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Lord of the rings RPG

28-11-2003, 19:55
I am thinking of running a Lord of the rings RPG you just pick an race and then we battle it out i'll get a map of middle earth and put it up the races availible are

Mordor Orcs
Wildmen of Dundelain
Rohan or the Riddermark
Corsairs of Umbar
Nazgul or the armies of Mina's Morgul(You'd be an allie to Mordor)

The map would be used for tactical planning sieges and such and invasions of other territory

it will play out as an normal RPG

we start tomorrow so I want army lists Tgrammed to me and we start at 8:00 tomorrow because im busy for the rest of tonight
12-05-2007, 21:51
Can I represent Rohan please? or if not then Gondor if possible?
Melkor Unchained
12-05-2007, 21:55
Uhh... this thread is like four years old. Somehow I don't think it's gonna happen.