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Major Sliponian Announcement

28-11-2003, 19:31
Yes, this is correct, Sliponia is no longer "The People's Republic of Sliponia" and from hence forth shall be known as "The Athletic Paradise of Sliponia". Also we have changed our flag in a minor way; we have simply removed the text from it. Below is our modified flag:
[ooc: if you still get the old flag, press Ctrl+F5.]
28-11-2003, 20:52
But WHY?!
29-11-2003, 06:07
Do not worry, our government shall not change, we just want our love for athletics to take centerstage to the rest of the world. We obviously care about education and the like but we just love sports. Of course with our economy recovering we need to being working on our social equality. But do not worry, all our treaties are still in place, and President Ross is bullheaded about leveling out society.
imported_The Opressive Church
29-11-2003, 06:12
...And as soon as TOC increases to 500 million Population, we will be renamed: "The Steriod Suplier for the Athletes of Sliponia, but hush, 'cause it's ILLEGAL in The Opressive Church"
29-11-2003, 06:46
:lol: But alas, Sliponian athletes are steriod free. We make sure of it. Mandatory drug testing is a policy, but it always has been, so citizens don't consider it an invasion of privacy.
29-11-2003, 10:38