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the war between las elbonia and huran

28-11-2003, 16:57
The new war has begun!, directly after the industrial revolution!, huran's dictator declared war on the small nation of Las elbonia!

The citizens cheered as the armies of huran marched out, to come across a delema... Las elbonia was on a secluded isle, having coral refs surrounding it, and cutting off almost all but the most dangerous enterences,

but huran pushed on... and after hevy casulties began to send the second wave, this is that war!
30-11-2003, 14:59
Defense forces on the outer edges of Las Elbonia have been over run, leaving many territories near the edge of Las Elbonia defenseless. However, the core lands have been heavily reinforced by years of military surplus spending. With Huran's forces now in the land, the military academy has begun speeding up it's training programs to get as many officers into the field as possible; compulsary military service for the population has kicked into effect once more, and the already impressive standing armies of Las Elbonia have been drawn into defensive patterns around key lands.

The war begins; Las Elbonia is ready to defend itself.
01-12-2003, 23:43
General Thran Looks left and right, judging the ranks and nobility of the coperals and sergents. They were the masters of war, the few survivors of the first wave. Each Lead hos men with determinaton, each a living legend among his men, each a gear in the massive war engien That is Huran.

"las Elbonia is well defended, but there they have weaknesses, these points here, here and here. are breaks in the coral reff, and those are the places **shhhhhh**."

"sir, those locations are also the sit of the las elbonia fortresses." said on of the junior sergents

"that is the point, our military might outnumbers their civilians and military! " replies the general.

"but saddly they already know this and have set traps and other devices to slow use down, but our mighty army of 181 million will rule the day, as our newly crafted **shhhhhhhh**travel to The hated foe."

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