a hundred years or so but their integration is going very well… Except for the fact that the government still has not come to a proper Honor name for the Kerrat (Or Hassten or Jeuz’Delaniem) Much to the annoyance of most of the Kerrat (Or… you get it).
The Kerrat are exceedingly decadent, and most will seek any legal means to acquire a comfy life where they will be pampered and spoiled. None the less, their fearsome when angered.
The other culture is that of the Eduyab’Kerrudar, the People/Guardians of the Sand. Foreigners sometimes call them Elves, and while the Eduyab’Kerrudar are clearly related to them, they prefer not to be called as such, as immortal beings are clearly inferior to them… So they claim.
All three cultures strongly enjoy the Honor hunts, the rules of which actually helps regulate the native wildlife while preventing over hunting and stops poaching. In ancient times the two People joined together to develop the knowledge of war ‘Mandaan’ which is an martial arts which is widely practiced here by many people and Gauntlet fights are more prevalent here than anywhere else.
Fashion for the Eduyab’Kerrudar tends to be often body conceiling and in the colors of the desert to increase the distance they can sneak on their prey.
For the humans and Kerrat it tends to be more varied. Though while it is legal throughout the entire empire to walk around in little more than a skirt/kilt/loincloth it is most popular here simply due to the heat.
The Kieto; voluntary slaves for either money or Honor are most prevailent here.

Spots and sights of interest;
The Gauntlet; This is as the name implies the capitol Gauntlet. Larger and more challenging then other gauntlet within the Enduring Empire. Spectators can only truly be aware of what is happening inside due to the invention and installation of video systems which allows them to follow the chases and battles that the Mandaan fighters hold inside.
The Jade Palace; The oldest palace of the Taurain family, it dates back to the first Taurain who build it even before he/she? Started the campaign that would begin the incorporation of neighboring kingdoms into the Enduring Empire. Restorations have recently been completed and the palace is mainly open for visitors as the current Taurain family prefer different living spaces… Escpecially those that are less green.
The Nobility; The East Land contains the largest amount of nobles of the entire Empire and it shows. Many parks and mansions of wondrous quality are here, many allow guests to look around in open for public locations.

4. The South Land.
The South Land is a green land like the north, with forests and rolling green hills. Just a bit more on the warmer area of the temperate climate compared to the cooler north.
The calm sea makes this land the most popular place for water sports and this Land contains a large amount of significantly sized cities where the People thrive in the calm and giving environment. Farmland is plentiful here.

Cultural Description.
The People of the South Land are a mixture of the People of the North and East when it comes to culture, combined with a strong western influence for entertainment.
Fashion is an important feature here and many people spend large amounts of many on the latest fads.
While the People do not walk around half-naked like many do in the East Land, they are none the less more likely to be considered ‘sinners’ due to the large amount of brothels that are here due to the law that makes non street based prostitution legal.

Spots and sights of interest;
The Vendaru Province; This is one of the strangest sight one could encounter. Nearly an entire province turned to glass. The result of an nuclear explosion? No, unless someone tested an a-bomb over 4500 years ago… The People widely say it was the gods who did it to stop an army led by an monotheistic cult, whose country is long incorporated into the Enduring Empire by now, as the province was ‘glassed’ during an battle between the army of Tarakalar and the monotheistic cults army. Tens of thousands died as both armies were wiped away, as well as most people living in the province. Oddly enough, the entire province is glass and you can still see things laying beneath the layer, preserved through time. Scientists still haven’t figured out how that is possible.
While there is nothing widely renowned about the South Land other then the Vendaru province. It is a great place to just have fun with many places to go out to such as dance clubs, restaurants, brothels, classy hotels and great beach locations.

5. The West Land.
Take the South Land, add an ferocious sea an significant amounts of rain. A popular saying with the People of this land. Fortunately the warm weather ensures that the People here don’t feel miserable over the watery location. The environment offers fewer cities than most other Lands within the Enduring Empire, but those that do exist are some of the largest in fact of the Enduring Empire.

Cultural Description.
The culture within the West Land is significantly the same to the South land. And as such requires no special elaboration.

Spots and sights of interest;
There is little of interest in the West Land and it’s attraction to tourists who wish to visit the Enduring Empire purely for entertainment is virtually nil. While the Crimson Palace stands here, it is not open to the public as the Taurain family regularly use it.
Spacer Guilds
17-01-2004, 06:18
The Major Ones:
1. Gravity is not liked here, nor are those who are addicted to it. If you're a planetdweller, don't try to move inexpertly and give yourself away. Just sit and wait for someone to else to move you.
2. Air pressure ranges from 30% to 60% Gaian datum, with a higher percentage oxygen content. Don't come aboard without going through depressurization and acclimation procedures.
3. For gosh sakes, turn off the freakin' faucet! I don't even want to /think/ what would've happened if you had done that in the bathroom....
17-01-2004, 06:37
I. If you accidentally break a Provincial law, too bad. If you don't know what's going on politically, don't try to visit areas outside of direct rule of the High Steward.
II. Yes, the biometrics are required for entry.
III. The Fjords are beautiful in the summer- which is all year round, since we straddle the equator!
IV. If someone in a bar asks you whether you're Celdr or Scyldr, run. Just do, don't ask. And certainly don't say "neither, I'm just a tourist".
V. Driving a car that emits more than water vapor is likely to make you the target of a mob. In some places, driving a car that is not completely solid-state might have the same effect. It's a good idea to just use public transportation, and not take the chance.
VI. The Space Colonies- if you're Trium (with a few exceptions), MIDAS, or otherwise closely allied, just follow the orders from space traffic control on your final approach. Otherwise, your best bet is to attempt to get a student visa via a country who /is/ closely allied with us.
VII. Mars- don't go outside, and you'll be fine, although you may get strange looks from the natives. Most have an uncanny ability to detect foriegners. Perhaps it has something to do with you're horrible accents. Oh, and keep your platinum safe.
Indigo Islands
17-01-2004, 09:07
Taken from a brochure produced by the Board of Tourism of the Fiefdom of The Indigo Islands:

The Fiefdom of The Indigo Islands is a tourist paradise with a large economy that is easily accessible by air or boat. The capital city Shelldrake is a very modern city with an extremely high level of goods and services available.

Nudity is legal and common, however the average Indigo Islander is a bit larger than the average person, so if you are coming to gawk at skimpy model-like naked people you have come to the wrong place. Although, like almost all concentual personal services, if you are willing to pay it is legal can be arranged.

Visitors must be careful to remember that despite all the modern conveniences The Fiefdom is in fact a feudal society with stringent sumptuary laws. Sumptuary laws are those that protect certain articles of clothing or garments to specific social ranks or awards, if this is your first visit or if you are unsure please hire a readily available “protocol consultant” who will not only be able to advise you on acceptable clothing styles but also be able to arrange your proper social level. Another thing to keep in mind is that all royalty use the “royal we” to speak about themselves in any official capacity. It is a misdemeanor fine for a non-royal to use an improper type of address.

Be careful if you wish to hire a boat and travel among the Indigo Island Archipelago most of the islands are considered sovereign territory and trespassers may be shot without warning. A side note for the interested: the main island is the sovereign territory of Master Indigo. The history of the main island and its development as the hub of political and commercial power in the Fiefdom is a very interesting read available at most bookshops.

You will find most Islanders intelligent and well educated, with strongly held beliefs always ready and willing to debate almost any topic. However personal attacks will not be tolerated in any form. There are very serious civil penalties leveled for libel.
Drakonian Imperium
19-01-2004, 00:10
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21-01-2004, 12:22
21-01-2004, 15:19
Update: Due to current events (, the government in exile stongly advises against any form of travel to Daistallia.
25-01-2004, 13:41
The Black New World
25-01-2004, 16:15
Entry and Transport

Entry into the nation requires only your passport but visitors should be aware that when travelling from Old Eony customs may take some time.

Our airport is in the city of New Manchester.

A comprehensive public transport system runs throughout The Black New World but despite the best effort from the government it is usually late. Our best advice when travelling the Black New World is to relax and stay calm.

Important Information

Our Currency, keeping with the tradition of our founders is the leaf. It is available in coins (1l, 2l, 5l, 10l, 25l, 50l, 100l, and 500l) and in not form (1000l, 2000l, 2500l, and 5000l). In most places you can pay only in cash but some do except credit/debit cards (check with your bank first).

Weapons of any kind will not be allowed in the Black New World.

If you break the law in the Black New World you will be punished like one of our citizens unless your government ‘claims’ you.

Medical care is free.

People and Culture

The people of The Back New World are friendly and have a very dry sense of humour. They enjoy good political debate and learning. They do expect visitors to be educated about their culture and not to speak to loudly.

The right free speech is strongly guarded so if you are offended by ‘bad language’ we suggest that you do not visit. Public nudity (although not in winter) and public displays of affection are not uncommon.

Our capital city is New Manchester is the most popular tourist destination. It contains the Royal Palace, Gardens, Library, and College.
Daistallia 2104
29-01-2004, 05:33
Nuevo Kowloon
29-01-2004, 06:27
Things to know about Nuevo Kowloon...

Well, for starters, entry and exit visas are easily obtained- we like to think of our nation as a safe and clean country. To this end, littering is strongly discouraged, and public waste-containers are available in every village.
Big-Game Hunting, freshwater, and deep-sea Fishing are all popular Tourist activities. Non-citizens should register their firearms at the border, including make, model, and serial number, and purchase "Travel Insurance" to protect their property should it be lost or stolen.
While the use and purchase of Marijuana, Opium, and some minor hard drugs is legal, operating a vehicle, firearm, or any piece of heavy or dangerous machinery is a Felony offense, and will get you deported as an "Undesirable Person" at the end of your prison term.
If someone is injured in the incident, you will also be fined for either the medical treatment of your victim, or, in the case of a death, you will be executed.
(Special hint: "Don't drive drunk, the life you save very likely is your own.")

Our Police are always ready to assist you if you get lost in our scenic rural areas, or even in our downtown sectors. Simply look for the gentleman in the snappy blue uniforms-we have one of the highest percentages of law-enforcement personnel in the region.
At the same time, please answer any questions posed by a member of our police honestly and as completely as you can-remember, they're there to keep the peace and see that the right thing is done.

We can accept virtually any foreign currency, and exchange it at the border, or in the Port of Entry for an equivalent amount of C-Bills, or Kroner, if you prefer metallic moneys.

Our Domestic energy production is clean, safe, fission-based nuclear power produced by Generation Three Plants. It is not polite to disparage this, so please keep negative comments to yourself. (We're not responsible if you get your teeth fed to you by a Pitchblende miner.)

Please respect private property signs-our population is armed, and some are... sensitive. Always ask before you hunt on someone's property. We are not responsible if you get shot poaching, (and poaching carries a strict jail-term and severe fines.)

Haggling in the marketplace is a social ritual-it is considered bad manners if you don't at least try to negotiate (not to mention that it marks you as a foreigner, and can be very, very, expensive!)

If you are a male,and single, between the ages of 17 and 32, please visit our Northwestern District, :wink: you won't regret it.
Magnus Valerius
29-01-2004, 06:40
29-01-2004, 09:28
Most important is a warning that there is likely to be a war going on at any given time, which can make tourism dangerous.
To get through the border, avoid looking like an invading army. We are open to any other visitors.
Smuggling forbidden items/substances, however, will be severely punished.
The citizens tend toward violence, so be careful not to offend anyone.

If the High Council decides that further warnings/advice would be helpful, an addition to this pamphlet will be published.
Elves Security Forces
29-01-2004, 09:38
Everyone but naturists and thieves are allowed in our beneovlent country. We have beaches on both the East and the West. To the north of our country is the Warmungering Lunatics and to the south is Dundaine. Enjoy our lush forests and 2 great rivers (the Jour and the Kour).
Any crime commited inside our country is punishable to our laws. 1st offence is public hanging from a tree for 5 hours , 2nd offence is 3 days in jail , and 3rd offence is 3 years in prison.
29-01-2004, 10:05
Zabadasia Foreign Entry overview


1.Enery and Residence

Entry and staying for short periods is easy, and can be done so by plane and ship. There are many airports and a sizable amount of ports for those coming by boat. There are thick forests, wide rivers, and mountains which can prove difficult. However if you were to stay more than 90 days you must meet stringent requiremtns and apply for a Visa. People here are friendly to foreigners yet keep a watchful eye, one ancient law that has been kept was one called "Careful Hospitality".


There are 3 major languages in Zabadasia, however they are all very similar. The more isolated regions however speak older tongues that were used in the formation of the Empire 1000 years ago, and were widely used as far back as 200 years ago. The older tongues are known by most in addtion to English, and Chinese.

3.Religious Beliefs

There exist an abstract monotheism, manifesting itself in may deities similar to Ancient Egyptian beliefs. However most people are Pagans, or non-religious spiriualists.


Zabadasia's currency is the Zabas Luk. It's locked to the Euro's value. You can exchange any currency for Zabas Luks, however watch out for counterfeiters.


There is very little crime in our country. Do yourself a favor though and buy a weapon, and armor if you decide to go to the Negat Valdukjh regions.


Learn the ettiquette in your own country by picking up a free Zabadasian book on manners supplied through booksotres internationally. If you commit a heinous crime the victim's family decides your judgement and is given the preserved head as a trophy and reminder.

7.Insults, Honor, and Codes

If you're a foreigner do not insult people without a good reason. Insulting someone on trivial matters such as looks and the shape of their ears will result in violence.

Ethnic Groups


-Zabad Filuten


-Yamatu Votein
-Garak Tubekht



Please recognize these ethnicities by style of dress and markings of the peoples faces.

King Zabad is of Lagotkh ethnic group
29-01-2004, 10:29
The following applies only to Moontian's territory on Earth.

Moontian is an easy nation to enter, requiring only a passport, provided your stay does not extend beyond 3 earth months. If it does, a business or student visa is required to remain in the country.

In the air/spaceport, you will be able to exchange your currency for Moontian belles and mashiara. The exchange rate is pegged to the price of a loaf of bread, one belle for a loaf.

Upon looking outside, the first thing many people notice is the lack of ground traffic. This is due to the ban of cars, and the subsequent usage of hoverskids. Taxi hoverskids are parked near the exits of the terminals, and hoverskids for hire (including instruction booklet) are quite easy to organise with licensed salespeople in the air/spaceport.

One may often see naked people going about their business, people walking other people like dogs, or having sex in the street; despite the usual cold weather.

Healthcare is free to all people in the case of surgery or serious disease; but a small cost is incurred for minor complaints and checkups.

Religious people are tolerated as tourists, but are not actively encouraged. Preaching one's religion to others is a punishable offence.

All tourists will be treated the same as citizens by the law.

Few children can be found during term time, because all schools are boarding schools.

Alcohol is restricted to four standard drinks per day, and tobacco has been banned.
04-02-2004, 19:47
02-03-2004, 06:22
02-03-2004, 06:52
OOC: Why all the hate for elves?

IC: All is welcome in RomeW. We are quite friendly people, but we are extremely liberal. People are allowed to walk in the nude and engage in weird sex acts out in the open. Prices are high at the moment but are coming down due to tax reductions.

Oh, and while you're there, be sure to visit the Fighting Guinea Pig Games at our new Colisseum. These Fighting Guinea Pigs were a gift from our ally Joccia and are brand new in RomeW. Our other must-see attraction is our beautiful rainforests, which are maintained thoroughly and regularly.

So book your ticket today!
21-06-2004, 11:18
21-06-2004, 11:40
One must obseve the sacred right of "tea an spliff" if you fail to adhere to this sacred ritual you will be forced to dance naked for 2 days whilst eating blacmange.Also would people please stop feeding the sloths they are getting fat and snapping the tree's.
10-10-2004, 22:11
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11-10-2004, 00:33
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