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Lamentations Of Tomorrow (open Sci Fi thriller rp)

10-12-2003, 13:36
This follows on from my nation's relocation into space ( see link ) and will serve as an introduction to a much bigger rp. I might make this an open rp at a later date if enough people ask for it.

So it begins........


Colonial Air Corps Airbase 15, Northern Artian Plains, Ares.

The wind blew strong, spreading fine red dust across the runway as the Type 140 Balmoral reeved up its two engines ready for take off on yet another patrol flight. The howling wind made speech near impossible and take off a little ticky, the pilot Lt James Midnight cursed under his breath as he eased the plane forwards. Steadily increasing the throttle he built up speed and with its engines roaring the Blamoral took flight.

Midnight swung the plane round to the southeast to scout out an area where some ruins were spotted a couple of months back. A round trip of just over 200 miles, well within the operational range of the plane. Midnight decided to keep a steady 100mph, they weren't in a rush anyway so it give pently of time to keep a lookout for anything interesting.
10-12-2003, 17:52
It was when they were 73 miles out from the base when they ran into a very bad sand storm, Midnight swore as the plane was rattled by the battering wind. Lighting flashed around the plane, the compass was going crazy. The co-pilot, Jack Earnest, tried to radio back to base but ended up getting shocked when the radio short circuited. The gunner, Stevens, quickly saw to Earnest as a bright white light flashed.

Everything lit up white and then darkness............

............Midnight woke up, pain covered most of his body and so did a bit of blood. His forehead was cut by broken glass from the plane's windscreen. He looked round only to see that both Earnest and Stevens were dead, and the plane was a total wreck with smoke everywhere. Midnight eased himself out of the pilot's seat and steadily made his way towards the door of the plane, pausing briefly to pick up a rifle.
11-12-2003, 11:37
Outside the plane Midnight found himself in a small, shallow canyon somewhere far from where he remembered his last location being. He stared back at the plane and despit it being a wreck on the inside, outside it looked a hell alot worser. Both wings were missing, the plane's hull bent at crazy angles and the tail stuck on some rocks high above.

A shot ring out and a bullet narrowly missed him whilst he was lost in thought, brought back to his senses he dived into the cover of a large rock quickly cocking the rifle he held. He carefully peered over the rock and brought the rifle to bare, the sniper fired off another shot only for Midnight to quickly duck. Knowing the sniper was most likely reloading Midnight fired off several shots as to where he thought the sniper to be.
11-12-2003, 13:16
11-12-2003, 15:18
Comments so far please
11-12-2003, 15:25
What's the sci fi connection?
11-12-2003, 15:27
Time travel and a connection to one of HG Wells' works, also the intro to a future story.

All will be told.
12-12-2003, 12:56
The sniper, somewhat shakened at Midnight's return fire, hurried to get his rifle reloaded but failed to do so as a beam of green light hit the rockface which just exploded. Midnight swore as a large metal thing came clanking round a bend in the canyon bushing the rockface. The thing sweeped its ray of light across the canyon before a loud bang sounded and a fireball appeared which knocked the thing over. Midnight guessed it must have been one of the bombs from the plane exploded, however seeing his chance he decided now would be a good time to run like hell.

This course of action seemed even better when more clanking noise was heard.
01-01-2004, 22:01
A sound of an aircraft made Midnight look up to what appeared to be another Balmoral, rusted and crudely painted but still a Balmoral. Couple of bombs were released before the Things had a chance to bring their ray to bare. The first one was destroyed whilst the second got cuaght by a rockfall.