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Financial transfers worrying international community

Der Angst
28-11-2003, 22:37
Today, a few strange monetary transfers inside the international banking system could be witnessed.

A newly created bank account, current owner unknown, was literally flooded with money. So far, it is unknown who wired the money, however, at least five different sources sent between 5billion and one trillion in different currencies on the account.

Unfortunately, further information is not available, since the bank where the money has been wired to is an Iraqstani institute, and Iraqstan is not exactly the most 'open' nation in the world.

"We`re not exactly worried. Yes, this could be something big, since we have never before witnessed something like this... but then, it could also be... well, a coincidence." ~ Angst national Bank spokesman Max Schneider

When asked how exactly he got the information regarding the transfers, Max Schneider had nothing more to say.
28-11-2003, 22:42
After reading the morning paper Carlos blinks. "Well damn they found that out. Muhammed get out there!" He yells and out rushes muhammed for an emergency press conference.

"Good evening! I would like to take this moment to relay some information about these alleged monetry transfers made to us. There is no un-authorised or un-accounted money sitting in Iraqstani banks! These are blatant propeganda schemes to stir up caution in the international community! We are planning nothing! Good day."
Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf
Iraqstani Information Minister
Melkor Unchained
28-11-2003, 22:49
Lord Alkanphel sat watching the broadcast from ChronosNews regarding the account. As the reporter chattered on, Alkanphel's sly smirk grew into a twisted evil grin.

Soon that money would belong to the Imperium and the rest of th Ardan nations.
The Ctan
28-11-2003, 22:53
"Bill," said one of the bank technicians, "Yeah?"

"Is that what I think it is?"

"Holy cr-"

"Five hundred!"


"Find out where it's going," shouted Bill, panicked, already on the vidphone.

A pair of clicks echoed in the room as the lights went out and the 'phone fizzled out, "Internal Security Agency," said a cold, precise voice, "gentlemen, step away from your equipment."

"But we're being robbed, one of the national accounts is being drained," said the first technician, "Going to - hell, I don't know - where - it's going."

"Gentlemen, your co-operation is desirable," said the agent, stepping into the ruddy glow of computer screens, "and essential to your continued safety, for the forseeable future you are being taken into - protective custody..."

"Protection from what?"

"You are witnesses to confidential govenment activities..."
28-11-2003, 22:54
Bigger deficit means extra cuts in welfare!

THE HAGUE - The CBS (Central Bureau for Statistics) today announced that the Knootian economy faced an unexpected rise in the trade deficit in November. Instead of foreign currency coming in from other nations, the Knootian economy actually ran at a loss this month. The exchange was a whole twelve billion euro's lower then what was projected.

Even with the recession still raging on, this temporary loss came as a complete surprise for the CBS. According to the bureau, the money directed the government balance. Minister of Economic Affairs Brinkhorst hastily presented a plan to increase budget cuts in welfare.

Organisations representing elderly people, the disabled and the mentally handicapped fiercely protested the announced budget cuts.... [etcetc]
[more information on page 3]
Copiosa Scotia
28-11-2003, 23:19
Department of Commerce discovers error in surplus figure
From the Aberden Sun-Times, 28 November 2003
Reprinted by permission

The federal budget surplus may be "slightly smaller than previously believed," according to a report released Friday by the Department of Commerce. A department spokesperson labelled the discrepancy, thought to have been caused by an accounting error, as "negligible as compared with the remaining surplus," estimating it at two billion plats. The error is unlikely to affect Speaker Michael MacFarlane's planned sales tax cut, which will go into effect next month.
Der Angst
28-11-2003, 23:25
It`s midday in DA, the dim light a bit brighter than normal, nearly succeeding in coming through the clouds of green glowing and brown exhaust gases from the countless factories.

A mother and her young child, it is perhaps five years old, walk along the Niers- beach, where not so long ago a horrible battle had been fougt. The young mother still knows that time, remembers the corpses, the blood, the destruction...

"Momma, look! Look here, that looks funny!"

She follows her little child, and what she sees brings her memories back...

The blood, the destruction, the pain...

"Momma, can you read this?"
"Hmm? Oh... yes, yes... Wait... 'Max Schneider'... that must have been his name... come, hurry, we need to call the police..."

A man steps out from the shadows. "No need for that. We are the police."
"Oh? wow, now, yes, that was fast..." She looks at the man, in disbelief. But she quickly realises it`s better for her to just go away and stay silent.

Watching the young woman disappear, the man looks somewhat tired. "Ok guys, now transport him to the biomass facilities. Anyway, i`m hungry."
"The woman too?"
"Huh?" He hesitates. Again, he looks tired. "No... no, that wont be necessary."


Meanwhile, a message has been sent to several nations. [ooc: You know who you are. And no, no mistakes...]

Veni, vedi, vici.

An attachement includes persons Max Schneider got informations from, either by willingly betraying their superiors or unwillingly allowing security leaks... Luckily, it`s only a few names.
28-11-2003, 23:31
Reading the list Carlos frowns. "Section 12. Being round up of the following people. Have their families duly compensated and get the flayers online.

Also I'm hearing reports of five hundred billion being transfered in. Good keep up the good work. Quil'raya out."

Sitting back Carlos smiles and reads over his notes. "Soon, we'll have some fun!"
imported_Sentient Peoples
28-11-2003, 23:39
The year was drawing to a close. Time to clean out the Presidential Descretionary Fund.

D'ron read up on his uses for the year. 20 billion FedCreds at his disposal.

That was a lot of money.

1 Billion to the Combat Widows, Widowers, and Disabled Vetrans Charity.

1 Billion to the Griffin Society for the performing arts.

He perused the intelligence data sheet in front of him. These were the thing that Cortana thought worthy of him donating some money to.

Ah.... that numbered account in Iraqstan. 7 Billion.

10 Billion diverted to the Holiday Gifts for the Soldiers fund. Stupid name. Why didn't they call it the military slush fund? That's what it was after all.

That left him with a billion FedCreds. Well, he had another month before the end of the year. He'd probably find a use for it before then.
28-11-2003, 23:45
A smoke filled room in an unknown location...

"The money has been transfered."

"So they were willing. Good. No names - just faceless data."

A shape loomed out of the fog as one of the people leaned foward in their chair. In a soft feminen voice it whispered to the rest of room.

"We should track the money through our contacts. See how they use it. Friends they may be now, but what of the future?"

A male voice, harsh from years of smoking, replied.

"Very good. You have been an excellent choice. It will be done..."
29-11-2003, 00:06
OOC: sweet sweet sweet.


Highly encrypted reply to Der Angst message:

[code:1:4e685dd4ea]Zu kurz

Ein Mann lebt,
ganz kurz.
Eine Frau schreit,
ganz kurz.
Der Blitz schlägt,
Donner grollt.
Der Blitz schlägt,
ganz kurz.
Und wieder vergeht kein Tag, kein Monat, kein Jahr ganz kurz.
Es war Frieden,
ganz kurz.
Melkor Unchained
29-11-2003, 00:11
In [hopefully] unrelated news, military installations in and around the Imperium were seen to be gearing up for a possible conflict.

Reserves are being called up, and diplomatic backchannels to the rest of Arda are being opened.

On Io, the 4 Imperial Battlefleets were manned and prepared to jump into Earth Orbit, loaded with a large number of marines, as moonside defense systems were activated for the first time in the Io Imperium's admittedly short history.

Something big was about to happen.
29-11-2003, 23:26

The TVC financial watchdog, the VCFW, has started investigating several large monetary transfers, which were noted the other day. A routine sweep of the daily data traffic on the financial markets revealed huge amounts of cash being wired to one or several foreign bank accounts. No official amounts are known as of know, but rumours speak about dozens to hundreds of billions being transferred.

Teams of accountants and controllers have immediatelly been assigned to dig into the financial records and external accounts of the conglomerates that make up the Integrated Companies of the Vortex Corporation. One thing that was noted, however, was the fact that an unusual high ratio of the members of these investigation teams are rookies, with less than 3 months of active service.

Several CEO's were asked for a clarification of this event, that sent a ripple of unrest through the TVC markets. Not one of them was available for comment, unfortunately. CNS will keep you updated, of course.
29-11-2003, 23:43
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