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Forming International Coalition against EOTED- Please Read

04-12-2003, 02:36
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Respected Members of the International Community;

I come forward to you all in the spirit of fraternity, equality and friendship; however, I bring to you a message of unmitigated rage. The last few months have been times of extreme unrest; unreasonable tbreats of war, mass armament and a climate of extreme distrust. There are many we could blame for this turmoil: the conitinuing strife between CACE and SATO is certainly an example.

However, there is one nation in particular that seems to have found itself in the heart of nearly every such dispute: a rogue nation, now despised by those he once called friends. In the interests of solidarity, mulitlateralism and general peace, we, among others, reached out to this nation, hoping to redirect it towards a more reasonable course. I speak, of course, of the Empire of the Eternal Dawn.

It is time for each of us to take a reckoning: what value do we place on our sovereignity, our diginity, and our peace? How long shall we ignore this nation of raging tempers and uncivilized threat, never knowing if, this time, it is we who shall feel his wrath?

I for one feel the time is now; the international community as a whole must stand up and say, together, with a voice so strong it will shake this tyrant to the core:


Far be it from me to lead us into war; my intentions here are not to further bloodshed unless we deem it of utmost importance. I suggest a tripartite plan:

1) Economic Sanctions: beginning immediately, all nations shall sever all economic ties. While EOTED trades primarily with Menelmacar, this will serve as a strong symbolic statement. I also urge Menelmacar and her wise, benevolent leaders to recognize EOTED as the despot and danger that it certainly is.

2) International Solidarity: from this point forward, no action of EOTED shall go uncontested. I pledge myself, and all who share my sentiments, to aid in the defense of any nation facing the brunt of EOTED aggression.

3) Complete Diplomatic Santions: I urge all nations with diplomatic ties, strong or otherwise, to this nation to sever them immediately. We all have seen what regard this administration has for such things; examine the unpleasantness with ToY for a particularly nasty example.

I also would like to note, that at this point Mallberta considers herself, if not at war, then at an extreme state of hostility with EOTED. We realize we may face retaliation for our sentiments; indeed, we expect it from such a merciless aggressor. However, this cause is too important, too necessary to go on without response.

I urge you all to at least consider my words here; the consequences of inaction may be brutal indeed.

With Great Respect,

Ambrose the Advocate
Lord Regent of Mallberta

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