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Greetings from Leytora

28-11-2003, 06:25
*A message is broadcast throughout space, penetrating everyone's minds.*
Greeting inhabitants of this vast universe. We, the people of Leytora, greet you with the highest respect. We are a small nation that has just shown itself to this world.

In our calender, it is the year 3893. Many of our citizens have powers beyond that of humans, but we look, walk and talk like regular humans. For instance, native Leytorans are telepathic, meaning we have the ability to read other's minds. We also use a higher percentage of our brains, allowing us to do that which seems impossible to you. We can communicate with all by simply thinking it. We can read a book twice as fast as humans. There are many things we have the ability to do.

However, our military is not that impressive. We have but 3 measly destroyers, found abandoned in space above our country. They have already fallen into disrepair, leaving our nation nearly defenseless. Our ground forces consist of 30,000 brave souls, using only pistols and rifles to defend their country. We have survived this long, and we will not fade from existance yet. We seek help for our weak nation. Is there any nation caring enough to aid us?

*The message stops and the presence in everyone's minds fade from existance.*
28-11-2003, 06:29
(Out of character: Up ya go!)
Foe Hammer
28-11-2003, 06:46
Hi. Welcome to Nationstates. If you're new to Nationstates, you might want to take a look at the threads stickied to the top of the Nationstates and International Incidents boards. They'll help to explain what to do and what not to do around here.

Here's a quick rundown on the slang around here.

RP: Roleplay (What you were doing in the first post, posting as your nation, not OOC, which will be explained next.)
OOC: Out of character (Talking as yourself, not as your nation.)
IC: In character (Talking as your nation.)
Godmod: Basically cheating (Controlling other people's forces, buying things you can't afford, building things that you can't handle, having an outrageously large military, etc.)
Mod: Game or Forum Moderator (Da Bosses)
Flamer: A person who insults another person OOC.
n00b: Newbie, someone new to the game
Ignore Cannon: The worst invention in NS history (A cannon invented by [I forgot who] that is posted, along with a badly designed picture, publically announcing an ignore of a person (However, this turned into massive amounts of spam and pictures, clogging the forums with nonsense.))

Post labels (What some people like to put before or after RP titles)
Private RP: An RP involving only the creator
Co-RP (aka Semi-RP, Invite-RP): An RP where you must gain the creator's permission before taking part in it.
[Poll] (Posted by the Forum, not by the creator): A topic that includes a poll (Posted at the top of the topic)

Have Fun!

t3h F03
28-11-2003, 07:06
Hello Leaders of Leytora you seem to be a very kind and respectfull nation and i like that so i will donate to you the following:
5 new destroyer class ships
10 new tanks
20 new ground transports
40,000 new advanced machine guns with built in grenade launcher
40,000 new high power hand guns
and the temporary use of 10 of my finest generals for training if you wish,
please accept all of these as gifts and use them to protect your nation only.
your friend
leader of BabaMataLonia

P.S. if you would like any more equipment please just tell me and i will see what i can do.
28-11-2003, 07:18
Greetings to Leytora,

I, Zekia Kelleigh, the Prime Minister of Kryozerkia extend a very warm welcome. Feel free to set up am embassy in the country's capital of Kerzokoia. I look forward to have strong diplomatic ties with you and your people.

The Right Honourable
Prime Minister
Zekia Kelleigh
28-11-2003, 07:21
You are more then welcome to place an embassy in Tappee. Feel free to contact our government if you ever need anything, and we will see what we can do. We wish you the best of luck. :D