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New Custom Car from West Coast Custom

Foe Hammer
06-12-2003, 01:30
West Coast Customs, Foe Hammer's leading Auto makers, has created a spending frenzy at the Foe Hammer National Autoshow. Halfway through the event, West Coast Customs pulled back the covers on this new way to cruise the nation in style.
Yes, it's exactly what it looks like - A stretch Dodge Viper. Outfitted with a custom-built V-12, leather or cloth seats, a partition, satellite radio, a TV, a beverage cooler and much more.

This Viper Stretch is 18' long, 6.5' wide, and fitted with a custom-fabricated Bodykit, a spoiler, and the traditional Viper racing stripes. This gas-guzzler gets 16 miles to the gallon, and with a large left-side front 14-gallon tank, you can do some straight-up pimpin' for 224 miles before refilling. A gas-saving Pressure startoff system builds up pressure during braking and uses it to push the giant forward when accelerating. This beast is a twin-turbo monster fit for anyone that's tired of old Lincoln limos.

The Viper Stretch comes with gold or chrome 22's, you choose the style. Available colors:
Silver w/ Gold Stripes
White w/ Black or Blue stripes
Blue w/ White Stripes
Black w/ White Stripes

Price tag for the ultimate in big pimpin' -
Special requests extra
Standard building time for a Viper Stretch can be as short as 6 months or as long as 12 months. Build time varies per order.

By purchasing a Viper Stretch from West Coast Customs, you hereby agree to protect all copyrights and not produce any Viper Stretches without permission of West Coast Customs. You also agree that West Coast Customs is not responsible for any accidents, whether it be a fault of the vehicle or a fault of the vehicle's operater. West Coast Customs is not responsible for any injuries or deaths that occur when any individual or company not affiliated with West Coast Customs attempts to alter or repair the Viper Stretch. West Coast Customs has the right to deny repair of any Viper Stretch if -
1. The damage was caused by aftermarket products for the Viper Stretch
2. The damage was caused by tampering with the vehicle's components
3. The vehicle's engine and/or components have been replaced with any engine and/or component not manufactured or installed by West Coast Customs.
West Coast Customs WILL repair a vehicle if -
1. The damage was a result of a mechanical fault
2. The vehicle has not been tampered with
3. The vehicle's engine and/or components have NOT been replaced with any engine and/or component not manufactured or installed by West Coast Customs.
Foe Hammer
06-12-2003, 01:49
Order a Stretch Viper now and receive "Beer 'n Chicken", the new Luda CD, and the Tupac: Resurrection Soundtrack FREE! Just thought you'd want some good stuff to play cruising around your nation.
Foe Hammer
06-12-2003, 02:21
Damn, people must hate fast, sleek-looking, powerful stretch sports cars...
06-12-2003, 03:24
From the mobile, tungsten reinforced desk(AC +4/+6) of A. Orbison, Minister of Grand Funk, Transportation, and Unspecified

It's tempting, but North Misc doesn't import any vehicles without rows of jagged glass and metal spikes. It's part of our proud wastelands heritage. If you've got any rifle shells, we could trade you some hair spray and belt buckles. We've had a bit of a surplus since the nuclear cyborg fad kicked in.
Better act now, I don't think my portfolio covers this sorta thing, and the Ministry of Ministries' had it in for me ever since that mass excommunication. We'll have to hammer out the details later, I'm supposed to be out on a donut run, and the cabinet's getting testy.
Look, give us a call if you manage to stick spikes on that thing, and maybe some onboard ordnance. 9:00-22:00 local, they said they'd kick us out if we didn't keep it down after ten, and this is our third House of Parliament this month. Strictly off the record, we've been hanging on by a thread since the xTreme Executive Bureau pissed Eric off. The guy had central AC, three kinds of pepperoni in the fridge 24/7, and this real wooden gavel for when we wanted to get all judicial.
Anyway, if you're interested, ask for Carol, she's nre oh shit oh shit they're in the vents theyr'ei n the ven
06-12-2003, 03:34
Damn, people must hate fast, sleek-looking, powerful stretch sports cars...
Sorry, but my penis doesn't really need an extension right now.

--A Random (naked) Scolopendran Citizen
06-12-2003, 03:43
Hey, look! He's selling the Ambiguously Gay Duo's car!

Original AGD Car, courtesy of Saturday Night Live: