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Now Selling Dragon Fang Round

27-11-2003, 07:45
Story: The Grande Mechanus pulled the final switch and the factory roared to life. The old and rustic machines groaned and moaned in protest but began once more to forge the instruments of battle. They had long forgotten what they were supposed to create but luckily The Grande Mechanus had translated some of the ancient text from the Book of the Astronomican. The machines recognized their duty and begun creating the Drake Fang Artillery Round. The Grande Mechanus smiled, sure it would take days, maybe weeks for all the factories to be reborn, but once they were all activated their concert would play through the heavens.

Important Info: The Lonely Lands is now taking orders for the Drake Fang Artillery Round whose states can be found at
27-11-2003, 08:22
The Duke of Damunis would wish to purchase these artillery pieces. Please check you telegrams receiver for my order information.