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Revolutionary's Speech to International Community

28-11-2003, 04:12
A taped speech to the International Community from Hijik Jalvon, a Libertarianaran revolutionary, about conditions in Libertarianar.
Ladies and Gentlemen;

I am an orphan. My father and mother died when I was one month old, killed by the enforcers of the corporation SEVCOM when it was discovered that they had not turned over their baby to the “education” department of the corporation.

I was raised within this department and I was taught the glory of service, the glory of working long hours in horrendous conditions. I was taught the glory of watching my master sleep in the most comfortable, soft bed known to humanity, while I slept on the hard ground in my ragged clothes, blanketless, shivering from the freezing cold or sweltering in the scorching heat. I was taught the glory of watching my master eat ten-course meals and grow obese, while I walked with a void in my stomach, bereft of any real nourishment. I was taught the glory of watching my master wear comfortable and clean clothing, while I had nothing but sweaty, dirty rags worn day after day after day. I was taught the glory of working much harder then my master ever did, while he gained much and I gained nothing.

Needless to say, it was not long before most of us “educated” within this department saw the propaganda for what it was.

But we could do nothing about it.

Once, a group of workers for the corporation went on strike, demanding more then the inadequate pieces of refuse they were given for sustenance.

They were massacred at once by the enforcers. Their screams filled my ears, and to this day they are prominent within my memory.

They knew the consequences, yet they did it anyway. They were desperate, starving, and tired. They had been brutalized, overworked, essentially enslaved, by the corporation. Their life seemed of little worth to them, so they sacrificed it for a worthy cause.

That is the way things are in the supposedly “Free” Land of Libertarianar.

The government is pitifully weak. It can do nothing, and the corporations dominate the place with their gangs of armed enforcers. A step out of line, and we are shot. A word of resistance, and we are shot. A slight hesitation to begin working, and we are shot. If we grow too old or become too sick to work, we are shot. If we break a rule, we are shot.

What do we matter to them? To them we are but tools for the enlargement of their wealth.

Libertarianar is supposed to be a democracy, yet we cannot vote. We are working too hard and too long on Election Day. The corporations ensure that it is so. They do not want change; the current situation ensures their success.

The only people who can vote are the business executives, and they vote for the pro-business small-government advocates who are either ignorant or malicious.

There is supposed to be no gun control, yet the corporations enforce it anyway. Anyone who owns a gun who is not one of the enforcers is immediately shot, along with his family.

There are no government jails in Libertarianar. Most of the time, people deemed criminals by the corporate establishment are shot on the spot. If they might have information about a revolt, however, they are tortured until they give all they know.

The situation is intolerable. This war against the workers and against the people of Libertarianar must cease at once.

The Revolution is about to begin. We shall remake this nation!

No more shall some oppress thousands of others, sentencing them to slave labor for life for no good reason! No more shall a few lazy businessmen gain vast fortunes while their overworked workers starve! No more shall segments of the population be able to kill whoever they wish as they see fit!

We seek establish a new society, one ruled by a government actually elected by the people instead of one that pretends to be elected by the people! We seek to establish a new society, one that preserves worker’s rights and economic justice! We seek to establish a new society, one capable and willing to enforce the law!

We ask all nations willing to help to help immediately, for we will need all of it.

Thank you.
28-11-2003, 04:35
The Federation of Militanar has sent 800 troops into Libertarianar to aid this revolution.