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EOTED Continues Streamlining of ImperialDefenseForces

27-11-2003, 21:10
NENYA, Thursday - With the recent re-structuring of the IDF and the addition of the IDF Peacekeeping Division, Her Majesties Imperial Government today announced the addition of a planned twelve EOTED Imperial Stellar Assault Squadrons, intended to supplant the newly renamed EOTED Imperial Stellar Battlegroup. The first squadron, the 1 ISA Squadron, has been composed of ships not assigned to the once-planned 2 Orbital Battlegroup.

Composed of fifteen Fearless class destroyers, twelve Fury class cruisers, one Fear-X class carrier, and one Retribution-X class warship, the 1 ISA Squadron will be nicknamed the 'Glorious Heritage Squadron'.

Despite the Glorious Heritage already being assigned to a diplomatic mission at the Aelosian Craftworld, it is expected that the 1 ISA Squadron will begin active service within the next few weeks-

~ Source: Nenya Today broadsheet, page 3
27-11-2003, 21:55
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