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new viral strain discovered on uninhabited moon (open RP)

09-12-2003, 18:07
Jitanese researchers have found a new virus on an uninhabited moon just inside of jitanese space, while the moon is habitable it does harbour a number of highly contagious diseases, the new virus is being desginated DGX-12945 or simply death as it is being called by the researchers, the virus is so contagious and deadly that the jitanese fleet is quarantining the entire sector no ships are to be allowed out at this time, the virus seems to be moving through the air, it is deadly within 12 hours of contact, there seems to be no way to stop the virus as yet, the planet has been abvandoned sadly with the research team still on it, the Empire is recommending that no ships attempt to enter the sector, any countries who do have an intimate knowledge of many diseases are asked to help us in studying this disease before it becomes too virulent, the research team will continue broadcasting for as long as they are alive
09-12-2003, 18:39
come on, it'll be fun
10-12-2003, 18:19
10-12-2003, 18:25
"h-hello? is this thing on? anyone there?" a voice calls from a blank screen, "this is the I.J.S.S. Taria, we are receiving you, what is your situation?over" the scientist looked at the monitor blankly "oooh!" he said and flipped a switch, the monitor abruptly came to life with the image of acaptain "hello sir, we've quaratined the base camp and sealed off the infected persons, but this virus is spreading to quickly for us to contain it, we're still working on finding antibodies or some kind of cure, have you found anyone who can help us with this?" asked the doctor, a short man with close cropped hair and a sour disposition, the captain calmly regarded the screen "no Doctor but we're still looking, hopefully we'll find some one. what's your progress down there?" he asked, the doctor hung his head "no progress to speak of sir, it's hard." he said rubbing his eyes, "get some sleep tim, you can't fight it all the time, you need rest" he said, a look of concern coming over him " yeah you're right john, i'll call back in a few hours, let me know if something comes up ok?" he said looking away from the screen "sure thing tim, get some rest." replied the captain...

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10-12-2003, 18:32
OOC can I play a member of the team on the planet? (Being that my nation is busy preparing to send it's first science satellites into orbit I doubt I could come along and help *chortle*)
10-12-2003, 18:33
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10-12-2003, 18:36
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10-12-2003, 18:37
completly open RP join in!
10-12-2003, 18:46
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John stared into the microscope, he'd been starring for hours as he watched the virus... he was begining to think prehaps his initial prediction was wrong... it didn't look like a virus at closer inspection, it looked more like a bacteria, but his eyes ached...
"When are we going to get some help out here" he muttered to himself as he stood up and stretched his back... his bio-hazard suit was uncomfy but he sure as hell didn't want to be alone naked with this thing! Alice had already come down with it, he figured she'd be dead in six... he couldn't see anyhope of him coming up with anything down here, he'd have to push his current findings off to one of the others... He could now say it was most likely a bacteria that had remained dormant until the initial exploration of the planets surface... he sent a tox report up to the labs and med decks... He was just a basic analyst his team had people better suited to this kind of thing...
Although he was relatively apt at bacterial research, he still wasn't certain he'd found it and to be honest he was waiting for Alice to die so he could harvest her organs although he wouldn't dare mention it...
The initial signs seemed to be a build up of fluid in the brain causing pressure which led to irrational behaviour, paranoia, delusions and hallucinations! it was a scary thought that the first warning could be a blade in his chest when someone thought his spatula was a machette!
He shuddered, also hot and cold sweats we're signs, but os far this was all he had... he headed back to the door of bio-lab...
10-12-2003, 18:47
"damn you for waking me at this hour! This better be important!" Dr. Knezevic was on his usual sour mood as he walked up to the scientist collective standing around a table and watching the reports.

"Glad that you came Knezevic" The old officer looked up at the doctor as he came, last in a large number of scientists. "A new virus has been discovered, we need to add it to our adaptive vaccine database, we need to know whether our vaccine works against this or not and what measures must be taken if it doesn't"

"And this couldn't have waited until morning?"

"No, we got a ship ready for you and your team as we speak. We want to know more of this virus since it seems to be of some kind of new origin. Off you go, I got a signed order here, your stuff has already been loaded unto the ship"

Knezevic swore about military their mothers and siblings getting married and having children under his breath as he walked towards the dock.
10-12-2003, 18:51
tim stood up from the monitor an stretched, bending slightly at the waist, he got up and put on his suit, then left the small comms hut, he walked towards the hospital building to check on his teammates, then suddenly a guard who was passing, the guards head twitched and he lunged suddenly at the unsuspecting doctor, tim was alert enough to know what was happening, he tripped the officer and pulled out his pistol and fired a stun shot into him, the guard stayed down and tim yelled for a medical pickup, "worse by the mintue" he thought...

10-12-2003, 21:50
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11-12-2003, 12:05
From Bio-hazard suit to survival suit he sighed, if it was a bacteria they could be in even more trouble than origonally assumed... if it was a virus who knows how small it is...
"John, hows it going? found anything yet?" one of the chem specialists asked as he swapped suits...
"Nothing... this things more reclusive than a Hoforrian burrow spider!" he growled as he suited back up...
"You know the council said we don't need those while we're in filtered zones!"
"Call me paranoid... I'm starting to wonder how much effect these filters have anyway..., we need an epidemieoligst! need to figure out more about the spread of this thing..."
"Well they say it's air bound..."
"Apparently so... but neither I nor the people in autopsy have found anything in the mucus membrane but then it isn't like we have any recent bodies... the exploration team was a mess..." he sighed and stared out of the small room...
"We got a guard down sector 4" the message came over the intercom, John kicked an imaginary can...
11-12-2003, 18:23
Tim moved busily around the lab, switching petri dishes and turning high-def scanners," there has to be something, dammit!" then turning to a monitor which whowe the disease he yelled" tell me how to kill you!"
16-12-2003, 19:04
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18-12-2003, 13:47
"Still no luck, I assume you've found it at last?" I stand propped against the wall, "I can't help myself, can't keep away from these terting stills..." I look towards the computer screens "It's a pretty special thing isn't it... I don't think we'll catch it before it catches us though! any word on outside help?"
I look down at the floor, remembering how much fun this job used to be, I knew something like this may happen but damn...
the biohazard suit yet again... so uncomfortable the filter made the air warm apparently you could change the temperature somehow but I don't care that much...
05-01-2004, 14:41
OOC: indeed, let's see if this shakes it up

IC: Jitanese Star Destroyers have charted the world from orbit and have made extensive scans of it's exterior and interior, they have found a new metal, which seems to be readily available all over the planet, but is dangerous to mine because of the disease, tests indicate that this metal is almost completly indestructible by any common means, making it a perfect armour for ships or armoured vehicles, in fact the only thing that could be found to penetrate it was a matter disintegration weapon, it is unknown at this time wether or not conventional weapons will have any effect,