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Move to the Sims Archipelago! FREE Land for those who join!!

27-11-2003, 06:44
...Plus, we have a website! To join my region, go to and click on a link at the top that says, "Sims Archipelago". Somewhere on that page, there should be a link that asks you in some way or another wether you want to join Sims Archipelago. Click it, and you're in!!

The website is at On the page that says map, there are numbers corresponding to unclaimed lands. Choose a land, then telegram me and say what land you want(include the "land number"). Please note that "5" has been taken by Featherstones America, but GeoCities doesn't seem to want to let me edit my site for the time being. So you can choose any number 1-11, but not 5.

Official Sims Archipelago Website (
27-11-2003, 06:48
...That all 6 nations as of today are embroiled in The Great Sims Archipelago War (GSAW I). If you join the region, you do not have to enter the war. But if the Holy League attacks you, Simsington and the other Allies will defend you.

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