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Come to the "Santas North Pole" region

27-11-2003, 16:06
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27-11-2003, 16:20
OOC: May have to visit in the next month or so.
signed: one of santa's Helpers in RL (1 comercial gig and 1 charity gig at a local hospital pediatric ward, every year for the last 3 years). 8)
27-11-2003, 16:26
Err..Did you know that GDODAD has got claims on the north pole?
27-11-2003, 16:27
Santa is currently under investigation by the Republic of SilveryMinnow on charges of corruption, embezzlement, and insider trading. Santa is currently being sought by the interpol branch office. Any information as to the location of Santa would be appreciated.

Santa is also wanted for human rights violations.
27-11-2003, 16:43
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