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Nano soft
28-11-2003, 20:32
Corporate Islands!

Corporate Islands is a huge, powerful region. We are always welcoming new members, if there big or small it doesn't matter. Our founder Resi is a excellent founder, and I am the second largest UN delegate that the region has ever had. There are over 70+ nations in Corporate Islands.

World fact book entry:
This is a place for corporations to build their empires without interference from annoying communists or human rights activists. Visit the Corporate Islands on the web at (which is in dire need of an update)! You can also visit the Corporate Islands Forum at Join the Corporate Coalition. You know you want to.

We even have our own forum, so if you join you can join our forum. Also there is a Corporate web site showing the Islands(Some) of corporate Islands.

This region is a great region for small young people to, if you come you will be protected by the Corporate Islands. Also this is a great region for large nations too because you come and you become a ally and now we are even stronger! So come join the Corporate Coalition. You know you want to.

If you have any questions about the region or anything like that just ask me.

(If you come and your in the UN, endorse me! If you do I can promise that I will be the best UN delegate every! I will also endorse you back!)

Adverisement areas:
Internation Incedents
Nationstates forum
28-11-2003, 20:45
Tom, enjoying the comforts of their free, politically balanced and assorted television sat in dismay as the adverts flickered onto the screen. His wife, Maureen was busy in the kitchen.

"Bloody Hell! Maureen, turn this crap off the telly, will ya?"

A reply came from the cavern of cooking.

"Do it yourself, Ya lazy sod!"

Tom began to gain feeling, his back and spine stretching out, the arms feeling taught after their vegetative state. Tom's fingers flicked the buttons on the remote. The Television flickered off.

Tom slumped over and fell asleep.