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Murder most horrid

Iesus Christi
28-11-2003, 08:51
not again...
Major John Garr looked over the scene, it was eerily similar to that tragic event he had investigated in St Dominic. That Investigation he had cleared the charged Elven observer but had been reassigned before he been able to give justice to murdered violated victim. Garr knelt down by the victim..
Just like last time the victim was a prostitute, and this scene was just as sickening. Again the victim was barely more than a girl , dozens of stab wounds marked her slim young defiled body with the largest portion of the frenzied knife wounds directed against her genitals.Her face was a beaten blood dripping mess.
Garr build the sheet back over the girl, shielding her violated nakedness from the eyes of the security troopers.
Garr walked over to the window and looked out on the Iesus capital, St Augustine. The very heart of Iesus Christi, the Ministry of social order was less than 2 kilometers away from this very vile scene.
"Winston, I want witness and medical reports including 'her' name on my desk by 0830, and report 616 brought from my apartment, you'll find it in the drawer by my bed. almost 0400 you plenty of time"
Garr knew in his heart there was a connection to the St Dominic case, he had been so close to untangling the nest of lies after he had proved the Elfs innocence, But then he had been reassigned by the Ministry and only Patrick Iesus had stopped Major Gar from finding a sticky end in some ministry of social order cell. Now, Garr had a second chance to right a great wrong to solve a case that had haunted him but now with no Patrick in the picture things were far more dangerous..
"blood still cries out for blood..."
"What was that Major?"
"Nothing Winston, hurry up and get those files"

OOC:Part two of Iesus corruption/crime story :P
28-11-2003, 08:57
Steel Butterfly
28-11-2003, 09:06
OOC: using the name "Garr"...for it is a character of mine in a current RP I'm doing. Not that I'm accusing you of copying or anything...but I wonder where you got the name from or if you made it up yourself?

RP I'm talking about: "Ardente Veritatis, Urite Mala Mundi." (
Iesus Christi
29-11-2003, 11:49

The 14 year old boy was making a brisk trade in simple one page news-sheets, crudely produced but theoretically illegal, these papers were tolerate by security forces simply because they generally regurgitated the party line, and if Inquisition office rumours were to be believed also tolerated because the real producers of them were actually in the Ministry of social order.
Garr indulged his instincts and brought a copy from the boy, who took Garrs money with a suspicious look, no doubt confused why a Inquisitor would pay rather than just take...
Garr quickly read over the poorly written news sheet, it was riddled with spelling errors and generally had more pictures than words but still a certain part of the article leapt out at Garr from between the grossly exaggerated lies and propaganda...the girls name...
"Anna Jones..."
Garr continued to walk to his office, his head full of questions, as yet he didn't know the girls name, her barcode had been to badly damaged to get a reading, he face had been a pulp and the apartment she had been found in was a lease to a local pimp....Either the author of the news sheet was a class A reporter or he was missing a part something in this story..
Winston greeted Garr as he entered the Inquisitor security building, handng over the files he had gathered over the last 4 hours since the murder was found.
" Witness and medical reports for you Sir, Murder must have taken place around 0300 and we think we have a ID on the girl, the pimp who ‘leases' that apartment said the girl sound like one of his, her name is.."
"Anne Jones?"
Winston gave Garr a puzzled look " yes sir, how did you know?"
"Don't worry Winston, I wasn't a client of hers it a wild guess...did you interview the pimp yourself? Has he talked to anyone else?"
"No sir...we pulled him up at 0410 , about 20 minutes after you left, he's been in our cells ever since..only myself and Inquisitor Dudly have interviewed him...that ok sir?."
Garr smiled "excellent Winston, excellent"
Garr neatly folded the newspaper and put it inside the case folder, adding another piece to a growing puzzle.
"Down to Business Winston! the games afoot!"

OOC:named Garr the sound a cat makes :D
North Star
02-12-2003, 10:25
kiddies playing TAG would be scared
Iesus Christi
05-12-2003, 00:41
Major John Garr flipped through his old case notes as he sat at his desk, he hunted through the St Dominic case, knowing instinctively there must be some connection between the crimes, some cruel mind that had spawned both these murders. He compared the medical reports, almost identical assaults....that couldn't be a just luck...Garr methodically started making notes for the questions he'd ask the pimp.
A Knock rounded on the door and Winston stuck his head around.
"Sir...two ummmm ...colleagues of Anne Jones are here, arrested for trying to leave the city without permits..I thought maybe.."
"Yes, Perfect opportunity to talk to them..the Pimp can wait afew more minutes eh?" Garr smiled broadly "have them brought in here would you..."
Winston nodded and disappeared around the door, Garr cleaned away his files, poured himself a cup of Tea and pulled up the new detainee files on his PC while he waited for the two ‘doves of the night'.
Garr looked up from reading their files on the PC as the two ‘doves'entered the room, both wearing cheap looking black clothes which was clearly designed to display their bodies in a most appealing way, One was in her 30s clearly, a large bosom and generally attractive form but Garrs professional attention wasn't so much on her but her friend, who was far too skinny and clearly not over 16, Garr nodded to the seats and both quickly sat down, their nerves were showing, clearly being in a Inquisitors office wasn't their idea of a fun morning...
"Firstly Ladies, you work for the pimp , your files state that. Why were you trying to leave the city?"
Both of them remained silent, their body language becoming more nervous.
"Come now know I can get the information how I like....but lets not be silly about this! Why are you leaving the city...? don't you care about your friend Anne Jones who's laying dead on a slab downstairs? She's dead and you flee the city? Says something about you.."
The older hooker looked defiantly at Garr "Of course we care...she was like a daughter to me...Don't you dare say We don't care about one of our own!"
Garr nodded and smiled softly " I'm sorry for your loss, please understand I'm trying to understand what's going on...tell me "Garr starred straight into the younger hookers eyes "you're only 14 arnt you?"
The girl blushed, and sputtered "no..I'm 18..."
"Thats not what you're file says...cant lie to the bar code ..tell me why you're leaving..."
The hookers looked at each other, the older one whispered something to the girl...and then looked at Garr "I'll do the have to understand...its not a easy life , and have you ever meet our pimp? Prime piece of work..after this...well enough is enough...time to get the hell out before God knows what..."
"Why? What has you scared so much? Why haven't you come forward?"
Both hookers laughed
"clearly you haven't meet our ‘man', he's got a lot of friends ..A LOT..young Jane's been with him since she was him your wrists and back the Inquisitor the burns and scares...that's not just from clients Sir, that's from our pimp too...he likes being a big man , loves having ‘connections', love s being above the law...loves power...Power he takes out on us girls..Poor Anne ..."
"Why don't you report him?"
"Like we said...he has'd be surprised how many ministry and army men like strange things in bed..."
Garr shock his head "Justice is blind to rank and know this will be hard...but please..if not for me , for your dead friend...I want you to tell me who visit you live...tell me your stories...I need to understand, I need to know"

Over a hour passed, and Garr felt physically sick at what he had heard, what those women had suffered was beyond belief. He had sent them both to the Christian aid ministry , where hopefully they would get the help they so badly needed....
" they're slaves, nothing more than slaves....Winston...time to see that Pimp...he's got a lot of questions to answer..."
05-12-2003, 00:50
Iesus Christi
05-12-2003, 04:38
Larry Sisko lounged back on the chair, his gut hung over his trousers, his flesh spewed and bulged through a white shirt that was clearly several sizes too small. His bald head dripped with sweat and his plump face bore a wide grinned that revealed his stained yellow teeth. His hands were cuffed behind his back, revealing the sweat stains of his shirt...
"Ay Boss, sure is hot in here, turn the fan on?"
Garr looked across the table at the man, analyzing the fat pimp, Garr mentally noted he looked like a slug in a bad suit, his plugging flesh almost like a blotted leech. A fitting comparison in Garr's mind.
"Boss..." The Middle aged pimp leaned forward, he grinned wider "ya know I got nothing to do with none of this mess, I'm a special man you know, notable friends, sure you know that " Larry gave a stage like wink to Garr " so how long before I get home, I'm hungry and got nothing to say...and you know..the quicker I go, the quicker maybe you can come visit? Fix you up real good with something to ‘eat'...we can provide for all tastes....better than that chopped meat I'm here because of..." the pimp sniggered , his bloated features a mixture of confidence and pride at what he clearly thought was some ‘sutle' wording.
Garr , a man so normally bound by law, order and Justice was transformed by this vision of corruption before him, his calm demeanor replaced by disgust and anger at this blight against humanity
"you son of a bitch..." Garr leapt to his feet, grasped the pimp by his collar and pulled him across the table.
The Pimps face twisted in shock "Boss! I get you anything! Whatever you want! Whatever age! Girl..boy...better than that slag...I treat you like my top guys...." His sentence was cut short as Garr cracked his fist into the pimps face ,sending him falling to the floor.
Garr leant over the pimp and again cracked his fist against his face with all his strength, then again and again ,smashing his fists against the pimp ,yelling at him as he did "Her name was Anne Jones, her name was Anne Jones you bastard....How old was she ! How old when you stole her innocence" The cuffed pimp vainly struggled under the frenzied assault of Major Garr, his face becoming a bloody mess., his body squirming like a worm in a desperate attempt to drag himself from the beating.
Garr stood back . slid his baton from his belt, raised it high above his head and brought it down with his full force upon the right leg of the wiggling prisoner, again and again Garr brought the baton down upon the prisoner, only the mans cries covered the sickening sound of breaking bone.
Soon the pimp ceased to try and flee, arms and legs literally unable to move his form, his cries had turned to whimpers and sobs. Garr slowly seemed to regain himself...he put his baton away and spat at the sobbing bleeding form on the floor.
"...I don't care who you think you are...or who you think protects you......You're going to talk..justice will be done"
Iesus Christi
08-12-2003, 09:01
"Well...its quite a list..can we trust what he said?"
Garr rubbed his bruised fist and nodded sullenly at Winston
"Well then Major, what next..?"
Garr looked over the list of names
"There are a lot of officers and officials on this list and people he only knew by sight and as he said...people who have taken a lot of time to keep their identities secret...still....I cant help but feel he's still holding out on us...not telling us everything he knows but that's just a hunch.."
Garr sighed
"well we'll ask him more questions tomorrow, we need to check up on some more witnesses one saw her go up to the one heard fact no one had seen her all night. Her tox screen was clear and she had no defensive injuries as far as the med could tell ... I cant believe it...anyhow Winston you look like hell, go home. Sleep well. God Bless"
"God bless Comrade Garr"
Winston saluted and left, leaving Garr alone with his thoughts.

Garr shoot up, and looked at his clock. 5:30am.He must have nodded off while reading reports...
Garr shock the sleep from his brain and lent over and hit the comm button.
"Yes...Garr here.."
"Trooper Gavon Kerr Sir! You've gotta come straight away....another one sir! Another one!"
Garr didn't follow what the trooper meant to start with, then the troopers urgent tone and statement sunk in....Garr felt his skin crawl...
"Give me the location, I'll be there ASAP..."

The room was barely more than a large closet, located down a dark alley in a ‘seedy' part of town...the nearest security cam was on the main street some 200 meters away...
The girl was spread out on the floor of her dingy apartment, everything looked repeated...blood seeped from her wounds...her body a bruised defiled bloody pulp....blood coated the floor.
Garr listened to the medic rattle off facts and compare this crime to the other...
"Seems the same Sir, Dozens of stabs to her genital, physical assault, we cant tell if there was sexual violation of her Vagina due to the blows but we haven't found any semen yet...clearly we're dealing with a sexual deviant, a foreigners no doubt..."
"I'll thank you doctor if you stick to may go but I want your full report by lunch.."
Garr knelt by the victim , seeing for himself the depth of hate inflicted upon the girl.
"She was a hooker , yes?"
"Yes Sir" A young trooper behind Garr piped up.
Garr didn't turn but continued to investigate the victim, softly and with great care examining her left arm . Noting to himself with some curiosity that again the barcode was mutilated beyond reading..
"and you found her ? Its Trooper Kerr is it?"
"Yes sir, well no to the finding her...she shares this apartment with another girl...she returned home to find this..I ran into the girl as she ran headlong down the main street screaming..."
"Arh....and that girl is safe I assume?"
"She's being held Sir, safe as houses"
"excellent us see what God hath wrought! let us see what we can do to silence the ghost of this girl..."
08-12-2003, 09:12
OOC: Interesting... I'll have to keep an eye on this.
08-12-2003, 11:33
Confusion was the name of the game unless she kept it together. Her memories past the last little while were vague, though she had some memory of fire and nearly drowning.
Now she was wandering the streets, teeth chattering. No little 'gift' from Sisko to keep her mind a little vague and make the job all she could concentrate on. She'd hammered at his door, sat in the hall sobbing, but now she was out and cold.
And where were the other girls?
She strolled alone, a fair haired woman, hood of her coat up against the weather but her fine legs exposed, her body thrust up on display by her heels that clicked as she walked along the quiet streets. Cars went by and she opened her coat in spite of the evening chill to show off her athletic figure and fine bosom. One of the cars had someone in it who shouted hatred at her. "Harlot!!!" she pulled the coat closed and hurried away, frightened. She was so tired...
Iesus Christi
09-12-2003, 04:47
"Christ Sir, two murders in two days...Clearly there is a connection between these two murders...both are Sisko hookers,God knows how many others he has... once he recovers enough we'll apply sterner methods to extract further information from him...He certainly knows something....."
Garr agreed with Winston, usually ‘sterner' methods made Garr feel sick but Sisko was a leech , a vampire who thrived on human suffering...
"The Question Winston is motive....there isn't such a thing as a random murder...either he removes people who stand in (however insignificantly) his way or else he kills for conviction..he removes clergymen, policemen..or prostitutes because he firmly believes that they should be removed...that seems to apply here, but why the sudden surge of violence? I have no doubt this is the same man who murdered in St why did he stop killing and suddenly start again? Maybe we'll know more after the next crime..."
Winston gave Garr a horrid look "Sir! For God's sake, don't say that!"
"My Dear Winston, I fear there is little we can do to stop the next crime, I've ordered dozens more troopers out...but still...this killer has struck at least twice already in the heartland of Iesus christi! He seems able to strike at a phantom he disappears...We've got no leads from security cams..Sisko has given us names but so far he seems unable or unwilling to say more...the medical reports from Doctor Jones gave both dead girls a clear tox screen and we have no witness reports that say anything note worthy , we've run up against a wall...I truly fear another murder will occur and by God I feel helpless!"
Both officers sat in silence, reading over reports, almost waiting for a new terror to be inflicted.
"Winston..get a trooper to bring the staff car around...I'm not just going to sit here and wait..." Garr grinned broadly "werent you saying recently winston how you missed walking the beat? "

The killer sat very still, the dinner lay cold and untasted on the plate. A evening newspaper was propped up against the teapot, and it was the newspaper that the Murderer was reading with avid interest,
Suddenly the murderer got up, paced to and fro for a minute, then sunk back into the chair by the window. The murderer buried its head in its hands with a stiffled groan.
The villain was so deep in thought that it did not hear the sound of the opening door. A trooper stood in the doorway.
"I was wondering, Sir, if you fancy a nice....why, Sir, arnt you feeling well?"
The murderer raised its head from its hands
"nothing, its nothing at all, I'm just not feeling so well this evening"
The trooper inspected the food tray
"So I see Sir, a early night then sir? I'll get your Pajamas..."
The Murderer shot a glare at the aide.
"Negative, I have a lot of work to do, a lot. You can go to archives and continue that work, you are dismissed"
The murderer watched the aid leave, happy to be rid of him, for now the game was afoote for the third night running.
Iesus Christi
15-12-2003, 06:38
The killer stepped from the vehicle and didn't bother to lock it, no one would be stupid enough to touch a car like this. Inside the killer a rising feeling of lust and need was surging, a almost uncontrollable desire to go take what was wanted.
A deep breath and the killer set off on this evenings 'desire' , the killer knew the target, having seen her many times, her sweet body was calling out even now for that special attention only the killer could give, she really was beautiful.. Sisko did have good taste he'd give the bloated maggot that....
The killer walked down a alley, directly underneath a security cam, the killer knew no fear for with inside information the murderer knew that came was on the out of action. With
confidence the killer stalked down the alleys, careful to avoid any active cameras including those that were more ‘discreet'.
The killer knew his target was near...anticipation filled the killers body, a deep feeling of arousal moved through the stalking predator....the time was at hand

Through another street walked Garr, hand resting on his baton, his mind focused on the scene around him, scanning for anything out of place
15-12-2003, 19:04
Involuntarily her hand went to her neck. She must have been injured there once or something--she had a dim memory of being strangled. But by whom?
To hell with this. The streets were so eerily quiet--she didn't care if that fat bastard beat her with...with...she shuddered. For some reason the very picture of a sock with a bar of soap in it set off some nameless dread in her. But at a sudden rattle and scampering sound from an alley she moved in alarm like a frightened antelope and clattered in her high heels across the street--a few blocks away there was an all night coffee shop where she could collect her wits...
Iesus Christi
17-12-2003, 07:46
There she was, the vixen of the dark, the whore of St Augustine...
the prize!
The tarts hurried pace...her like a wild animal who knew her end was near...
In the killers mind he could smell her as she past by...smell every inch of her...the killers mouth watered and no longer could the desire be restrained...
Out of the shadows the killer stepped into the dim street right behind the hooker, the killer wore a long Iesus army grey trenchcoat, the collar turned up masking the face of the killer...
"Hello there.." The killers voice was deep sounding, with a tinge of the lust giving the words a extra edge.
The killer slipped a hand into one of the deep pockets
"You're a Sisko girl arnt you? He's a good friend of about you and I go somewhere more private. my car is just around the corner.."
17-12-2003, 14:52
Her initial instinct was to flinch--but she was confused again. Name of the game. She had to be on her toes. She must not turn away a trick. Moreover there was the fact that she could pay to lurk in the coffee shop or get paid to get warmed up at least in the car...
She put a smile on her face and let her coat 'slip open' the way Sisko had instructed her, showing off her splendid figure in the tank top and short skirt she wore, ignoring the desire to shiver. "For fifty I'll go anywhere you like." she said.
Iesus Christi
18-12-2003, 08:04
"Only 50? For such wonders as you that's a steal my dear. For the honour of your company lets make it a hundred.., now, after you my dear...ladies first as Sisko would say"
The murderer waved a hand indicating for the hooker to lead the way down the dark alley.
Smiling inwardly, the killer watch the hooker lead the way down the alley, watched her appealing arse wiggle...he saw her shoot a look back....this one was wary..the killer raised his collar higher and stepped in the darkness of the alley after the hooker, the shadows a welcome defense from prying eyes.
"The car is down the end just around the corner my dear"
The hooker walked on, her feminine form that dripped with lust making the killer lose that last drop of patience, moving closer behind her, and slowly withdrawing the injectorgun the killer made the move...

"Gov, I ‘ere its eh Meeta man thats killed the girls! But cant say Ive seen any round here for years"
Garr Sighed
" arnt looking for a Metahuman or a elf..ignore that nonsense, keep your eyes open for a more mundane killer..."
"Yea sure? Matthew Iesus says the Meetamen are behind all the problems!"
"Yes well...Praise be Matthew Iesus but trooper, I assure you the killer is human...I assure you that!"
The trooper shrugged saluted and walked off. And again Garr sighed, after letting the Elf go in St Dominic he had been questioned for 48 hours by Ministry officers....the ignorance and intolerance of some of his brothers was amazing....disgusting but amazing. Again Garr Thanked heaven for Patrick Iesus who had saved him last time.
"God Bless you sir"
Garr moved on, into the darkest areas of St Augustine..."and may God bless all who are out here tonight.."
18-12-2003, 12:35
She was feeling antsy about the dark alley, but a hundred! She remembered how when she'd made her first big tip Sisko had had her taken to a jewellry store. That was nice, and Mandy said that jewellry was good insurance too. She deliberately put some strut in her walk like she was taught, suggest that she was eager to get it on. He was responding, coming up behind her--
and she slipped, the stupid heel of her left shoe snapping...
Iesus Christi
19-12-2003, 10:57
She was beautiful, a flower of the city, she wanted it. The murderer could tell. they all wanted it.
This one would be rewarding....she'd scream like a stuck pig the killer was sure...she'd scream and love it.
The killer moved behind her, not wanting to end this moment, knowing this girl would never be the same again...savouring the moment before the strike ....
then she slipped...she halfed turned and the killers eyes meet hers...the killer was lost for a moment in the eyes of the prey, lost in their deep beauty.....
She screamed , and for the world the killer couldnt think why, unable to connect her scream with the weapon in his hand for the killer was lost in her eyes...
20-12-2003, 08:27
Without any part of her own, her hand smacked hard against the side of his head, right against his ear. She was nearly stunned that she'd done it, but her panic overwhelmed her and, still shrieking and scrambling desperately she tried to struggle out from under him.
"Oh, dear Lord Jesus save me!" she was sobbing as she scrabbled in the filth of the alley for a chance to get to her feet and run.
Iesus Christi
24-12-2003, 11:01
The scream cut through the still night, and made Garr volt as he heard it. instinctively Garr knew this ‘was it', in his heart he knew this was the cry of a victim of the foul killer. Quickly drawing his pistol he ran towards the sound of the scream, hitting his locator ‘call down' as he ran.
In the distance he heard a siren, the response time of his ‘call down' locator was almost instant..soon troopers would descent upon his location.
Garr hurried round the corner and was crashed into by the fleeing women. Garr staggered back from the impact of the headlong rush into him. Again the women screamed, her shock showing clearly on her features.
"Its ok're safe...were is he?"
The women glanced back at the alley well down the street.
" wait'll be fine, you're safe now..I'll be back soon..."
Garr noticed she was shaking , her colour was a sickly grey and she shook her head at the mention of being left alone.
"Ok then,,,hang on" Garr smiled and spoke into his com unit "This is Garr here , seal of section 19ZT, I want a street by street search of said section..arrest ANYONE you find...HURRY"
Garr clicked his comm off and slowly approached the women
"Its ok now...I'm not going anywhere, Really running off into those back alleys wouldn't be my smartest move anyhow... my name is John Garr...I'd offer you a cigarette but I don't smoke..ummmm Would you like some gum? On the pack it says it ‘tastes like Christmas' whatever that means..." Garr put away his pistol and gave a boyish smile that somehow suited his greying late early 40s face.
30-12-2003, 13:07
The woman looked at him gratefully. He wasn't a matinee idol type hero by any means. But he was a hero all the same, and she found tears in her eyes. Somehow the word hero was vivid with flowers.
"My name's Jojo." she said softly. Her eyes pleaded with him that he'd see what she felt was too cheap to say. I'm not really a whore. I'm just lost.
Iesus Christi
08-01-2004, 09:49
Inquisitor Garr was listening to the excited utterances of a local resident Mr Peed
"I assure you Inquisitor my heart misses a beat when I think of it , He walked right past my house!"
Inquisitor Garr, completely indifferent to the behaviour of Mr Peed's heart cut in
"Let me get this quite clear, you did see someone run past your lodgings shortly after the scream? He passed quite close by?"
Mr peed nodded earnestly
"Can you describe him?"
"He was a very big man...6 foot at least. A giant"
"fair or dark?"
"I...well.....I'm not exactly sure...I think he was bald..a sinister looking fellow!"
"He didn't limp , did he?"
"Yes..YES! Now you speak of it I think he did limp. Very dark, he might of been some kind of half caste....the more I think about it I'm sure he was a Metahuman....yes...a Elf! "
Inquisitor Garr nodded, handed Mr Peed a statement to sign and got rid of him
"That's about as bad a witness as you'll find" he remarked pessimistically to Winston "he'd say anything with a little leading. Its perfectly clear he hasn't the faintest idea what our killer looks like.."
Dozens of people had been pulled in during the sweep of the areas, but as Garr looked over the group of misfits, soldiers, sailors and ‘nightcrawlers' he knew his serial killer wasn't amongst them. Still each would be taken to the station to be questioned about their activities-maybe something would turn up, but more likely they'd all be as useless as Mr Peed.

Leaving Winston to the work of the suspects, Garr returned to the single ray of hope from this entire night-Miss ‘Jo-Jo'.
She sat on the curb and her two guarding troopers leered and joked not far from her"stupid whore.....prolly was spooked by a Wild John...."
Garr Coughed "Gentlemen!"
Both guards snapped to attention "sorry Sir..we were just.."
Garr glarred , dismissed them with a wave of the wrist and sat on the curb next to Jo.
"You're going to have to come with me back to the department, we'll have you look over afew people. See if you recognize any of them. Get you to make a statement, then you'll be placed into protective custody. Everything will be fine..easy as pie'll see"
Garr stood up, smiled and summoned his vehicle , and on its arrival opened the door for Jo.
"After you, the games afoot"

Sisko looked up and sighed "thank God you're here..I thought I was going to be left out to ..WHAT....NO!"
The first bullet struck him square in the chest, the second also slammed into his fat swollen body and the third bullet cut through his neck, sending a spray of blood across the wall.
Siskos obsess frame crashed to the fall, a pool of blood spreading out from his mortal wounds.
His killer quickly holstered his weapon, thank God for sound proofing and exited the cell calmly.
09-01-2004, 10:15
JoJo ignored the guards, she was used to it, though a part of her inside cringed. I'm not a stupid whore...
She smiled politely and followed. "I didn't really get a good look--but I'll do my best." she assured Garr. He was nice.
Mostly though, she was just relieved to be off her feet, able to drift a bit, let someone else take her where she had to go...
Iesus Christi
09-01-2004, 14:21
A savage , cold wind had sprung up . it stirred and rippled the black water of the 'Pater', hit the moored ships and sent them moving and straining at their ropes.
The decaying corpses of three smugglers twisted and twirled in the wind to the creak of the scaffold overhead. Ghostly dancers grimly turning to macabre music. The wind pierced the alleys and rutted tracks of the city, freezing the mud , driving deeper into the darkness those human predators of the shadows who might still be hunting for any unfortunate aboard on such a dark and miserable night.
The church of St Mary stood alone and desolate, its carved brick and woodwork open to the wind. The cemetery which surrounded it whispered and murmured with sounds as leaves and branches were cast around by the wind .
Inside the church it was cold and dark..the wind slammed close a loose shutter and rattled the building to its core. The place was deserted and quiet except for the scurrying patter of the roaming Church kitten and a haunted soul.
In the sanctuary, before the high altar, a man sat bolt upright in the blessed chair. is soft , plump hands clutched the carved wood as if reassuring himself that as long as he sat in that chair he had found sanctuary and was protected by all the power , temporal and spiritual of the church. yet he was afraid, his large protuberant eyes stared into the darkness, searching for them , wondering if they would come ...he had sinned grievously in being one with them and they would not forget it...nor would God....
the mans fingers felt the carved letters which ran along the arms of the chair....Hic Est Terribilis Locus-this is a terrible place..the house of God where angels walked and worshipped before the actual body of Christ..
oh he had commited an abominable act...he thought of the bullets he had fired into that man...He had meant to do it...and now he was a murderer..a fugitive from Gods law...and he knew the women who had ordered him wouldnt be far behind God in her wrath...
Only now he knew why he had been ordered to kill he knew he too must die...
The man moaned in terror and sank deeper into the chair oblivious to the hot wetness between his thighs....his eyes darted to and fro..searching the darkness for a escape from his coming death at her hands....He wanted to run but he couldnt was all too late
The man withdrew his pistol...atleast he could die how and when he wanted...
"O Lord forgive me for what I have done...O gentle Jesus be my Light"

Garr drove himself, as was his fastion. Idly talking as per usual. Making eye contact as often as possible with Jojo as he drove.
"anything you saw...just think hard...i'd offer you a cig but sorry..I still dont smoke...I'm sorry but even after all these years...I dont know a nice way of saying this...
How did you end up out here?"
10-01-2004, 03:52
JoJo sighed and ran a hand through her hair. "Well, I b--I work for Sisko. I...have for a few weeks now. And...I don't know. I can't remember, that's the truth. Maybe I was sick, because the..." she closed her eyes a moment, remembering the terrible first memory of being in the broken down van, a burning sensation between her legs and harsh eyed men with the silence and awfulness of demons forcing themselves on her. They talked in swift low undertones, and a foul smokey smell followed them, that she later found came from improvised pipes they smoked. They forced one between her lips and it seared her lungs and throat, made her feel stunned. Later she was taken to Sisko, taught her 'lessons'--of the coathanger and the caress, in effect. She told this to him as best she could.
Iesus Christi
17-01-2004, 11:14
Garr had barely got into the HQ with Jo-Jo when a worried junior grade officer had approached him..
"sir...something terrible has happened, well...."
Garr hissed "show me"

Garr stood outside the church after having seen the havoc this inquisitor had caused back at the HQ.
He looked over body of his former friend, he studied the scorched entry wound in the mans forehead, and the explosive exit wound near the back of his head. He had clearly taken his own life after taking Siskos....what could drive a man to such a desperate act
The brown shirt approached "are you finished Sir?"
Garr nodded "yes, bury him"
The brown shirt turned and shouted an order to the labourers, and quickly the corpse was dumped into the back of the van.
"Take him and have him buried at St Patricks ..."
The brown shirt objected in a splutter "the man was a suicide, he does not deserve a hallowed burial!"
"He was a officer of the Inquisition " Garr retorted wearily "and even more, he was a still a man, now carry out my orders"
The brown shirt was going to object but he looked at the Inquisitors tense face, and remembered the powerful office he represented and so kept his silence.
Garr watched them drive off ,crossed himself and began to recite the Psalm for the dead "out of the depths , I have cried to thee, O lord, hear my voice"
Above him, a crow wheeled cawing raucously and Garr wondered, not for the first time in his life , if the prayer could be heard and ,even if it was, did it really matter?
Quickly his mind went back to Jo-Jo, now the only surviving link in a horrific chain of death...he knew she'd be face with Winston for now, but even so he hurried back to his car and back to that poor girl.
17-01-2004, 11:37
JoJo sat nervously, wondering what had happened.
She wondered if there was anything, anywhere, better than this, but she couldn't imagine it. Her idea of heaven was being able to spend a day taking a long bath. Walking all day just window shopping. Maybe having a friendly cat or two. Being immersed in something, somewhere. She had a memory of swimming, but it was vague and strange. Just being in a liquid world of distorted sound and bubbles. The shock of emergence.
She huddled under her inadequate jacket and shivered, hoping the cop would come back soon.
Iesus Christi
23-01-2004, 01:32
"So that's it, all leads beside that.....woman, are gone"
Garr nodded "so it seems trooper, now you are sure this report is accurate? No one left the district once you had sealed it off?"
The burly trooper nodded "aye sir, no unauthorized vehicles or personal left once you had ordered the lock down. The line up is ready downstairs for check out at her leisure"
"ok, Trooper. Dismissed"
Garr flipped through the notes, knowing he was missing something but for the life of him he couldn't think what.
Stopping to pick up some sandwiches from the canteen , Garr returned to his office ,where Jo-Jo the sole surviving witness in this spree of murders , had been left waiting.
Garr smiled as he entered, doing his best to put ‘Jo-Jo' at ease. "I got you a sandwich if you want one...? and if you wouldn't mind...its just routine...roll up your sleeve..I need to take a blood sample and need to scan your barcode...."

The Murderer read the headline of the Daily Christian
The Murderer giggled and picked up another paper
The murderer checked all the papers, and all shouted the same headline. The nations level of hysteria was being whipped up , just as the murderer had planned.