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UDP Defeats Labor in Militanaran Elections

27-11-2003, 18:50
A report from Militanar National News

The right-wing United Democratic Party has gained 2 seats due to yesterday's election, and the left-wing Labor Party has lost 1. The UDP now has 112 seats out of the 500 within the Parliament, and Labor now has 110.

The radical left Progressive Party has gained an additional seat, for a total of 57, and the radical right Patriot Party has gained one as well, making its total 56.

The UDP focused on foreign policy issues during this year's election campaign. The recent war with Tyrantian, and, even more recently, the Alliance against Capitalism and Democracy, were major issues.

The UDP advocates more efforts to undermine both Tyrantian and the Alliance. The Labor Party calls for less hostile action towards both parties.

"There are lots of Stalinist alliances out there," said Labor Party Head Brutalis Maxinum in the final debate before election day. "Why should we focus on the Alliance Against Capitalism and Democracy, simply because a nation that once existed near our nation has now joined?"

"It is precisely because there are so many other Stalinist alliances out there that we should undermine this one," replied UDP head Oksyn Borot. "We do not need another one, and this one should not be hard to destroy."

No comment has yet been heard from the Alliance Against Capitalism and Democracy on the UDP's hostility towards it.

The new ruling party is not expected to be able to form a coalition to make their party head president. If they are unable to do so, a presidential election will result, with the heads of the four strongest parties (the Progressive Party, the Patriot Party, the UDP, and the Labor Party) all on the ballot.

The President has the power to appoint the Ministers of the various departments.

What this means for Militanaran domestic policy is still in question. It has been a long time since the Right, represented by the UDP and the Patriot Party, has been able to effectively challenge the Left, represented by the Labor Party and the Progressive Party, on economic policy, and this election is not expected to change that.

However, civil liberties in Militanar may be reduced due to this election.