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Recession: harsh measures, call to UN membernations.

28-11-2003, 15:52
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United Nations General Assembly
State-Secretary Galadriël Táralóm nos Cirdan steps up to the stand. The Elvish woman wears a powerful dark red garb, similar to one of Lady Sirithils battle uniforms. Her pointy ears stick up and distinctly differ her from the mostly human council. A small silver diadem on her head brightly reflects the light of the lights in the assembly hall.

Behind her stands a frail, grey old lady with blue eyes: the longstanding Knootian representative to the UN. Silently and with a bland expression on her face she watches as Galadriël makes her address:

Honoured delegates! Representatives of assembled nations!

I am here to speak with you of principles, of foundations and of history.

The UN is an organisation based on principles: a historic attempt to unite mankind in a unique way; to bring about communication and understanding between the various peoples; to settle matters together by working together. For this I praise the United Nations. As you are aware I am old by human standards. I have witnessed the history of the United Nations and Knootoss for hundreds of years. I remember the early days of Knootian independence. In the times of the Knootian Federation one of the first things the new government did was apply to join the United Nations, to be one of the peoples that seek to solve the problems of the world together with respect for national sovereignty.

It was a noble initiative, and it was undertaken by men and women with noble motives. Even if we did not always get our way, we never forgot this, we always reminded ourselves of the righteous intentions of all member states. And even when the Federation reformed in to the Dutch Democratic Republic we entertained the thought that the UN was aspiring lofty goals and that it merely needed some pushing in the right direction at times.

However this has come to a change. I am here to tell you, honoured delegates, that the United Nations is going astray. Recent resolutions have blatantly violating earlier resolutions and principles that formed the foundation of the UN

Please allow me to refresh your memories. On Monday the 13th of January 2003 the UN adopted a UN taxation ban as proposed by Nassland. The UN charter clearly limits it’s goals and objectives in many ways. The sovereignty of nations is firmly emplaced in all the nations constitutions.

Let me be clear on this matter: we do not want a United Nations that should lord over dependent nations as an imperial government. We do not want a United Nations that relies on the stupidity of the silent majority. The hard-nosed, hard-working, intelligent population of 990 million Knootians only deserve the best governance –their chosen governance- and for your peoples this should also be so.

Honoured delegates and representatives: I move to the politics of today. The “Alternative fuel” resolution would have been appealing had it been brought to vote before Monday the sixteenth of June 2003. Because on that day the UN adopted the “Hydrogen Powered Vehicles” resolution that forced the automobile industry to start developing hydrogen powered cars. I remind you, delegates, that this resolution was implemented decades ago.

Hydrogen powered cars are now commonplace in all UN member nations. Even non-UN nations such as Der Angst have them. The problem this UN resolution addresses is already effectively solved. And now the same automobile industry that has solved this environmental problem is asked, nay, forced to put more funds into developing alternatives? Honoured delegates this is ridiculous.

We will continue to act on the basis of the UN charter and the spirit in which it was founded. This is why we are giving the entire automobile manufacturing industry in Knootoss a tax-cut to compensate their losses, and we will adopt an accounting measure that will allow all automobile manufacturers native to Knootoss, Europolis and Ale-Yarok to deduct 2% from their annual profits report. In these times of recession we have to stand by those that make our economy tick.

I call upon all UN nations to finally take their grave responsibility and protect the principles and foundations of the United Nations. If the UN chooses to abandon its principles they will only reaffirm what our friends and allies in The New Meritocracy ( have always said: that the UN as a collective is embarking upon the path of cultural and economic imperialism.

Thank you for your time.

OOC : Just moving on where I left off... domestic measures later.
28-11-2003, 16:35
OOC: Great. and just when I make this reference there is a diplomatic incident with the meritocracy

"And in regional affairs, the Ballotonian regional minister of Foreign Affairs decided this afternoon to recall the Dutch ambassador to the meritoracy for a personal meeting. During this period the Embassy in the Meritocracy shall be occupied by a minimal staff.

The ministry has released a statement that this is part of a normal state of affairs. However it is speculated that this has to do with the appointment of Patrick Hamilton from the nation of Pilmour as a Senator in the Meritocracy. Ballotonian-Pilmourian relations have not been high since several bilateral incidents. The Knootian delegacy has denied any comment on the matter."