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New region, needed nations for it.

Nueva Hispania
03-12-2003, 21:54
if you are a Nation with Right-Wing political ideas, you are wellcome to here. We dont like extremist people, so If you are one of them you are not wellcome to here. Put in contact with me by telegram, and I will see if you can enter.
I can define this region like a very united one, for helping one to the others, looking forward one to the others. Cooperation and Cooordination must be our principal works. Working hard for having the best region and the best countries inside, working for having common laws and common trade. A region with freedom for the good people, for the people tha evereday wake up thinkindo the best for the others. A region for prosecuting to the crimminals and terrorist, for having a safe world to our people. A region for dreaming, for wishing... a region for realising your dreams and your wishings.
If you are the person that usually do the best thing for his people, wellcome to here, but If you are a traitor and a dictateur... forget it.