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SteamEarth sells of old tech (military mostly)

27-11-2003, 11:50
As part of SteamEarth's planned upgrading of its technology, SteamEarth is considering selling of most if not all of its Land Ironclad fleet.

Our Land Ironclad fleet would be most useful to another SteamTech nation or any nation looking for fresh scrap metal.

We have a total fleet of around 39 Land Ironclads.

We'll accept any offers.

Below are a few examples



ILS LEXINGTON (Designed for differcult terrian)
27-11-2003, 13:11
27-11-2003, 13:20
Also aviable, PLANES!

Please note that we are only selling off old SteamTech which we'll no longer be needing as part of our Tech upgrade.

We'll be having more advanced SteamTech.
The Iron Lords
27-11-2003, 13:22
We will take it all.

Who about 50 billion for the lot ?
27-11-2003, 13:24
We'll be having more advanced SteamTech.

I hope it will be more enviroment friendly!
27-11-2003, 13:27
We will take it all.

Who about 50 billion for the lot ?


Pleasure doing business with you.

Collection/delivery is a matter which needs to be discussed.
27-11-2003, 13:36
If anyone wants any more Land Ironclads, we still have our government owned production factories ready to build to order.

Weapons of the Land Ironclads include;

6 Pounder Gun (can be upgraded to something a 'little' more powerful :wink: )

Gatling Gun (again can be upgraded, this time rapid fire and high capicty)

Fire Ball Cannon (optionial extra, requires nitro)

Steam Cannon (worked by high pressure steam, can be upgraded for extra power)

Gatling Cannon (larger version of Gatling Gun, only be used as main weapon)

Boiler (not 'really' a weapon but it can be turned into a steam version of a nuke by stealing the safety values, larger model optionial extra)
The Iron Lords
27-11-2003, 13:37
We will send aircraft carrier groups and relay craft to bring them aboard.

We will line them up our purchases on the carriers.
27-11-2003, 13:41
Ok, we'll be ready.
27-11-2003, 13:52
"We should certainly look into purchasing some of this military hardware before other nations snap it up," said General Montressor, his finger jabbing down onto the daguerrotypes he had laid out before Queen Ligeia. "We still have reports of hidden enclaves of the Inquisition. The people demand their heads!"

Queen Ligeia frowned, looking at the iron behemoths in the daguerrotypes. "Really, Montressor, is that all you care for? Burying your enemies?"

Montressor's mind wandered for a moment, back to his ancestral home, and a certain small sealed vault deep within its catacombs. A sinister smile crossed his face. "I am a military man, your highness," he said, bowing low.

"We will consider the offer. SteamEarth is still recovering from its civil war. They will need funds if they are to rebuild. They recently were brought notariety for having the most beautiful land in the Iron League -- a distinction I am sure they are proud of, given the harshness of the war.

"We have sent humanitarian aid, and their engineers are instructing ours in the construction of proper airship landing zones." Queen Ligeia's eyes fell next onto the picture of the airplanes. "Fascinating!" she whispered.

Beside her, Dupin glanced at Montressor. He did not trust the general; there was something in that man's eyes that almost frightned the normally stalwart Dupin. "The Queen is considering your proprosal, Montressor. Now, do as she said and step up our border patrols. You are dismissed."

General Montressor saluted, and waited for Queen Ligeia to give him her hand to kiss. She did not, so he bowed low once more, and strode from the room.
28-11-2003, 13:38
28-11-2003, 13:46
Hey Steam, going more modern?
I assume to fight the WCA.
28-11-2003, 13:54
Hey Steam, going more modern?
I assume to fight the WCA.

Just a bit.

More advanced SteamTech, thou considering internal combustion engine.

WCA ain't a problem, we'll never dare start another civil war co's they know they'll lose.

More info here

New plane.