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Your Nation's Gas/Petrol Prices

The Gulf States
11-12-2003, 19:06
How much is it costing your country to fill the tank up at the pumps? Car fuel only.

3.78 gallons = 1 Liter

In The Gulf States, gas currently costs $1.24 a gallon on average for regular. $1 GSD = $1 USD. The lowest is $1.16/gal in Bardista City, while upto $1.33/gal in rural Kent state.
11-12-2003, 19:56
I know this isn't quite what you asked, but...Our (hover)cars run on biodiesel.
Cost to make yourself: $0.70 per galon
Cost at a pump: $2.24 per galon
Cost from fuel company: $1.40 per galon
Cost from fuel company with shipping: $1.48 per galon
Prices will vary.
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The Gulf States
11-12-2003, 20:02
I know this isn't quite what you asked, but...Our (hover)cars run on biodiesel. You can make it yourself for less than $0.75 per gallon, but if you buy it at a pump, it might be $2.24 per gallon.

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Free Pacific States
11-12-2003, 20:18
FPS Credits go off at about 1 Credits per 4 USD, but there's the price in USD's anyway. The prices are low due to are having a good trading with many gas/oil filled nations.
Normal: .82 USD/Gallon
Semi-Premium: .95 USD/Gallon
Premium: 1.12 USD/Gallon
Diesal: 1.04 USD/Gallon
Oil: 1.00 USD/Gallon

Sorry about editing prices, realized they were a bit low, even for my deals.
Soviet Haaregrad
11-12-2003, 20:34
Haaregradia runs off of hemp based biofuels, we currently import no oil.

That said our oil prices vary mostly based on the crop year.

Currently petrol costs $0.68-0.72 per litre, diesel costs 5 cents less on average.
11-12-2003, 20:39
This is charging it by the gallon. and 1 TSD credit is worth 1.6 USD.

Normal: 1.50/TSD Credits
Semi-Premium: .98/TSD Credits
Premium: 4.3/TSD Credits
Diesal: 4.43/TSD Cedits
Oil: 1.40/TSD Credits
11-12-2003, 20:43
Our current is the Kryos (~), which is worth about .20USD.

We import our gas from a local neighbour (Erthsphere).

For a car...

For a truck
Catholic Europe
11-12-2003, 20:47
The current average cost for a full tank of petrol in Catholic Europe is about - $1.50.
13-12-2003, 01:24
1 Crimmar = 4 USD

Average price for gas in Crimmond(per gallon in USD):

Regular: 0.99
Medium: 1.20
Premium: 1.50
100 Octane: 2.00

Average price for gas in Crimmond(per gallon in Crimmars):

Regular: 0.25
Medium: 0.30
Premium: 0.38
100 Octane: 0.50
Slutbum Wallah
13-12-2003, 01:37
Depends entirely upon the quality of the packaging.
13-12-2003, 01:51
Most cars in Bedistan run on electricity. That said, many cars made prior to 2012 still use gas. Demand is reasonably low, keeping the prices somewhat low:

[OOC: 1 Bedistani bakrani (þ) is about equal to 0.629 US Dollars. Prices are shown by the gallon.]

Regular: Average þ1.38, ranges from þ1.27 to þ1.51
Plus: Average þ1.53, ranges from þ1.40 to þ1.67
Super: Average þ1.67, ranges from þ1.54 to þ1.86
Diesel: Average þ1.94, ranges from þ1.81 to þ2.07

Diesel is heavily taxed due to its heavily polluting nature when compared with our other forms of gasoline, driving its price up some þ0.30 to þ0.35.
13-12-2003, 01:54
1 Gallon goes for 2.2 Talia in most gas stations

2.2 Talia = About $1.10