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Regime Change

28-11-2003, 01:01
K-TV (Kerzokoia Television):

We have just received breadking news from the Kryozerkian legislature: House of Commons and Senate that the regime of the Her Emninence had been overthrown by a small but strong rebel force, the FLK - Fronte de Liberation du Kryozerkia. They were formed by a group of hackers, who broke into the system, turned off the power, then with techs; arsenal, which had been banned, they stormed the legislature and killed the Prime Minister, her Ministers, and declared a regime change and that if anyone tried to stop them, more would die. The police were powerless to stop.

The leader of the FLK, Ms Zekia Kelleigh, had this statement to make:

"We have done this regime change because we are fed up with this oppression. As part of our first act, we are recalling all IDs and setting up clinics so the people can get their barcodes removed. We are not going to participate in such oppressive acts. We are also opening up the House of Commons to elections again. The days of Chikita's totalitarian regime are over."

Even the police are no longer stopping her; in fact, on her orders, they have begun to arrest the remains of the late Prime Minister's regime and set them up for going on trial. They have issued a warning that unless all members of the regime flee from this country, they will be hunted down like common scum and arrest.

The last announcement for today was that all media outlets are no longer bound by any of the archaic rules of the country. THey did however, warn of a few days of possible anarchy before control is restored, but, we do not believe that it will happen.
28-11-2003, 01:03
...begins at home
28-11-2003, 01:23

We have been granted an exclusive interview with the new Prime Minister of Kryozerkia. She will not be taking questions at this time as we have been told. She is merely hear to answer our interview request question of, 'what is her plan for the future'.

Thank you for tuning in at this time.

Good evening to the people of Kryozerkia, and greetings to any foreign sovereign nations watching this broadcast. I'll begin by introducing myself, I'm Zekia Kelleigh, the leader of FLK, a movement that sought to arm itself so that ut could overthrown the totalitarian regime of the late Prime Minister Chikita. Now that we have seen through our first objective, we are disarming ourselves and arming the police and reforming the military.

We still support pacificism, but, we also know that there are countries out there that do not respect, so, for this reason, we have lifted our ban on arsenal and we welcome any business and arms manufacturer into Kryozerkia, if you wish to set up a business. We also are encouraging the munitions factories that were shut down during the regime of Prime Minister Chikita, to re-open their doors and rehire back their former employees.

My first act of Prime Minister was to lift the censorship and sanctions against all of our media outlets. Our people have a right to the information that is out there. They have the right to uncensored and unbiased regional news. They have a right to the truth.

We are also going to seek to open embassies in foreign nations, send our ambassadors there, if we are welcome. We hope to strengthen international ties. For this reason, we will not withdrawn from the UN, we will stay in, as we are the appointe UN delegate for our region, and we are trying to do what is best for our people.

The road ahead to the establishment of a direct democracy will be a rocky one. It will not be an easy journey. There will be lots of bumps and conflict, but, we will not let it stop us from returning this country back to its glory days before our late Prime Minister went mad with power and turned our beautiful nation into a festering wound for corruption, and deprivation.

Once we have restored order, written the constitution and rebilt the infrastructure, or at least lay the foundation, we will be having elections for the first since she came into power.

Thank you for your attention.

Good night.
29-11-2003, 17:22

It's been a long journey. Slowly our new government works to implement political and civil rights again, while re-writing our archaic and outdated laws. They face many difficulties. Democracy just doesn't happen over night. They are trying hard to make it a reality, by, on the streets, while poplice have firepower being restored to them, its not even to stop the anarchy that is taking over. Protests and strikes are now occuring daily. The government is pleading with the people to give it time so that it can finish rebuilding what our ousted ex-Prime Minister destroyed.
02-12-2003, 04:19
02-12-2003, 04:20

Up to this point, no official religion has been declared for the country. The previous government merely let people go about their own religious business and many squabbles came of it. Now, the new regime has deicded to step in, and today they decided on the separation of Chuch and State, with Prime Minister Zekia Kelleigh, declaring that there was no official religion of the country and that the reason was because religion blocks the mental process.

One expert suggested that her statement implies that she is indirectly declaring Secularism as our national religion. Some other scholars believe it as well. Many of the Satanist welcome it, as it a refreshing change from the old regime, however, many conservatives are up in arms about the decision, saying that there must be a religion because the children need to be brought under strict guidance and have morals and religion immersed in their life from birth.

Prime Minister Zekia defended herself and her choice by saying that it was important to keep church and separate because state is supposed to reflect all the beliefs of all the people, and the church doesn't do that. She also declared that no exceptions will be given to any religious group.

Inside officials say that this is because the new Prime Minister is avowedly athiest.