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Al Anbar Factbook

09-12-2003, 05:19
Al Anbar Factbook - 12/12/03


Population: 393,000,000
Birth Rate: 35 Births/1,000 people
Death Rate: 3 Deaths/1,000 people
Life Expentancy At Birth: 76 years male, 79 year female
Total Fertility Rate: 4 children born/women
Nationality: Noun-Iraqi (when referring to Iraq Governorate), Syrian (when referring to Syrian governorate) - Al Anbar adjective
Cultural Division: 89.2% Arab, 7.4% Kurdish, 3.4% mixed
Religious Division: 82.4% Sunni Arab, 6.8% Shi'ite Arab, 4.2% Jewish, 4% Turkoman, 2.2% Christian, .4% mixed
Language: Official Language is Arabic. Kurdish is second most spoken language.


Long Form Name: The Republic of Al Anbar
Type: Republic
Administrative Divisions: 2 Governorates (Syria & Iraq), 39 Sub-Governorates
Independence: Iraq - 1932, Syria - 1946. Al Anbar - 2003.
Constitution: Ratified September 2003.
National Holidays: Independence Day - September 3. Saddam Hussein Birthday - April 28. Victory over the Infidel Day - April 10.
Executive Branch: President, Vice President
Leaders: Head of State, Government: President Saddam Hussein
Suffrage: Everyone 18 and over can vote.
Elections: Every six years for President. Can be called earlier.


Overview: Dominated by the oil industry. Over 70% of all revenue is from oil. Economy is highly centralized. Military takes a large part of the budget.
Unemployment Rate: 6.4%
GDP: $185 billion
Growth Rate: 2.4%


Telephones, main lines in use: 4.9 million
Telephones, Cellular: 2.2 million
Telephone System: General Assessment[i] Modern system, going through major upgrades, including fiber-optic cable installation. [i]Domestic[i] Network consists of coaxial cable and microwave radio relay links [i]International 2 Intelsat (1 Atlantic Ocean and 1 Indian Ocean), 1 Intersputnik (Atlantic Ocean region), 2 Arabsat, and 1 submarine cable.
Radio Broadcast Stations: 43 AM (3 are inactive), 75 FM (3 are inactive), 6 shortwave
Television Broadcast Stations: 29
Internet Country Code - Holds .sy, .iz, and .aa.
Internet Service Providers: 1 - State Company for Internet Services
Internet Users: 248,934,203

Defense Forces:

Branches: Iraqi Army, Iraqi Navy, Iraqi Air Force, Republican Guard, Syrian People's Army
Defense Expenditures: $49 billion dollars
13-12-2003, 05:22