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Jabberwockey season!

27-11-2003, 14:50
Come one,Come All!

This is the annual Xanterian Jabberwockey Season!

For only 1/4 the money you usually pay to get to Charon from [insert your homeworld here](The Xanterian Government will pay 3/4's of the price),you can hunt down and kill as many Xanterian Jabberwockeys as you want!
The Xanterian Jabberwocky


If you manage to bring the Xanterian government a dead/alive Xanterian

Cerberus Devil, you shall be paid 600 creds!

The Xanterian Government does not take responsibility when you die. It was YOU who was crazy enough to come here. So don't come crying to us when a Cerberus Devil comes along and convinently eats p your favorite character used for all RPs

Let The hunt begin!
27-11-2003, 14:53
:?: whats jebberwockey
27-11-2003, 14:59
I spent a year reading (looking at the pictures) one adaptation of the whole Jabberwockey affair when I was little.

God knows why.

Anyway- I hope they slay many a hunter ;)
27-11-2003, 16:53
Aww, no one? Come on, we'll even give you a free RPG for the duration of the hunt! :D